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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 17 Recap

Shao Beisheng stood on the chair and sang loudly. Shen Zhengyi complained that he shouldn’t be able to do it. Shao Beisheng didn’t dare to kiss Shen Zhengyi. All of them bite the bullet and drink alcohol. Shen Zheng got angry and wanted to cancel the contract with him to pretend to be a couple. Shao Beisheng used Jiu Jin To kiss Shen Zhengyi, Shen Zheng kicked him away one by one.

Shen Zhengyi tried his best to bring Shao Beisheng back to the room. Shao Beisheng opened the window and yelled. He also had to train in the room. Shen Zheng tied up Shao Beisheng with a pajama belt and threw it on the bed to let him practice. Single skating, Shen Zheng fell asleep with the other end in his hand. Zhu Lele woke up early in the morning and found that Shen Zheng hadn’t returned all night, so she hurriedly called around to find someone.

Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng woke up in a daze, only to remember what happened last night. Shen Zhengyi just wanted to open the door and leave, only to find that the teammates of the Zhufeng team were blocked outside. Shen Zhengyi hurried back to the room to prepare for the game, Wang Jun mistakenly thought that Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi were sleeping together last night, and couldn’t help but make fun of him. Shao Beisheng defended in every possible way.

As soon as Shen Zheng worked hard to participate in the finals, she always remembered Zhuang Yue’s instructions and completed the game without rush. Although she lost to Yu Bingling and won the silver medal, Zhuang Yue was very satisfied with her performance. Yu Bingling also felt that Shen Zhengyi was much better than last time. He praised Zhuangyue’s good training. Shen Zhengyi admitted that Xiao Han brought them to the training. Yu Bingling guessed that Xiao Han wanted Shen Zhengyi to be Luo Xiaoyi’s support. It was a pity to fight, Xiao Han rushed over afterwards, Yu Bingling mocked Xiao Lenglin, and then left in anger.

Shen Zhengyi learned from his teammates that Yu Bingling was once a member of the Wind-Zhuying Team. She and Luo Xiaoyi were of the same level, but Xiao Han asked Yu Bingling to assist Luo Xiaoyi. Xiao Han would let her assist Luo Xiaoyi. The members of the Zhanfeng team took the bus back to school. Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele both felt very hungry. Wang Jun took out dark chocolate and wanted to give Zhu Lele. Shao Beisheng asked him for chocolate and fed it to Shen Zheng. Bring out a large box of chocolates to Zhu Lele.

Xiao Han waited for Shao Beisheng at the school gate, congratulated him on his victory, and brought good news to Shao Beisheng. Curry is a Russian ice legend and Shao Beisheng’s idol. Xiao Han sent Shao Beisheng’s solo skating video to Curry. Recently, Curry was going to China to recruit a student to study in Russia. Shao Beisheng naturally couldn’t ask for it. He immediately decided to send Xiao Qing to dinner to express his gratitude. Xiao Qing suggested calling Zhu Lele and Shen Zhengyi.

Shao Beisheng came to the agreed place early, and Xiao Qing rushed there afterwards, and Shao Beisheng asked her to send a message to remind Zhu Lele and Shen Zhengyi. When Shen Zheng saw Xiao Qing’s message, he decided not to eat, and Zhu Lele stayed with her in the dormitory. Shao Beisheng packed two of Shen Zhengyi’s favorite dishes and asked Xiao Qing to bring them back.

Zhu Lele wanted to give Wang Jun a birthday present, but she didn’t know what to choose. She sent a message to Qu Zhi for advice. Qu Zhi mistakenly thought that Zhu Lele wanted to give it to him, and she was happy. Xiao Qing brought the food back and complained to Shen Zheng, because Shao Beisheng was not single in name, so he couldn’t let go of eating with her.

Shen Zhengyi immediately sent a message to Shao Beisheng, urging him to terminate the contract as soon as possible. Shao Beisheng was very angry and agreed to find time to talk. Shen Zhengyi took the initiative to find Shao Beisheng to break up, but Shao Beisheng flatly refused, and Shen Zhengyi gave him a favorite gift, but Shao Beisheng did not let go.

Before the training started, Zhuang Yue summarized the inter-school competition. Although the women’s team did not get a gold medal, the teammates were more united. The number of medals was more than any previous competition. Zhuang Yue congratulated Shen Zhengyi for winning the 500 meters. Silver medal, she officially became a professional team member.

Liu Sisi won the silver medal in the 1500m. From then on, Liu Sisi admired the spirit of unity and cooperation of the flying team. She was convinced that she lost. Zhuang Yue also commented on the other team members one by one and encouraged everyone. After achieving good results in the Lingyun Cup, the players geared up and confidently invested in a new round of intense and arduous training.

Shen Zhengyi called her parents to confess good news, and her father repeatedly congratulated her. Mother listened carefully to their conversation, and her heart was happy, but she complained about Shen Zhengyi.

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