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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 5 Recap

Li Zeliang went to Su freehand’s house to apologize and told Su freehand that he knew who she was on the first day he saw her, but he didn’t tell Su freehand. Now he has to tell Su freehand that she is the girl he met back then. But Su Freehand said that she had lost her memory and didn’t want to continue the previous thing. However, Li Zeliang said that since they had the chance to meet again, they could start with friends again and help Su Xieyi restore his memory.

Before, Li Zeliang gave Su freehand a business card with Li Zeliang’s contact information. Su freehand should contact him, but Su freehand denied that he had seen the business card. Su freehand made coffee for Li Zeliang. At this time, Li Zeliang saw a fragment of an old newspaper on the ground. The content was recorded by Li Zeliang. After returning, Li Zeliang asked Ji Yingsong to investigate Xie Minghao’s background. He was a lawyer and worried that he would be against them. The plan caused interference.

Li Zeliang went to find Uncle Bai. He took out a watch and said that it belonged to Mr. Li. Uncle Bai is a very nostalgic person. Li Zeliang asked Uncle Bai if Mr. Li and Zhiwei were dealing with uncle Bai. He wanted to find out in Zhiwei. Does anyone with the surname Su exist? Uncle Bai told Liang Chaoli that Shen Zhihong’s wife was named Su, but died many years ago, but they left a daughter named Su Xinyi, who had gone to live abroad many years ago. Only then did Li Zeliang know that Su Xiayi went to Oaman for the purpose of her father’s death.

Su Xinyi talked about Chen Hengsheng during dinner with his colleagues. In the eyes of his colleagues, he was a legendary existence. After Su Xinyi learned about it, he hurried back to the office to check the information. At this moment, Li Zeliang passed by, and Su Xiayi quickly collected the information.

Ji Yingsong reported that Li Zeliangsu had opened a room in the hotel freely. There were many men coming in and out. Li Zeliang hurried to check, but he didn’t expect that Su freehand was only sending and receiving couriers inside. This made Li Zeliang’s hanging heart relieved. Li Zeliang wanted to reopen a room for Su Xinyi, and he wanted Su Xinyi to live in a better place. The two talked about the relationship between Shi Chuchu, Li Zeliang told Su Xieyi not to think too much that he and Shi Chuchu were not what they thought.

At this moment, Su Xinyi saw the invitation letter for the high-end reception in Li Zeliang’s pocket, which was also the place that Su Xinyi had always wanted to go, so the design wanted to get drunk and Li Zeliang stole the invitation letter. Unexpectedly, Li Zeliang would not ask Su Freehand to drink, and would kill all the wine that Su Freehand was caught. Li Zeliang asked Su Shuyi if he had any wishes, and he also took out an invitation letter to give Su Shuyi, but Su Shuyi was not embarrassed to accept that it was useless. Li Zeliang went back after drinking. Su Xieyi felt that Li Zeliang was hot and cold, and he felt scared the better he was.

When Shi Chuchu decided to expel Su Xieyi during the meeting, everyone was surprised that the compensation would be doubled to her. Su Xinyi directly asked Shi Chuchu if it was because of Li Zeliang. Huo Jian passed by and felt that he admired Su Xinyi’s ability. It happened that Yi Fei, the assistant, was missing an assistant and wanted to stay with Su Xinyi.

Li Zeliang invited Shi Chuchu to dinner, hoping that she could leave Su freehand, and under Hou Xiaodong’s persuasion, Shi Chuchu agreed to leave Su freehand. Huo Jian felt that it was Li Zeliang’s decision to expel Su freehand. Yi Fei felt that Li Zeliang wanted to use Su freehand to use his knowledge to deal with Huo Jian, but Huo Jian felt that as long as he stayed with him, he could see their plan.

Su Xieyi and Xie Minghao discussed that Huo Jian could use Huo Jian to spy on the situation. Su Xieyi wanted to participate in the reception of Hengye Bank. That was Xie Minghao’s partner. Su Xieyi wanted to investigate Chen Hengsheng. Although Xie Minghao has always opposed Su Freehand’s investigation of the truth, he does not want to disappoint Su Freehand and has been helping her.

Li Zeliang and Ji Yingsong discussed that Huo Jian shouldn’t rush Su Xinyi, but Su Xinyi still doesn’t know how terrible the enemy he will face.

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