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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 19 Recap

Xiao Qing was anxious when she learned that Xiao Han had been suspended for Luo Xiaoyi’s scapegoat. Xiao Han recommended to Zhuang Yue that Shen Zhengyi be Luo Xiaoyi’s support. Zhuang Yue has not responded so far. Xiao Han told Luo Xiaoyi and Shen Zhengyi to cooperate.

Xiao Qing briefly told Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele the whole story. Xiao Han and Luo Xiaoyi’s brother Luo Xiaofeng were good friends. They went to the Wild Lake to relax. Luo Xiaofeng fell into the water and died. Xiao Han tried his best to train to console Luo Xiaofeng with the championship. Returning without success, Xiao Han pinned all his hopes on Luo Xiaoyi and devoted all his efforts to her.

Xiao Han called out Shen Zheng overnight and persuaded her to participate in the 1500-meter event. Shen Zhengyi fully agreed. Xiao Han didn’t understand why Shen Zhengyi’s mother would prevent her from participating in speed skating in every possible way. Shen Zhengyi didn’t know what was going on. , Xiao Han briefly understood the situation of her mother Wang Limin, and promised to help find out the real reason. Luo Xiaoyi returned to the team on time and apologized to Zhuang Yue in public. Zhuang Yue let her go and let her train with everyone.

Shen Jiacheng secretly took a few boxes of small dishes from the refrigerator and wanted to send them to Shen Zhengyi, but was caught by Wang Limin and confiscated all the small dishes. Shen Jiacheng was angry about going on a hunger strike and protested. Wang Limin just didn’t let go. As soon as Zhu Lele and Shen Zheng went to train, they ran into Wang Jun and his teammates on the ice rink. Zhu Lele greeted Wang Jun enthusiastically, and Wang Jun quickly found an excuse to escape.

Shao Beisheng and his teammates watched Li Mi’s performance together. They were amazed. Shao Beisheng was ashamed. He was training on ice and fell to the ground during takeoffs. Shao Beisheng was very upset. Li Mi pointed out that Shao Beisheng was scared when he saw blood. Frustrated, Li Mi persuaded him not to hold on, he should do what he could. Shao Beisheng couldn’t listen.

Wang Jun invited Zhuang Yue to guard Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng failed repeatedly. He was not reconciled. He got up and continued training. Zhuang Yuequan saw him. Zhu Lele wanted to confess to Wang Jun and asked his classmates in the drama club to help set up the scene. Qu Zhi came to him when he heard the news. Zhu Lele happily showed off the matter to him, and Qu Zhi was speechless.

Zhu Lele took the trouble to send messages to Wang Jun every day. Wang Jun was so troubled that he had to ask his teammates for help, and they gave him advice. Wang Jun refused Zhu Lele’s invitation under the excuse of training. Zhu Lele was disappointed and let the students go away. Shen Jiacheng was hungry and hungry. He forcibly resisted not eating.

Wang Limin deliberately brought a bowl of fragrant noodles to demonstrate in front of him. Shen Jiacheng was so gluttonous that his saliva flowed out. Wang Limin persuaded him to eat while it was hot. Shen Jiacheng feasted and took the opportunity to persuade Wang Li. Min and Shen Zheng had a good talk, and Wang Limin fully agreed.

Shen Jiacheng called to inform Shen Zhengyi to go home for dinner. Shen Zhengyi didn’t dare to delay, and came back as soon as possible. Shen Jiacheng persuaded Wang Limin to talk to Shen Zhengyi. Wang Limin deliberately wrapped Shen Zhengyi’s favorite Sanxian dumplings. She persuaded Shen Zhengyi to give up speed skating as soon as possible, practice drawing, and regard skating as a hobby. She also pointed out that Shen Zhengyi had no talent for speed skating at all.

When he was not convinced, he went back to the house without taking a pissed meal. Shen Jiacheng complained that Wang Limin was too domineering, Wang Limin was injured during the game, and still has leg pain in the rainy and cloudy day, and does not want Shen Zheng to repeat her mistakes.

After Shao Beisheng’s training was over, she ran into Zhu Lele when she went out. She learned from her that Shen Zheng was called home by his mother. Shao Beisheng was worried that Shen Zheng could not stand it, so he rushed to support him. Zhu Lele waited until Wang Jun came out and wanted to invite him to dinner. Wang Jun lied about training. Xiao Qing realized that Wang Jun was not interested in Zhu Lele and hurriedly took her away.

Zhu Lele called Qu Zhi and cried, Qu Zhi called Wang Jun to be held accountable. Wang Jun felt that he and Zhu Lele were not suitable. Zhu Lele was different on stage and off stage. He felt very tired, and Qu Zhi gave him a severe lesson. , Blamed Wang Jun for chasing Zhu Lele without knowing it beforehand, and Qu Zhi felt that Zhu Lele was the best on stage and off stage.

Shao Beisheng came to the downstairs of Shen Zheng’s family and called her out. Wang Limin sent Shen Jiacheng to follow, and Shen Jiacheng resolutely refused to do it. Shen Zheng called Shao Beisheng to a secluded place. Shao Beisheng took off her coat and put it on her, and took her to the mall to catch the young man with a claw machine.

Shen Zhengyi immediately became energetic, and she was unsuccessful even after several attempts. Shao Beisheng tried it right away. Shen Zheng did the same. The two people caught many dolls of the wind-seeking teenagers. Shen Zhengyi was in a good mood and ate a piece of ice cream. Shao Beisheng persuaded Shen Zhengyi to go home and talk to his mother.

Wang Limin and Shen Jiacheng waited hard for a long time, and when Shen Zheng came back, Wang Limin wanted to go out and look for it. When Shen Zheng came back suddenly, she couldn’t help complaining about Shen Zheng.

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