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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 18 Recap

Shen Zhengyi wanted to go home very much, but worried that his mother Wang Limin was angry. His father Shen Jiacheng promised to help her with the work, and he wanted to celebrate for her. Not only did Wang Limin disagree with Shen Zheng’s practice speed skating, he also talked ridiculously.

Liu Sisi and Shen Zhengyi and the others were surprised when they saw the news of Luo Xiaoyi participating in the Classic in the locker room. Liu Sisi guessed that Xiao Han helped, otherwise Luo Xiaoyi would not be eligible to participate in the Classic. Coach Ma specially invited the members of the Flying Team to join the training camp with the Zhufeng team.

Quzhi asked Li Mi to live in their dormitory. Shao Beisheng gave Li Mi three chapters, and Li Mi gave Shao Beisheng a large box of stinky socks as a meeting gift. Shao Beisheng also gave Li Mi the same gift when he was a child. , The two people fought together like they did when they were young.

In a joint training session between the Wind-Zhuing Team and the Flying Team, Li Mi and Shao Beisheng secretly competed. They chased me on the training ground and refused to yield to each other. Xiao Han and Zhuang Yue took the female players to train strictly. They helped each other and kept no one behind. Xiao Han and Zhuang Yue were very pleased.

After training, Shen Zheng sent a message to meet Shao Beisheng and wanted to terminate the contract with him. Shao Beisheng ignored her. Shen Zheng came to Shao Beisheng with one hand. Shao Beisheng took Li Mi to escape with the excuse of something, and Shen Zheng had one to give up.

Zhu Lele followed Qu Zhi’s suggestion and bought a scarf for Wang Jun. Wang Jun went to Qu Zhi to show off. He also sent a message asking Zhu Lele to see the science and technology exhibition tomorrow. Qu Zhi was dumbfounded, and realized that he had married Wang Jun and Zhu Lele. He was upset. Shao Beisheng was also worrying about Shen Zhengyi’s termination of the contract. He consulted Qu Zhi, and Qu Zhi believed that Shen Zhengyi had someone he liked, and the two of them felt sorry for each other because of the same illness.

Zhu Lele carefully dressed up to attend the appointment, specially wearing a couple scarf of the same style as Wang Jun. Unexpectedly, Wang Jun also asked Qu Zhi to watch the science and technology exhibition together, and she was dumbfounded with anger. After the training, Shen Zheng went to the playground to get his schoolbag, and was suddenly hit by football. The male student who played hurriedly came over to apologize to Shen Zhengyi. Shao Beisheng passed by and saw this scene. He mistakenly thought that Shen Zhengyi had lost his love and was cruel. After scolding her, Shen Zheng explained repeatedly, but he didn’t listen at all.

After Wang Jun, Zhu Lele and Qu Zhi watched the exhibition, the three of them went to dinner together. Qu Zhi was deliberately between them. Zhu Lele switched to Wang Jun’s side. The two of them ordered food together. Zhu Lele ate very little under the pretext of losing weight. After the meal, Wang Jun sent Zhu Lele back to the dormitory.

Quzhi concluded that Zhu Lele would come out for supper and waited downstairs in the dormitory. As expected by Qu Zhi, Zhu Lele changed into casual clothes and went out. Qu Zhi followed her for a barbecue. Zhu Lele happily recounted how she and Wang Jun went from meeting to falling in love. Qu Zhi felt sour.

Qu Zhi was in a bad mood and went back to his dormitory to find Shao Beisheng to play games. Shao Beisheng was also worried about Shen Zhengyi. Qu Zhi repeatedly claimed that there was news about Shen Zhengyi, and Shao Beisheng agreed to play five games with him. Li Mi then returned to the dormitory. He took the initiative to give Shao Beisheng an idea. Shao Beisheng dismissed it. Qu Zhi revealed that Shen Zhengyi had no one he liked, and Shao Beisheng was a little relieved.

Luo Xiaoyi returned to the team at the end of the game and saw the new and old players come together and talked and laughed, so she started training without saying a word. Director Zhang gave the team members a meeting and asked Zhuang Yue to take all the team members to prepare for the Lingyun Cup. Zhuang Yue asked Luo Xiaoyi to review the strike and go out to the game without permission. He also reminded her to obey the team’s arrangements in the future. Luo Xiaoyi proudly asked Director Zhang to ask When she came back, Zhuang Yue didn’t buy it at all, so everyone stopped training for one day.

Shen Zhengyi, Liu Sisi, Zhu Lele and others ran laps in the playground. They were all worried that Zhuang Yue would be replaced, and Shen Zhengyi advised everyone not to think too much. Director Zhang came to Zhuang Yue to intercede for Luo Xiaoyi. Zhuang Yue firmly refused. She didn’t want to indulge Luo Xiaoyi, let alone watch Luo Xiaoyi destroy the cohesion that had just been established.

At this moment, Shen Zhengyi, Liu Sisi, Zhu Lele and others came to Director Zhang to protest. They unanimously asked Luo Xiaoyi to apologize to Zhuang Yue. Zhuang Yue asked them to continue training in the Lu training room. Director Zhang weighed repeatedly and decided not to temporarily. Let Luo Xiaoyi return to the team.

Xiao Han came to Zhuang Yue for theories, Zhuang Yue insisted on principles and refused to condone Luo Xiaoyi’s reckless behavior, Xiao Han had to come to Luo Xiaoyi and ask her to apologize to Zhuang Yue, otherwise, don’t want to return to the team, but Luo Xiaoyi thinks Zhuang Yue should come and ask. She, otherwise, don’t expect her to win the gold medal in the Lingyun Cup, Xiao Han is helpless.

Director Zhang called Xiao Han, Xiao Han took the initiative to bear the blame for Luo Xiaoyi, and he was suspended. When Luo Xiaoyi learned that Xiao Han had been suspended, she hurried to dissuade her. Xiao Han was willing to commit the crime for her and persuade her to do it for herself.

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