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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 3 Recap

Bai Ge didn’t want to rely on Zhang Chenguang’s relationship to get the lead role, let alone fall in love with Zhang Chenguang. Zhang Chenguang struggled with her, and Bai Ge made it clear that the person she loved was Mullin. Zhang Xiaoqing followed Mullin to the car repair booth and promised to pick him up after get off work. Mullin politely declined. Zhang Xiaoqing was angry not to go to work to accompany him, so Mullin had to agree to wait for her to leave work.

Mu Feng came to take the college entrance examination on time, and he couldn’t calm down. From time to time, Xue Hua flashed in his mind as if he had a big belly. He didn’t want to take the exam. Peony came to Mullin’s stall to make trouble. Mullin was not allowed to entangle Baige. He also moved out that his father Mu Tianyang was the subject of Bai Zhuan and Mu Xue was a prisoner of labor reform. Mullin gritted his teeth with anger, Peony took the opportunity to touch the porcelain, and shouted the policeman Chi Shushuai. Called, Chi Shuai was a classmate of Mulin. He knew that Peony was unreasonable, so he persuaded Peony to leave.

When Chi Shuai learned that Mu Xue was at home, he personally visited the house. Peony came to Mu’s mother to file a complaint and insisted that Mu Lin had hurt her. Mu’s mother did not want to listen to her verbosity. Peony was not allowed to fall in love with Bai Ge. Li Ailing publicly announced that the Mu family and the Bai family had a grudge. It’s impossible to climb in-laws for the rest of his life. When the two of them disagree, they quarrel very hard, and Mudan puts down the medicine bill and left.

The teacher took Mu Qing to practice dance, but Mu Qing couldn’t find the essentials. The teacher gave her a severe lesson and asked her to learn from Bai Ge. Bai Ge came to head Yu to resign. Head Yu was very optimistic about her and persuaded her not to have a psychological burden. Only then did Bai Ge agree to continue to play the lead role.

Chi Shuai came to visit Mu Xue in person and registered her situation in detail. Mu Xue reported her thoughts truthfully. Mu Lin hurried back and forcibly pulled Chi Shuai out so that he was not allowed to stimulate Mu Xue. Chi Shuai was also doing business. Mullin didn’t listen at all and threw him away.

Mulin kindly persuaded Mu Xue and promised not to let anyone disturb her again. Mu Xue was very scared, and Mulin encouraged her to cheer up and behave upright in the future. Mu Feng rented a house outside, and then went to the guest house to pick up Xue Hua. Xue Hua wanted to go home with Mu Feng. Mu Feng used various excuses to prevaricate. Xue Hua asked him to stay and live with him. Mu Feng thought that they had not remarried. By refusing and agreeing to visit her often, Xue Hua had no choice but to give up.

Mu Feng brought Xue Hua to the rental house and saw that the door was locked tightly. The landlord Xu Liqun was a young man. He usually made a living by collecting waste products. Xu Liqun came back very late. Xue Hua was very satisfied with the house. Mu Feng paid the rent.

Please ask Xu Liqun for help. Taking care of Xue Hua, Xue Hua was not at ease and wanted to go through the remarriage formalities with Mu Feng as soon as possible. Mu Feng excused that he was busy recently and asked Xue Hua to give him time to arrange. Xue Hua asked Mu Feng to tell her family about her pregnancy. Mu Feng was embarrassed. But he couldn’t stand Xue Hua’s soft and hard foam, so he had to agree to it.

Peony personally stewed pig’s trotters to Director Zhang, took the opportunity to tell Mullin’s black appearance, derogating him to nothing, and tried to match Zhang Chenguang and Bai Ge’s marriage, and Director Zhang also had this intention. Mullin carefully prepared the food that his mother Li Ailing liked, and asked Mu Xue to say something in front of her mother, but Li Ailing did not buy it.

She took out her husband Mu Tianyang’s spiritual card and portrait, and forced Mulin to confess to her father because Bai Haowen gave Mu Tian. Yang wrote the big-character poster, and Mu Tianyang died of injustice because of this, and Li Ailing begged Li Ailing not to impose the grievances of the previous life on them. Li Ailing was furious. Mu Feng happened to go home to hear this scene, he was scared to leave quietly.

When Mu Feng came to the rental house, he didn’t know how to face Xue Hua. Liu Yang went home and saw him passing by. He hurriedly called Mu Feng and asked Mu Feng to send her home. Mu Feng had to do it. Xu Liqun saw that Mu Feng had not arrived, so he brought Xue Hua food.

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