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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 27 Recap

Marlene was sorry that he wanted to say goodbye to the past, but now the time is not right. Principal Wang and Mu Jia are caught in the middle. He doesn’t want to live up to the simplicity, but this age can’t just be considered for himself. The problem of simply angry Malevin was caused by herself, and she was relieved by announcing that the two had ended here. On the way home, he simply called the old principal and decided to go back to his hometown to continue teaching.

Early the next morning, I said goodbye to my classmates in Jian Jian. After class, Mu Jia asked Jian Jian if he was leaving because of what she said. Simply affirming that there is nothing wrong with Mu Jia caring about the relationship between her mother and parents, but she will no longer disturb their lives in the future. I hope that Mu Jia will not affect her study and life because of herself.

In order to help Chunsheng, Xiaoting took pains to call Bai Gang and Yao Yao to form a game. Chunsheng used the opportunity to play games with Bai Gang to persuade him to invest in Tongzhou’s project. Bai Gang was noncommittal.

Xing Ran went to the yoga studio to deliver the courier, and ran into Qing Qian who was in class. In the evening, Xing Ran was in the night market with a cup of wine to dispel his sorrows. He laughed bitterly that he was a big liar. He not only lied to Qing Qian but also lied to himself, thinking that one day he would become famous and let Qing Qian live a life worthy of her, but Now that I have lost my paintbrush, I let my loved one live in a rental house and eat a street stall! Qing Qian cried and said that she used to be happy to act in front of various people for money, but she felt that nothing was important when she met Xing Ran. As long as she went home to see him, she was very happy, but she knew Xing Ran would one day. Leave yourself.

Feng Chunsheng was dissatisfied that Yao Yao was pulling Xiaoting to play, and she felt that her dog was unhygienic. Yao Yao became angry, and accused Chunsheng of allowing her pregnant wife to accompany her for the future! They are just a foil for Feng Chunsheng to flicker and Bai Gang tonight. Yao Yao dropped Feng Chunsheng’s fig leaf, and friends said goodbye. Even so, Chunsheng did not forget to add Bai Gang’s WeChat account, but Bai Gang lied that the phone was out of battery and refused. They decided not to call Xiaoting in the next round.

Zhuo Nanzhi called Feng Chunsheng and Wan Liming, saying that the bookstore Ma’s newly created has become a landmark and has become a mecca for young people to take pictures. Chunsheng can go to see if there is a suitable store for Ma’s bookstore in Lantian Plaza. At first, Chunsheng was reluctant to go, but when he heard that Wan Liming was going to be arranged, he immediately changed his mind.

Chunsheng came to Malevin to talk about cooperation. Malevin was eating and chatting with him. Chunsheng wanted to stand out and begged Malevin to help himself this time. Malevin asked him not to hesitate to abandon simplicity and pay so much. What did he get? Zhuo Nanzhi, a bookstore in a mere mere mile, could send him here in person, showing that his situation is as disregarded as when he first came. Is it worth it? Chunsheng replied in the affirmative. Marlene pointed out that sooner or later he would pay a heavy price for this sentence one day in the future, and be prepared to move forward with heavy burdens.

Recalling that he forced Malevin to drink Chinese medicine every day, Malevin had to think of various ways to secretly pour the medicine into the vase.

Luo Nana, a younger sister of Star Ranch University, found her home and said that she was very familiar with the organizer of the Trojan Horse Art Festival. The organizer asked herself to find some senior brothers to make an appointment for the exhibition. She liked Star Ran’s paintings very much and wanted him to participate. The cost was 40. There are more than ten thousand people, and Star Ran is worried about not having the money to participate. Luo Nana emphasized that the Trojan Horse Festival is very influential. There are many seniors and agents who will come, which will greatly help the future of the creators.

Qing Qian only chooses cheap things to buy in the supermarket. She encourages Xingran to be talented and capable. Now she should quit her job and concentrate on painting, preparing for the festival, and waiting for him to get ahead before giving him the life he wants.

Yiru found the medicine dregs in the vase at home and ran to the company so angry that she forced Marlene to drink the Chinese medicine at the conference table. Lin Wanrou couldn’t stand it and announced the meeting was over, Yiru stopped everyone from leaving. Lin Wanrou reminded her that this is a company. Yiru said that the company can rely on her father’s support today.

Lin Wanrou was angry that she didn’t know how much Marlene had put into the current cultural empire, and she told everyone without a word: They His boss was like a dog, begging to marry him every day, otherwise she could not marry a foreigner who had nothing. He used to promise every day to make him happy for a lifetime, but now he lied to her for a pot of medicine, Marlene said. Don’t send it, take the medicine and drink it all at once, remembering it as if it were just then giving up.

The tired Marlene returned to the office and begged Lin Wanrou to arrange as much work for herself as possible to fill his time.

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