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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 7 Recap

Shi Chuchu felt that Su Xieyi and Li Zeliang were not suitable. He believed that the purpose of Su Xieyi approaching Li Zeliang this time was not pure. Since he chooses to love Li Zeliang, he must be sincere to him.

Chen Hengsheng went to see Boss Qin to discuss cooperation matters. Boss Qin promised to travel as agreed, but their quotes were indeed too high. Chen Hengsheng is also acting as an agent for others, as long as he gives all his rebates to the full. Boss Qin wants to meet with the boss behind Chen Hengsheng. It is the first time that they have cooperated to know each other’s ability to pay. Just when Chen Hengsheng left Su Freehand, Secretary Lin was also watching everything in front of him.

Su freely wanted to meet Boss Qin, and the receptionist wanted her to be a member to see Boss Qin. So Su freely asked the reception to wrap up all the paintings and ask Li Zeliang to pay. As soon as Boss Qin heard that Li Zeliang was related to her, he showed up to receive her in person. Secretary Lin called Huo Jian and reported that Su Xiayi had gone to meet boss Qin, so Huo Jian wanted to meet boss Qin immediately.

Su freehand told Boss Qin that the reason she wanted to see Boss Qin was because of Chen Hengsheng, who had just left. This made Boss Qin feel that Chen Hengsheng’s behind-the-scenes boss was Su freehand. After Su freehand talked about the relationship with Li Zeliang, Boss Qin recognized her identity. Just when Boss Qin wanted to tell Su freehand about the conditions proposed by Chen Hengsheng, he received a call from Chen Hengsheng, saying that the big boss behind the scenes had arrived.

This was called Qin. The boss knew that Su Xieyi was not the boss behind the scenes. Just when Su Xinyi was about to go downstairs, he ran into Huo Jian. He was about to sneak away and Huo Jian stopped her. At the critical moment, Li Zeliang showed up and told his uncle that they had been optimistic about the paintings on the Internet before, and this time they had made an appointment to buy the paintings.

Huo Jian knew that Li Zeliang was going to solve the crisis for Su freehand, so Li Zeliang told him which painting Su freehand liked, and if Li Zeliang got it right, he would be rewarded. Huo Jian wanted Li Zeliang to make a fool of himself, because he was sure that Li Zeliang and Su Xieyi had never discussed it. Li Zeliang was placed on top and unable to step down. He had to choose a painting according to Su’s freehand heart. He didn’t expect that he was really guessed right. Huo Jian was very disappointed.

After the two went out, Su Xinyi was very disappointed, and he was almost able to put Chen Hengsheng’s words in the mouth of boss Qin, but Li Zeliang felt that Su Xinyi was taking a risk, and they had already discussed not to act privately before. The reason why Huo Jian was uncomfortable should be because they had noticed something.

Huo Jian wanted to ask Mr. Qin about Su Xieyi’s intentions. The cooperation between them was worth more than 100 million yuan, but Boss Qin agreed that Su Xieyi would not tell anyone the matter and lied that they were simply buying paintings. , This made Huo Jian very disappointed, got up and left. After Huo Jian left, Qin’s boss called Li Zeliang.

They wanted to investigate Huo Jian’s occupation of Oman. It’s been half a year. Now is the most critical moment. Li Zeliang believes that the emergence of Su Xieyi has disadvantages and advantages. Huo Jian Interests will definitely go to boss Qin. Only then did Su Xinyi understand Li Zeliang’s intention not to let him intervene. It turned out that he wanted to get Huo Jian’s evidence to overthrow him.

After Yi Fei went back, he told Huo Jian that he saw a recording pen in the Su Freehand bag when buying the painting. The person who should have eavesdropped at the reception was also Su Freehand, so Huo Jian told Yi Fei to destroy the evidence.

Li Zeliang sent Su Xinyi home, and Secretary Lin hid in Su Xinyi’s house and turned on the computer to check the recorder. After Su Xinyi went back, he saw someone in the family, so he hurried away. Secretary Lin asked Su Xinyi to hand over the recording pen. She was knocked down with a flower pot. Su Xinyi quickly called Li Zeliang. At this moment, Secretary Lin grabbed Su Xinyi and pinched his neck. Fortunately, Li Zeliang rushed to knock down Secretary Lin and save Su Xinyi, and Secretary Lin got up and beat Li Zeliang with a stick.

But after Li Zeliang’s hard work, Secretary Lin ran away. After Li Zeliang sent Su freehand to the hospital, he also lived in the next ward. Su Xinyi woke up and learned that Li Zeliang was more injured than himself, so he went to visit him. Although he was also sick, he insisted on staying there to take care of Li Zeliang to express his gratitude.

Secretary Lin went to Huo Jian and was reprimanded. He was told to go to work and almost killed him. Secretary Lin wanted to get the reward he deserved to treat his father, so Huo Jian asked Secretary Lin to throw darts. A few hits were counted as rewards, but Secretary Lin didn’t use a single link. If Secretary Lin failed to get paid, he had to fight with Huo Jian. If Huo Jian didn’t pay, he would publicize his scandals.

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