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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 33 Recap

Cao Yaoniang didn’t believe that Shen Cuixi would disguise as an ordinary person to measure the body of a girl in the hospital. It was not until Shen Cuixi talked about Mrs. Cao that Cao Yaoniang slowed down. She learned a lot of fox-mei skills in the school, and she asked Shen Cuixi to go back and tell Madam Cao that she was doing well. Later, Shen Cuixi asked about Zeng Baoqin’s days in the courtyard, and Zeng Baoqin talked about her five children.

When Zeng Baoqin was sold into the hospital, her maid Wuer followed her since she was a child. It’s not the fault of these women to become a girl in the hospital. Shen Cuixi wanted to rescue Cao Yaoniang. Zeng Baoqin was a little worried. After all, the Cao family had harmed Shen Cuixi. This is really not easy.

If she decides to save Cao Yaoniang, she will have to face not only legal provisions, but also secular prejudices. And Shen Cuixi’s temperament determines that she will not give up because of difficulties. Weng Jin took the initiative to come to Ren’s family, he wanted to see Ren’s grandmother. Later, Liu Ma informed Zeng Baoqin to go to the lobby with Ruyi. Weng Jin said that this was the third time he and Ruyi met, and he asked to marry Ruyi.

The inkstone on the side was dumbfounded, unacceptable for a while. Weng Jin told all about his family’s situation, and then Weng Jin’s mother came. She must not allow Weng Jin to marry a woman like Ruyi. Seeing her words become more and more excessive, Zeng Baoqin interrupted and defended Ruyi next to her. After a while, Mrs. Weng took Weng Jin away from Ren’s house.

After returning home, Weng Jin was hit with a few boards and lay on the bed wailing, but his heart for Ruyi remained the same. Shuyan looked at Ruyi from a distance, but didn’t dare to walk up. Ren Xuetang encouraged him to talk to Ruyi. Maybe there was still a possibility. But Shuyan did not go. He felt that Weng Jin came from a famous family, and he was just a slave. He only hoped that Ruyi could live well. Madam Cao went to find Shen Cuixi.

At this moment, she had realized that she hated the rules and etiquette. She loves Yaoniang and will never allow anyone to harm Cao Yaoniang. Shu Fang told Shen Cuixi about two ways to save Cao Yaoniang. She supported Shen Cuixi’s decision to save Cao Yaoniang and wanted to help. But she is now the second grandmother of the Ren family, and Shen Cuixi thinks she should not come forward.

At night, Weng Jin’s injuries were not completely healed, so he sneaked out of the house in the dark, but he never thought that the scene of his going out would have been seen by his mother. He climbed up the wall of Ren’s house again to call Ruyi’s name. The persistent Weng Jin moved Ruyi very much. She promised to marry Weng Jin, and Weng Jin also promised that she would persuade her parents. As soon as he got home, he saw his mother sitting in his house.

Weng Jin begged his mother, and her mother relaxed and agreed to let him marry Ruyi. Soon after, Mrs. Weng ordered someone to carry the dowry and brought Weng Jin into the Ren family to marry her. Zeng Baoqin is very emotional, and will be married in a blink of an eye. Back then, Ruyi delivered steamed buns to her who was in custody. Zeng Baoqin was very touched, and let Ruyi stay with her for many years.

Zeng Baoqin confirmed that Ruyi really liked Weng Jin, she finally felt relieved, and then asked her how she feels about Shuyan and Weng Jin. Ruyi said that the first impression the two gave her was joy and liking, but Shuyan always waited for Ruyi to approach him. Unlike Weng Jin, he would respond to Ruyi’s liking, and Ruyi could feel that Weng Jin was true. like. This kind of steadfastness of being liked is something that Shuyan will never give.

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