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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 3 Recap

When Huo Jian was about to leave, the doorbell suddenly rang, which made Huo Jian feel that Li Zeliang had to stay and watch what happened. Ji Yingsong hurried to open the door, but Su Xiayi asked Li Zeliang to sign. Originally, Li Zeliang asked Su Freehand to wait for the decision after work, but Huo Jian wanted to see what the content was. After reading it, he felt that Su Freehand could find Li Zeliang’s home address on the first day of employment.

Li Zeliang should have a good relationship with Li Zeliang, Su Freehand told Huo Jian Since being able to be Li Zeliang’s assistant, he must do his job well. If he can find his home, he asked the old employees of the company. This made Huo Jian feel that Su Xinyi is a competent employee and left Li Zeliang’s family after he got up. After Huo Jian left, Li Zeliang took Su Freehand’s document and signed to tell her to leave. Suddenly, Su Freehand didn’t want to leave, and wanted to borrow Li Zeliang’s toilet. Su Yiyi went to Li Zeliang’s house this time to find the contract that his father had left.

He didn’t want to leave if he didn’t find the contract, but there was no reason to stay after going to the toilet. Li Zeliang saw that Su Xinyin intended to stay, so he asked her to help clean up the house, which was exactly what Su Xinyian thought. The study Su Xianyi wanted most was the study. After cleaning the kitchen, Li Zeliang asked him to help clean the bedroom but didn’t ask her to go to the study. After several tossings, Su Xinyi accidentally broke Li Zeliang’s wine bottle.

Su Xinyi hurried to clean up the pieces. This reminded both of them of the scene when Su Xinyi slashed their fingers on the top of the mountain. At that time, Li Zeliang was very considerate. Helped Su Freehand to use band-aids, but this time Li Zeliang didn’t help but threw the band-aids to Su Freehand and asked him to get it himself. Li Zeliang watched Su Xieyi’s injury and told her to go back, but Su Xieyi didn’t think about answering directly.

After speaking, he realized that he shouldn’t talk like that. He quickly argued that he should help Li Zeliang clean up thoroughly before leaving. Li Zeliang asked Su Freehand to go to the study to clean. This time Su Freehand was considered to have fulfilled his wish. In the study, he saw the books they had read together on the top of the mountain. When Su Freehand recalled, Li Zeliang went in and kept Su Freehand always in Acting matters were exposed. She was performing when she met in the bar afterwards. Li Zeliang asked Su Xieyi to explain the reason for pretending to be amnesia.

Su freehand told Li Zeliang that she did not pretend to have amnesia, and she did not want to be accused of amnesia, because even if what Li Zeliang said was true, it does not mean that Su freehand amnesia is false. Su Yiyi told Li Zeliang that he could not feel the pain of the amnesia if he had not had his memory before, and would only treat Li Zeliang as her boss in the future. These words made Li Zeliang feel very guilty in his heart.

Huo Jian asked the assistant to help investigate Su Xiayi’s background. Although they were lovers, the assistant still could not be trusted by Huo Jian, nor was Huo Jian the only one. This made the assistant both fear Huo Jian and love him.

Li Zeliang and his friend Hou Xiaodong talked about the relationship with Su Xieyi during dinner. Hou Xiaodong felt that Li Zeliang had moved sincerely this time, but Shi Chuchu was going back. Li Zeliang was Shi Chuchu’s favorite in his heart. If she knew that there was a Su freehand brushwork, it would definitely be unacceptable. But Li Zeliang said that he had nothing to do with Shi Chuchu, but for Su Xieyi, Li Zeliang couldn’t be sure whether he had lost his memory.

That was what Li Zeliang worried about the most. Li Zeliang recalled talking about each other’s father when he and Su Xinyi were at the top of the mountain. They felt very guilty and should treat his father better. Su freehand took out a pen and called Li Zeliang and he wrote all his names on the leaves and then hid them in the tree hole, and waited for many years to see if it would exist forever. Li Zeliang took the initiative to kiss Su Freehand, and this scene was recorded by the camera.

Xie Minghao called Su freely and told her to protect herself. Su freely asked Xie Minghao to rest assured that Baohua would take care of herself, but worried that her sister would be a drag on Xie Minghao for the rest of her life, but Xie Minghao said that they were already engaged and would write to her sister Su for the rest of her life. of.

Xie Minghao went to the psychiatric hospital to visit Su Shaoqing. Although she often took care of her, Su Shaoqing still couldn’t recognize Xie Minghao as his fiancé when she fell ill. Xie Minghao missed the three of them very much when they were in Germany, but the current Su Shuqing is sick, and Su Xinyi has to do adventures. The nurse felt that Xie Minghao did a great job. Many husbands are not as good as Xie Minghao. Xie Minghao took a group photo of three people and said that they should do that if they are family members, but their eyes are all about Su Xieyi, not Su. Write sunny.

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