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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 26 Recap

Chunsheng thanked Xiaoting for her contribution to this matter, but Xiaoting became increasingly unable to understand Chunsheng’s thoughts.

Qing Qian accidentally saw Xing Ran delivering a courier on the street. When the two of them had dinner at night, she deliberately asked about Xing Ran’s work. Xing Ran covered up and said that the salary would go up. Qing Qian didn’t say anything but comforted Xing Ran’s work. Don’t be aggressive, just let the flow go.

Feng Chunsheng was late due to a traffic jam, so he hurried to the meeting room, but Zhuo Nanzhi reprimanded him for not going to accompany Xiaoting for the check-up. She was the most important thing. There was nothing for him at the meeting! Chunsheng exited the meeting room in a very embarrassing manner under all eyes.

After Xiaoting’s check-up, she saw that Chunsheng was in her heart. Chunsheng told her the whole story, complaining that her father-in-law embarrassed herself in front of the meeting room with so many people. It was obvious that Xiaoting was kicked out of the core project by taking advantage of Xiaoting’s pregnancy, and Xiaoting was angry. Chunsheng is just like his father said that there is only climbing up in his mind, whoever doesn’t follow his will is to run him! Chunsheng asked his father-in-law what he said about himself? Xiaoting got out of the car and called her father to let him not embarrass Chunsheng. Zhuo Nanzhi told her daughter: There are many capable people in the company, but his daughter’s husband is the only one, so his task for the past two years is to stay with Xiao. Ting and the child, otherwise no chance will be given to him.

The seaside is picturesque and I am in a good mood. Let Jian take a family photo of them, and she will have mixed feelings in her heart. There was also a college classmate who participated in their outing. He was also Yiru’s suitor at the time. At the dinner table, Yiru refused to let Malevin drink and said that he was not pregnant. The college classmate teased Malevin to please Yiru. Take off the shirt and wipe her feet, recalling that she enjoys these beautiful memories, simple but like sitting on pins and needles. In the evening, Marlene was about to show off Yiru, and Mu Jia hopped over and set off fireworks for them.

Simply saying goodbye to Marlene, she confessed that she would not be able to help, and staying would only make herself more uncomfortable. Marlene explained the hesitation when seeing Mu Jia just now. Although it was cruel to Mu Jia, he would definitely recall it clearly. Simply agreeing to go back to Beijing and wait, Marlene promised not to let her wait too long. The conversation between the two was overheard by Mu Jia not far away.

The next day, Mu Jia drowned at the beach. The first sentence after she was rescued was to tell her father not to leave her mother! Immediately afterwards, President Wang came into the operating room with a sudden illness.

The old principal of Fengjie came to Beijing for a meeting. He met with Simple and told her that Teacher Yu from the second and third grade of junior high school had throat cancer and could only bring it to the end. If it is simple, he still wants to go back to his hometown. This is an opportunity.

Marlene told Mu Jia and his mother the fact that they were divorced. Mu Jia couldn’t accept it, and believed that it was because of Teacher Jian’s intervention that his parents made it like this. Marlene promised to Mu Jia that she would take care of her mother’s illness before starting her new life, and Mu Jia decisively said that she would not agree.

Principal Wang was out of danger because he was sent to the hospital in time. He remembered that he was grateful for Levin’s company and leaned into his arms and wept.

Feng Chunsheng pondered: Tonghua’s such an important project cannot be determined by a set of plans. It must be invested. He heard that Wan Liming has not been in the company these days, and he is thinking about what he owns but Wan Liming doesn’t have. .

In the evening, Chunsheng apologized to Xiaoting that her mood should not have been affected by work. Xiaoting didn’t care and offered to let Chunsheng accompany her to Wanrou’s birthday.

Facing the birthday cake, Lin Wanrou complained that Marlene didn’t even have a WeChat blessing. She admitted that although she let it go, she was still unwilling. Xiaoting asked about Marlene and the simple progress, Wanrou said frankly that she was not optimistic about them. She thought that Marlene’s character was not at all able to remember her and his father-in-law, and she would eventually turn around in place.

On the way home, Xiaoting knew that Chunsheng was working hard for the Tongzhou project, and she was instructing him to practice football. She was going to organize a game to win Bai Gang, so that the project funds would be solved, and Bai Gang didn’t lack anything, just a lack of games. Son, Chunsheng was very excited when he heard it.

Principal Wang handed Yiru’s hand to Marlene before the sick bed, begging him to remarry with Yiru. Outside the ward, Marlene called Jian. Before he could speak, Jian had realized his difficulties and stated that he would be waiting for him.

She didn’t see Mu Jia in simple class, and came out to look for her. Mu Jia was very resistant. She simply admitted that she had a relationship with Marlene, but didn’t want to hurt Mu Jia. The person who corrected simple injuries was her mother. She used to hate her because Every time she comes back, she makes a mess at home, and Simplicity is really good for herself. She knows that she should hate Simplicity, but she can’t hate it, but she doesn’t want her father to abandon her mother or let her family go away like this.

Principal Wang said earnestly to Marlene, thanking him for taking care of Yiru, for tolerating her when he made mistakes, and for taking care of her as best as he could when he was ill. It is Yiru’s blessing to marry him. Marlene was moved, saying that when he was not as good as his memory, the principal treated himself like his own son. He always called him to eat together during the New Year’s Eve dinner. He bumped into walls in the early days of his business.

The old principal never asked for help, but once asked him to participate. During a meal, he went in and saw that there were all people who could help him. He cried as soon as he went out, and he would never forget the principal’s kindness for the rest of his life. Principal Wang hoped that Malevin and his daughter could join hands and continue to go on. Malevin promised to take care of his memories for the rest of his life and do what he said.

Walking out of the hospital, Marlene made a brief meeting at the old bookstore. He told Simple that her daughter drowned as soon as she left, and the first sentence when she woke up was to tell herself not to leave Yiru.

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