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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 4 Recap

Su Xinyi bought coffee for his colleagues as gifts for the first day of work. This made the colleagues around me very confused. Telling Su Xinyi that the seemingly calm office is actually undercurrents. People will think that Su Xinyi is purposeful to please everyone. Su Xinyi asked his colleague how long it would take for the files in the archives to be destroyed, so the colleague took out the key and took Su Xinyi into the archives. In the future, Su Xinyi wanted to retrieve the materials and approached her.

Li Zeliang asked Ji Yingsong to dry-clean Su Xieyi’s clothes. Ji Yingsong felt that the smile on his face had increased a lot since Su Xieyi went. Li Zeliang asked Su Freehand to arrange work in the past, and asked Su Freehand to clean his office and help him make a cup of coffee. Unexpectedly, Su Freehand refused. She would only do her job, otherwise she would go back to the president to do the calculation. NS. As soon as the two of them got up, Li Zeliang called his subordinates and asked them to arrange for Su Xinyi to leave his office. At this time, Shi Chuchu called and said that he had gone back, and asked Li Zeliang to wait for her at the company.

My colleague Mingyue told Su Xinyue that Shi Chuchu is the daughter of Hengye Bank. None of them can not afford to offend others, so that Su Xinyi should pay more attention to his personal behavior in the future. Shi Chuchu is also the vice president of their company.

Just when everyone was welcoming Shi Chuchu to go back to the company, Su Xieyi secretly took Mingyue’s badge and entered the archives to check the information. In the archives, he saw a piece of information about Chen Hengsheng. At this time, Yi Fei opened the archives room and went in to find the materials. Yi Fei found that there was someone hiding in it and used the organs to squeeze the cabinets of the archives together to force Su Xieyi out. He did not expect that Su Xieyi climbed to the top of the cabinet and escaped. A catastrophe. After Su Yi went back, he secretly put his colleague’s badge back to the original place, and at this time the colleague was also looking for his badge.

Huo Jian saw Su Xinyi and recognized that she was a clerk at Li Zeliang’s family, and hoped that Su Xinyi could work under his hand, Su Xinyi tactfully declined Huo Jian’s invitation. After that, Yi Fei told Huo Jiansu that the foreign materials of Xieyi had been erased. They could not investigate the clues. They just saw that Su Xieyi entered the archives room. Yi Fei told Huo Jian the story and felt that Su Xieyi was investigating. The taste of that year.

Mingyue prepared Shi Chuchu’s favorite Earl Grey tea and called Su Freehand to send it in, because I just saw Li Zeliang’s face not looking good when he went in, so he asked Su Freehand to send tea as Li Zeliang’s assistant. Just then Ji Yingsong called Li Zeliang to ask him to go out and meet. Ji Yingsong told Li Zeliang that Xie Minghao had gone back. That was the last person Mr. Li met before his death. Li Zeliang wanted to meet with Xie Minghao immediately.

Shi Chuchu saw Su Xieyi’s clothes in Li Zeliang’s office, which made Shi Chuchu feel that there was something happening not far between Li Zeliang and Su Xieyi.

Li Zeliang met in Xie Minghao’s law firm, and Xie Minghao learned that it was the son of the elder Li after the introduction. Li Zeliang wanted to know what happened when his father passed away. Xie Minghao told Li Zeliang that President Li had passed away when he arrived at the hospital. Li Zeliang gave his business card to Xie Minghao, hoping to consult in the future. Just when Li Zeliang was out, Su Xinyi was about to go upstairs.

Fortunately, Xie Minghao sent Su Xinyi a message in time. The two talents could not meet. However, Ji Yingsong saw Su Freehand downstairs, and took photos for Li Zeliang to see. Li Zeliang felt that Su wrote his opinion and Xie Minghao deliberately avoided them. They should have many secrets that they didn’t know.

Shi Chuchu asked Hou Xiaodong to go out to meet, wanting to get some understanding of Li Zeliang’s recent situation, but Hou Xiaodong asked Shi Chuchu not to call him by his real name outside, but now he is also called Oscar in English. Oscar told Shi Chuchu that he had met an opponent this time, and that Li Zeliang was sincere about the girl from the company. This made Shi Chuchu very upset and decided to get rid of the girl Li Zeliang liked.

Li Zeliang went to Su freehand’s house to find out the situation, so he was so frightened that Su freehand hurriedly packed up everything related to the case at home before opening the door. After Li Zeliang went in, he became interested in many things, which made Su Xinyi very nervous and hurried Li Zeliang back.

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