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Luoyang (2021) 风起洛阳

Luoyang (2021)
Other Title: 风起洛阳

Genres: Drama,Historical, Mystery
 Xie Ze
 Qing Mei
Release Date:
 Dec 1, 2021 – Dec 30, 2021
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  • Huang Xuan as Gao Bing Zhu
  • Wang Yi Bo as Baili Hong Yi
  • Song Qian as Wu Si Yue
  • Song Yi as Liu Ran
  • Yong Mei as Saint
  • Liu Duan Duan as Prince Dong Chuan
  • Zhang Duo as Wu You Jue
  • Zhang Li as Yao Niang
  • Zhang Xi Lin as Liu Xiang
  • Gao Shu Guang as Baili Yan
  • Shi Yu as Liu Shi
  • Ning Wen Tong as Wu Sanyu
  • Feng Hui as Gao Sheng
  • Zheng Jia Bin as Pei Jian
  • Jiang Long as Bai Lang
  • Zhang Jun Ming as Li Beiqi
  • Liu Meng Ke as Yang Wan
  • Liu En Jia as Qing Ye
  • Sun Jian


The “Wind Up Luoyang” TV series is a suspenseful period drama co-produced by iQiyi and Liubai Film and Television, directed by Xie Ze, and starring Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian, Song Yi and others. The play is adapted from Ma Boyong’s novel “Luoyang”, which tells a series of stories about a group of people from different classes during the Wu Zhou period to investigate the unsettled case in Luoyang. Gao Bingzhu (played by Huang Xuan), a bad deputy at the bottom of Luoyang, was involved in the case by mistake and became a suspect.

When he tried to prove his innocence, he and Baili Hongyi (played by Wang Yibo) who were poisoned to find out the truth about his father ) Encounter, the two cooperate and investigate. Nei Wei Siyue (played by Song Qian) from a family background investigates and approaches Gao Bingzhu, who is excellent in martial arts and quite intelligent in the market, and wants to find informants related to the case.

Two people of completely different classes dislike each other. But they had to be tied together. As they continued to deepen the case and searched for the truth, they discovered a shocking conspiracy capable of destroying the city of God and staining Luoshui with blood.

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