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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 6 Recap

When Huo Jian dreamed, he dreamed that he was holding a share transfer letter in the hospital and asked Mr. Li to press his handprint. Mr. Huo Jian told Mr. Li that he was his good secretary Yi Fei, and that he could get Mr. Li’s signature smoothly. Jian unplugged Mr. Li’s oxygen tube and soon died. Huo Jian was meticulously dealt with by the nightmare and called Secretary Lin to investigate a person. He wanted to eradicate the roots.

Su agreed to go to a high-end cocktail party with Xie Minghao to investigate Chen Hengsheng, and met Li Zeliang at the cocktail party, but at the beginning, they did not contact face-to-face but used their mobile phones to send messages to each other to ask about the purpose of each party. Huo Jian was contacted by Chen Hengsheng, who was in Yunfeng by himself, and Su Xinyi also secretly followed the past to eavesdrop on their conversations.

At this time, Xie Minghao called Su Xinyi and was heard by them, and when Su Xinyi escaped, a high-heeled shoe fell off. Chen Hengsheng followed closely to see who was eavesdropping on their conversation, but Su Freehand didn’t have time to retrieve the shoes and hurried into the elevator. After Su Freehand went out, the shoes were delivered by Li Zeliang. Li Zeliang With Su Xieyi, he ran away and hid behind the veil at the reception. And there is also the birthday cake that Shi Chuchu’s father specially prepared for his daughter.

Just when he announced that he would surprise his daughter, Li Zeliang told Su Xinyi to cooperate with him in acting. After Shi Chuchu’s father unwrapped the veil, everyone saw Li Zeliang and Su Xinxin kissing. Being together, this surprised everyone. Shi Chuchu and Xie Minghao who were present were both surprised and disappointed, so Li Zeliang took Su Xinyi’s hand and told everyone that Su Xinyi would be his girlfriend in the future.

After returning home, Li Zeliang blamed Su Xianyi for taking risks without regard to his safety. If Chen Hengsheng found out, it would be very dangerous. Li Zeliang told Su Freehand that he had already investigated the purpose of approaching himself, and that his father’s death had nothing to do with him. Su Xieyi insisted that Li Zeliang tell himself what Li Zeliang did on the top floor when his father died, so Li Zeliang told Su Xieyi that when he arrived, he had seen Shen Zhihong standing on the edge and about to jump off, and Li Zeliang didn’t get it.

Living in Shen Zhihong, it was just that Li Zeliang stood on the top of the building when Su Xinyi saw his father fall to death. This is called Su Xinyi’s misunderstanding that Li Zeliang pushed his father down. Li Zeliang told Su Freehand that he failed to save Shen Zhihong, and that was the knot in Li Zeliang’s heart for two years. Su freehand asked Li Zeliang how to explain the contract, which was also the reason why she doubted Li Zeliang, but in Ou Man still willing to trust Li Zeliang a little more.

Xie Minghao kept calling Su freehand and no one answered him. It was hard to accept Li Zeliang’s announcement that Su freehand was his girlfriend. Su Xieyi and Li Zeliang were drunk when they drank, Su Xieyi told Li Zeliang that he must avenge his father to find the truth through Jiujin, and fell asleep when he said that, Li Zeliang covered Su Xieyi with a blanket and left.

Huo Jian blamed Secretary Lin for not asking Su Freehand to appear at the reception. He had arranged for Secretary Lin to keep an eye on Su Freehand and told Secretary Lin to do things well. Any flaws would be exposed.

Early the next morning, Li Zeliang prepared breakfast to give Su freehand, asking her to appear in front of everyone as a girlfriend in the future. In the company, the fact that they were a couple was also spread, which made everyone respect Su’s freehand brushwork, and Yi Fei insisted on asking Su freehand to tell about the love story. Li Zeliang went to Huo Jian and asked if they could transfer Su Xinyi back. They were in love two years ago, and Secretary Lin’s video incident was done by Su Xinyi.

This surprised Huo Jian, but he insisted on doing it on the surface. That’s good. Su Yiyi also showed everyone the story and photos of his relationship with Li Zeliang, which made his colleagues envious. After that, Huo Jian and Yi Fei also discussed that the experiences Li Zeliang and Su Xiayi said were consistent and reasonable, but Huo Jian felt that the more reasonable the more unusual, he had to continue to stare at Su Xiayi.

Li Zeliang went to Shi Chuchu to apologize. She shouldn’t announce her love affair at her birthday reception. Although Shi Chuchu was disappointed, she started the relationship two years ago and couldn’t force others to send her blessings, but tears were in her heart. At this moment, Su freehandedly sent Li Zeliang a message asking him to go out for dinner, and Shi Chuchu realized that Li Zeliang’s heart was only as beautiful as an adult.

Just when Su Freehand and Li Zeliang had lunch together, they met Huo Jian. Li Zeliang knew that he was going to monitor and started showing affection with Su Freehand. The two fed each other’s foie gras, which they didn’t like. This made each other uncomfortable. . At this time, Shi Chuchu also stood not far away and stared at them. After that, Su Xiayi went to the toilet to wash his face and complained that Li Zeliang shouldn’t embarrass himself for eating spicy food, and Shi Chuchu appeared in front of Su Xiayi.

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