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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 13 Recap

Su Freehand was very considerate in taking care of Li Zeliang in the hospital. Although Su Freehand had always refused to reject Li Zeliang, she always cared about him mentally. When Su Freehand washed Li Zeliang’s face, they couldn’t help kissing each other.

And this Xie Minghao stood at the door and saw the psychology very uncomfortable. When Su Freehand went to Xie Minghao, the nurse envied that Li Zeliang had a good girlfriend, and Su Freehand had been taking care of him when he was in a coma.

Roman went to Huo Jian to settle the account. If it wasn’t for Oscar to drink the wine by mistake, Nina would be lying on the hospital bed now. Huo Jian apologized to Roman and would give them a satisfactory explanation, so he negotiated to resolve it in the afternoon, otherwise the partnership would be cancelled at the reception.

After Roman left, Shi Chuchu blamed Huo Jian for giving Roman the illusion that someone in the hotel had poisoned him, but Huo Jian pretended to be innocent. Now that the person in charge Li Zeliangwan is missing, he has no other way but to appease Roman to delay the time. After that, Shi Chuchu called Ji Yingsong and told him that he must find Li Zeliang before the afternoon, otherwise their hotel would run into trouble.

At this moment, Ji Yingsong received a call from Li Zeliang, telling Roman’s request that Li Zeliang asked Su Xinyi to leave him to go back to see Roman. After Li Zeliang leaves, he wants to buy a name called Su Freehand, rest assured that he will protect Su Freehand, and help Su Freehand investigate Chen Hengsheng.

Xie Minghao went to the factory that kidnapped Su Freehand for inspection and found the mobile phone that Li Zeliang had left behind. After some inspection, he guessed how Li Zeliang rescued Su Freehand.

Huo Jian arranged for Chen Hengsheng not to take his life high, and told Ji Yingsong the whereabouts of Li Zeliang after the Roman incident passed. As soon as Chen Hengsheng left, he received a call from Li Zeliang. This made Chen Hengsheng very scared. It was obvious that Li Zeliang had been trapped in the factory by himself and now he could still call him. So I went to the factory to check it, but I didn’t expect someone to leave the building empty.

But when I called Li Zeliang, I heard the mobile phone and placed it on the ground, while Xie Minghao stood behind him. This made Chen Hengsheng very worried. So Xie Minghao asked Chen Hengsheng to run thereafter receiving a call from Li Zeliang. Many murderers would go to the scene to check after committing the crime. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be true. Xie Minghao recently found a person named Chen Weiran. She became a celebrity in the music industry right after she graduated, and there must be a lot of stories in it.

I want to buy a graduation photo that took out that year, but there is no figure of Chen Weiran. If it is exposed, Chen Weiran’s future will definitely be affected. Chen Hengsheng was afraid that his son’s future would be ruined and begged to buy one to spare his son. He wanted to buy one and told Chen Hengsheng that anyone could hurt him, but he couldn’t hurt Su Xieyi. Chen Hengsheng promised Xie Minghao’s willingness to clarify everything.

The board of directors felt that Li Zeliang was unreliable. Yi Fei told everyone that someone deliberately poisoned this time. The wine that Mrs. Roman wanted to drink was specially prepared by Su Xinyi. Shi Chuchu refuted Yi Fei’s case and it could not prove that Su Xiayi did it. No one was present and no one could convict him.

Everyone asked Shi Chuchu to find out and confront Su Freehand, but Shi Chuchu insisted that Su Freehand, as Li Zeliang’s girlfriend, had no reason to frame the project undertaken by her husband. Huo Jian revealed the identity of Su Xinyi.

Su Xinyi was not only Li Zeliang’s girlfriend, but when Huo Jian was about to announce Su Xinyi’s other identity, Li Zeliang went in. Su Xinyi told everyone that although the wine was made by her, she made it. The lemon had been poisoned before the drink. Before Oscar made the wine, he wiped the bracelet with lemon and it turned black.

This shows that the lemon has been poisoned by Chen Hengsheng. After Su Xinyi found out and followed the lemon used by Chen Hengsheng, he was almost trapped in the factory underneath. Can’t go back. Everyone asked Su Freehand to find Chen Hengsheng to confront, but Xie Minghao took Chen Hengsheng in and admitted that everything was his work. Shi Chuchu asked whether Chen Hengsheng was instigated behind his back. He was intimidated by Huo Jian when he was about to admit that it was Huo Jian.

Don’t let them be too disappointed. So Chen Hengsheng pointed the finger at Li Zeliang. It was because of his appearance that his status was not guaranteed. Will make this bad decision. Li Zeliang asked Huo Jian to teach Chen Hengsheng to the police, and he would be responsible for the auction.

When Roman was about to file a lawsuit, Li Zeliang promptly explained that Roman was very satisfied with their work during the whole process and was willing to continue to cooperate to hold the auction as scheduled. However, Li Zeliang’s explanation to Roman was not that someone deliberately poisoned him, but that Oscar had abdominal pain caused by eating outdated videos. Shi Chuchu knows that Huo Jian must be behind the scenes, but as for the question of Su Xieyi’s other identity that Huo Jian proposed, Li Zeliang can explain.

But Li Zeliang told Shi Chuchu not to believe Huo Jian’s words, he was all inciting discord. Shi Chuchu told Li Zeliang to stay away from danger, and she would not forgive Su freehand if he would encounter unexpected events with Su freehand.

Su Yi went to Ji Yingsong to call the attending physician. She wanted to help Li Zeliang heal his leg injury.

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