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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 25 Recap

Originally a lively meal, the child proposed by Zhuo Nanzhi followed the motherhood, making the atmosphere extremely embarrassing. Zhuo Nanzhi said that if the child’s surname is Zhuo, he would provide the best educational conditions. He asked Feng Chunsheng to express his position. Chunsheng carefully said that although the Feng family gave the child far less conditions than the father-in-law, it is a Chinese tradition for the child to follow the father’s surname. Zhuo Nan Zhi’s face was immediately pulled down, let Chunsheng think about it before coming to him.

Xiaoting returned home and comforted Chunsheng’s father as long as he didn’t let go. Chunsheng’s father wanted to go back to his hometown in a fit of anger. His mother advised him to stay a few more days. They cultivated relationships with Xiaoting, and things might turn around.

It was late at night, and Malevin was still in the study and refused to rest. He recalled that he couldn’t wait. He came out and said that all the indicators of the doctor’s examination today were normal, indicating that it was not a physical problem but a psychological problem. Under too much pressure, she recalled in tears and accused him of being bored in the study all day ten years ago. She is still like this. She is willing to do anything for Marlene and her daughter, just wanting them to start their lives again and return to normal, but Malevin could not see his own efforts at all! Facing Yiru’s accusation, Malevin had to go back to the bedroom reluctantly, but what he left Yiru was still a cold back.

Early the next morning, Yiru offered to let Malevin accompany him on an outing on the weekend, and Malevin also brought Mu Jia with him.

Feng Chunsheng had just heard that the person in charge of the Tongzhou project might be determined for a meeting soon, and suddenly saw Wan Liming come back, he had a bad feeling. Sure enough, Zhuo Nanzhi strongly praised Wan Liming’s outstanding achievements in the Northwest project at the meeting. He announced that all teams of the Tongzhou project will come up with plans for PK. Whoever has strong operability will give this project to him. .

After get off work in the evening, Feng Chunsheng made a special trip to his father-in-law’s house to discuss the child’s surname. He agreed with the child’s surname Zhuo and signed the agreement: If divorce, the man must automatically give up custody. Zhuo Nanzhi said that he has a clear distinction between public and private. Chunsheng helped him in this matter, but he still depends on his personal ability in the company. Chunsheng begged his father-in-law to give him a chance to compete fairly.

When Chunsheng’s father heard about the incident, he was going back to his hometown overnight. Xiaoting quickly persuaded her to let her child be named Feng, and her mother also helped to make peace.

Malevin didn’t want to go home after get off work. He was alone in the car for a long time before entering the door. Recalling that the Chinese medicine had been cooked and waiting, she emphasized that she ran for a day and queued up for Malevin’s prescription to buy medicine. He couldn’t live up to his own piece. Heart, Mariev had to frown and drank the medicine.

Mu Jia called Jian Jian in the evening and invited her to go on a seaside outing together, but simply declined. Early the next morning, Malevin came to the school to find Simple. He explained that the last time the hospital was only dealing with Yiru. He wanted Jian to go on an outing together. Then, he and Yiru had a showdown, and simply agreed to face him with Malevin.

Feng Chunsheng’s parents came to the company to look for Zhuo Nanzhi. They disagreed with the child’s surname Zhuo. Zhuo Nanzhi called Feng Chunsheng to express his opinion. Zhuo Xiaoting came after him and asked Chunsheng to send her in-laws home first. She talked with her father. Chunsheng sent his parents downstairs and complained that they shouldn’t go to the company to make trouble. His father was furious and slapped him.

Xiaoting decided to let her child be named Feng and asked her father to surrender the agreement. Zhuo Nanzhi’s angry daughter blindly protects Chunsheng, and for the sake of his own career and promotion, he voluntarily asks himself to agree to his child’s surname Zhuo. His ambitions are well known. Xiaoting thought that all of this was forced by her father, and she handed over the agreement by threatening Zhuo Nan by destroying the child.

In the evening, in front of Chunsheng’s parents, Xiaoting tore the agreement. Feng’s father was very grateful and bowed to her daughter-in-law. Before leaving, he instructed Xiaoting to teach her children to learn from her in the future, and not to be a wasteful student of Chunsheng.

Xiaoting brought Chunsheng to Lu Village and told him that they lived here when the family had no money. They were also poor when they were young, but the time when a family of three lived together was the happiest day in her life. She felt that there was only one family. Health, peace and harmony are the happiest, and it is not worthwhile for Chunsheng to change his child’s surname in order to achieve his goal. Chunsheng explained that his father-in-law made this request. In any case, one of his parents would be unhappy. Xiaoting pointed out that Chunsheng’s motivation for choosing was problematic. Chunsheng smiled bitterly that he was not qualified to talk about gains and losses with his father-in-law. The rules were set by the winner. of.

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