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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 12 Recap

Roman asked Li Zeliang to question the crime and asked them to give an explanation within a day, otherwise the cooperation would be terminated. Su freehand recalled the experience of Oscar’s drinking at that time, and he hurried to check it when he knew that there was a problem with the lemon. On the other hand, Huo Jian had arranged for Chen Hengsheng to destroy all the evidence. Just when Su Xinyi rushed to the warehouse, he saw Chen Hengsheng dealing with lemons, so he chased after him.

When he saw Chen Hengsheng driving away, he asked Ji Yingsong to give her the car keys to chase him, and asked Ji Yingsong to tell Li Zeliang that she had found it. Go after Chen Hengsheng with evidence of Oscar poisoning. Li Zeliang quickly called Su Freehand and asked him to send the location to find them.

Chen Hengsheng ran to an abandoned factory with poisonous lemons, and Su Xinyi followed in to take pictures with his mobile phone. When Su freehand was looking for Chen Hengsheng, he was attacked from behind and knocked out. After finding the factory, Li Zeliang saw the mobile phone on the ground and knew that Su Xieyi was in danger. Chen Hengsheng called Huo Jian to report the incident. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in prison and wanted to surrender himself, but Huo Jian told Chen Hengsheng not to be cowardly.

That was their best time. If Chen Hengsheng rushed. It would be unpredictable to surrender his son. Li Zeliang heard Su’s freehand voice and hurried to rescue him. At this moment, Chen Hengsheng closed the warehouse door. Li Zeliang told Chen Hengsheng to turn his head back, but he said that he didn’t want to harm them, so he would surrender and run away afterwards.

Yi Fei felt that Chen Hengsheng would have an accident, but Huo Jian believed that Li Zeliang would not succeed, because once a man was troubled by emotions, he would not be able to accomplish great things. After speaking, he pressed Yi Fei under her body and kissed him away.

Xie Minghao was always worried about Su Xinyi’s safety when calling her but couldn’t get through. Su Xinyi and Li Zeliang recalled the past together, and Su Xinyi asked them to return to the day they met. Li Zeliang told Su Xieyi that Zhang Shizhong would not change no matter how time changed, but at present they had to try to get out of trouble. They were filled with chemical agents, which would be poisoned over time. Li Zeliang found a rope and used his own rock climbing skills to climb the skylight.

After Li Zeliang’s unremitting efforts finally climbed to the skylight, Li Zeliang accidentally got his legs on the glass when he went up, but many glass shards would prevent Su’s freehand from rising, so Li Zeliang smashed all those fragments with his bare hands to create a channel for Su freehand. But the fingers were pierced by the glass and slid a lot of blood. Su Yi went up and hurried to the hospital with Li Zeliang on his back.

After receiving the report, Shi Chuchu knew that the water contained poison, so he arranged for someone to go to the hotel to investigate, and all the stone materials were checked for the safety of the guests.

Su Xinyi took Li Zeliang to feel that the hospital was undergoing treatment, and he could not leave and wait outside the door of the operating room to wait for the news. Thinking of the time when Li Zeliang couldn’t help but shed tears without smashing the glass in pain, the doctor told Su Xieyi that Li Zeliang had nothing to do, but his leg injury needed to be recovered.

Oscar was not deeply poisoned, was hospitalized, and ate secretly. When Shi Chuchu went to visit him, she pretended to be lying in bed and pretended to be sick. Shi Chuchu told Oscar not to pretend to be anymore. She had already investigated that there was a problem in the water. It is to express condolences on behalf of the hotel, hoping that Oscar can clarify the facts to the public.

But what Shi Chuchu wants to know most is to list the test results in the mobile phone software. Whether she matches Li Zeliang and the results match. This film Shi Chuchu is very happy, but unfortunately it is Oscar wrong. Li Zeliang lost his birthday. Shi Chuchu turned around angrily when he knew it, and left

Su Yi went to the hospital to take care of Li Zeliang and ate for him personally, which was very satisfying for Li Zeliang. But seeing that Su Freehand’s bracelet was missing, I learned that Su Freehand had mortgaged it to the owner of the jewelry store. But Su Xinyi has something more important to do than his father’s hand and face, which is to take good care of Li Zeliang.

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