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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 5 Recap

Peony gave Director Zhang the pig’s trotters again. Director Zhang didn’t want to be special and asked her to take it back to the canteen to sell. He also reprimanded her. Peony explained to Director Zhang Bai Ge’s hopscotch, hoping that he would not misunderstand him, Zhang. The director of the factory reminded him not to mix up the matter.

Zhang Chenguang and Mullin sent Bai Ge home, Bai Ge couldn’t wait to drive Zhang Chenguang away, Mullin wanted to leave, Bai Ge disagreed, Bai Haowen asked Mulin to go back to close the stall, Mulin promised to come back when Peony was away, and Bai Haowen would go Send Mullin, and apologize to him again and again. If he didn’t write big-character posters, Mullin’s father would not be labeled as a bachelor. Mullin felt that it was caused by historical reasons. He did not blame Bai Haowen, he firmly believed that he would handle it well. About this matter, Bai Haowen was moved with tears in his eyes.

Zhang Chenguang had been waiting for Mulin at the door of his house, threatening him to leave Baige, Mullin resolutely refused to do it, Bai Ge loudly supported Mulin in the room, Zhang Chenguang gritted his teeth with anger. Mu Feng secretly found someone to exchange the egg ticket, and also inquired that the Zheng family clinic could deliver the baby. Xue Hua wanted to go to Li Ailing’s hospital for a maternity check. By the way, he explained their marriage to Li Aihua. Mu Feng lied that the factory hospital had no obstetrics and gynecology department, and Xue Hua had to give up.

Mu Qing is anxious about the marriage between Mullin and Bai Ge. Mullin is very optimistic. He firmly believes that Peony will agree to the two of them together sooner or later. Mu Xue also cheers for Mullin. Mullin encourages Mu Xue to go out and take out the trash. Don’t keep yourself locked up. Home. Mu Xue plucked up the courage to go out and ran into Chi Shuai head-on. Chi Shuai was just about to see her. The neighbors passed by and talked to Mu Xue privately.

Mu Xue was so scared that he ran away after taking out the garbage. Chi Shuai handed over the questionnaire to Mu Lin and asked Mu Xue to fill it in as soon as possible. Mulin came to see Mu Xue with the form and tried to persuade her to make her happy. Mu Xue was under a lot of pressure and felt that he was The prisoner in labor camps stayed at home, Mulin encouraged her to face the rumors and rumors, and Mu Xue cried out sadly.

Liu Yang and Li Ailing were on duty together, and Liu Yang casually asked about Mu Feng’s marriage. Bai Haowen suddenly came to Li Ailing and apologized to her for what happened in the past, but Li Ailing did not buy it. Bai Haowen begged Li Ailing to agree to the marriage of Bai Ge and Mullin, not to affect their feelings because of the grievances of the previous life. Give up.

Zhang Chenguang was depressed by shutting himself in the room because he was broken in love. Her mother’s hard persuasion was of no avail. Zhang Xiaoqing cursed Zhang Chenguang to wake up and encouraged him to eat before fighting. Her mother could not get used to Baige’s practice of seeking death and survival, and persuaded him. Zhang Chenguang gave up as soon as possible, Zhang Chenguang could give everything for Bai Ge, and his mother was helpless.

Mu Feng goes out early and returns late every day. Mu Qing is very curious about his whereabouts. Mu Feng finds an excuse to cover up. Mu Qing believes that Mu Feng has something on his mind. She is also anxious for Mu Lin and wants to find a solution in the martial arts novels. Mu Lin tells her Sneer. Mu Chun reads martial arts novels whenever she has time, and she finally came up with a good way.

Mu Feng persuaded Mu Xue to hide and walk, Mu Xue just wanted to stay at home. Mu Qing came to Bai Ge when she got off work and asked Bai Ge to pretend to be pregnant. After she got married, she announced that the matter was false. Bai Ge couldn’t think of a better way. She decided to fight back for love and ask Mu Qing to ask Mu Lin. To conceal this matter, Mu Qing did not know where to find the pregnancy test report. Mu Feng specially bought spare ribs to rent out the house to see Xue Hua, and found that she was not at home, Xu Liqun didn’t know where Xue Hua was going.

Xu Liqun couldn’t find Xue Hua everywhere, so he had to report to the police station. Chi Shuai made a registration. When he learned that Xue Hua was missing for more than an hour, he gave Xu Liqun a severe lesson. Mu Feng was looking for someone on the street, and suddenly saw a triumphant jump in the line, only to realize that the educated youth Lin Tao had concealed the fact that he was married and had been disqualified for admission to the college entrance examination. Mu Feng was panicked. He wrote this when filling out the registration form. Is unmarried.

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