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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 8 Recap

Secretary Lin believed that the death of Huo Jian and Yi Fei to find Spider-Man should have something to do with the death of Mr. Li. After saying this, Secretary Lin knew that he had said something wrong, and told Huo Jian that he would be tight-lipped as long as he kept his promise, so Huo Jian agreed. Secretary Lin’s funds will call him. Just after Secretary Lin went back, Huo Jian received a video, which was a video of Huo Jian when he unplugged Secretary Lin’s oxygen mask.

This made Huo Jian worried, and Secretary Lin encountered a car accident while driving. On the news, Huo Jian and Yi Fei discovered that Secretary Lin’s car had fallen into the river, but they could not find the driver who caused the accident. Huo Jian and Yi Fei were both surprised and surprised. Someone should have rescued Secretary Lin. If that was the case, Li Zeliang arranged for someone to rescue Secretary Lin, and he told Li Zeliang the whole thing.

Li Zeliang knew that Secretary Lin was helping out because his father was hospitalized and needed money for treatment, so he gave him a card with enough funds for Secretary Lin’s father to treat the illness. Secretary Lin told Li Zeliang that Huo Jian had looked for a spider-man before, which should have something to do with the death of the old president Li, so Li Zeliang wanted to find clues about the spider-man.

Oscar asked Shi Chuchu not to signal, Li Zeliang’s meeting with Su Xieyi should only be temporary.

Huo Jian knew that Li Zeliang’s weakness was Su Xinyi and went to negotiate with him, and showed Li Zeliang a bracelet of Su Xinyi. Although he didn’t pick it out, it would be safe as long as Li Zeliang was willing to cooperate with Su Xinyi.

Su Xinyi woke up to realize that she was under house arrest. Yi Fei told Su Xinyi that Li Zeliang told her to live there, but Su Xinyi would not believe it. Su Xinyi wanted to escape by taking a shower, but Yi Fei always stared at her without a chance to run away. But the witty Su freehand design opened the window upstairs to create a false impression and deceived Yi Fei. When Yi Fei saw it, a Su freehand escaped and hurried out to look for them, while Su Freehand hid behind the curtain and looked at them away. Then I called Li Zeliang for help.

Huo Jian wanted to find Secretary Lin in the hotel where Li Zeliang was located, so he checked the rooms one by one. When he opened Secretary Lin’s room, he saw Oscar sleeping with his girlfriend. The closeness of the two deceived Huo Jian. After Li Zeliang received the freehand call from Su, he told Huo Jian that he could not find the thing he was looking for but the thing he was looking for had already been found. This made Huo Jian angrily blame Yi Fei for his poor work.

Li Zeliang blamed himself very much when he saw Su freehand. At the beginning, he promised Su freehand that she would take good care of her, but he couldn’t do it. This is called Su freehand but it didn’t show up on his face.

Yi Fei got the hotel’s monitoring and confirmed that it was Ji Yingsong who rescued Secretary Lin, but Huo Jian believed that it was not a bad thing. It directly proved what kind of heart Li Zeliang was, and that he had to deal with Li Zeliang seriously in the future.

Su Freehand believes that the person behind the scenes is not Chen Hengsheng but Huo Jian, but Li Zeliang tells Su Freehand to pay attention to his own safety. Huo Jian does not yet know the background of Su Freehand, and currently just wants to deal with Li Zeliang. Li Zeliang took Su Xianyi to the secret road at home. There were many collections in it, and it was also the base for Li Zeliang’s plan to deal with Huo Jian.

Except for Ji Yingsongsu Freehand, who was the second person to go in, there were places where Li Zeliang was secretly practicing rock climbing. The reason why he wanted to appear weak in front of Huo Jian was to paralyze him. Li Zeliang returned Huo Jian’s bracelet from Su Freehand to her. Later, he called Su Freehand to call him Ayan. Su Freehand felt that they had lost their father and they had to take care of each other in the future. It started to heat up at a moment.

Just when Ji Yingsong was about to kiss together, the front door interrupted the process. Ji Yingsong told Li Zeliang that Huo Jian had been looking for Spider-Man. He was named Liu Awei, whose household registration was in Yunnan, and he never showed up after working two years ago. Li Zeliang felt that Liu Awei must have a problem, and asked Ji Yingsong to find out the whereabouts of Liu Awei.

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