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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 2 Recap

Lin Secretary Group Huo Dong reported that Yunfeng Hotel has become one of the three candidate partners for this Fujiada auction, and today’s meeting will also be to discuss the latest bidding plan. Winning the auction will also have all its industries. Good publicity. But before I entered the meeting room, I saw a video about the hotel manager’s announcement that the entire floor of the room was closed.

The hotel is still in the peak season, which is a loss for the company. Dong Huo looked gloomy when he saw it, and he did not listen to Secretary Lin’s explanation and called him to the office. Su Xinyi was watching this scene from the side, and Li Zeliang, who was beside him, did not say a word. It seemed that this incident had something to do with him.

Su Xinyi came to the application room to apply. Not only did Su Xinyi have an outstanding resume, he was also able to respond well when applying. Auman Hotel was Su Xinyi’s goal. Huo Dong lost his temper in the room, and the manager suspected that Li Zeliang did it because he had this problem when he first came to the company.

The Human Resources Department gave Li Zeliang the resumes of the candidates. Li Zeliang thought of Su freehand. Su freehand once said that Auman was her first competition target. Li Zeliang looked at the resume one by one, trying to find out Su’s freehand brushwork from it, but the secretary came in to remind Li Zeliang that the things sent by the human resources department were all undercovers sent by Huo Dong and Huojian. Find one? Li Zeliang didn’t say anything.

The next day, Su Xinyi received the notice that the place where she took office was the President’s Office, and a smug smile appeared on Su Xinyi’s face. Chen Shan is the housekeeping manager. He and Secretary Lin conspired to keep the hotel room closed. This is a gossip from colleagues that Su Xinyi heard when he first came to work.

As an assistant, Su Freehand was called to Li Zeliang’s office and received an office access card. Li Zeliang casually looked up at Su Freehand, and called up a video of Su Freehand appearing in the elevator building from the computer. Li Zeliang knew that Secretary Lin’s affairs were done by Su Freehand. Su Freehand admitted that he had accidentally seen a dirty deal, so he was shot with a sense of justice. Su Freehand returned the favor card to Li Zeliang and asked her to recruit her this time.

I came in to express my gratitude, and the favor was repaid. After Su Xinyi left, Li Zeliang called Yingsong and asked him to investigate someone. Huo Jian also asked someone to investigate whether Li Zeliang did it, but found nothing on the monitor, but accidentally learned that Li Zeliang was not doing a good job on the surface, but in fact he always secretly investigated Secretary Lin, Huo Jian immediately felt that this nephew was not easy, and he also increased his guard.

Li Zeliang found that Su Xieyi was playing with documents in his hands. He remembered the girl who used to play with things in his hands. The two also had a barbecue together. Li Zeliang also taught the girl how to use Huadiao wine to taste. The girl’s appearance made Li Zeliang’s memory deep, and when he saw Su Xinxue, he unconsciously thought of the girl and smiled unconsciously.

Seeing Li Zeliang’s departure, Su quietly entered the office and searched for a contract, but found nothing. As soon as Su Xinyi left the office and came to the underground parking lot, she received a text message from Li Zeliang, inviting Su Xinyi to eat, and also posted a position. Su Xinyi didn’t have a chance to refuse.

Li Zeliang ordered a bowl of noodles. This was also the noodles I had eaten with that girl. Li Zeliang deliberately did this to see if the girl in front of him had really amnesia, and if it was the same girl. Su freehand saw Li Zeliang’s intentions, and simply clarified that people may have a feeling of deja vu, but Li Zeming has already affirmed which girl the girl in front of him is. Li Zeliang wanted to take Su Freehand to a place, and deliberately got close to Su Freehand. When Su Freehand was distraught, he received a call to pick up and leave.

Ming Hao persuaded Su Xieyi not to continue, but Su Xieyi was very stubborn, thinking that it would be a stubborn mistake. Therefore, she did not follow Ming Hao’s opinion.

Huo Jian suddenly came to Li Zeliang. He was dissatisfied with the mess of Li Zeliang’s clothes. Li Zeliang showed some uncomfortable appearances. He deliberately let Huo Jian relax his vigilance. Huo Jian offered to find an assistant for Li Zeliang himself. Li Zeliang was humble and polite, showing that he would learn from Huo Jian in the future. Huo Jian pretended to be polite to remind Li Zeliang that Auman had everything to do with Li Zeliang.

Yingsong ran to find Li Zeliang on this matter, which also aroused Huo Jian’s suspicion. Huo Jian checked in Li Zeliang’s room and found the climbing tool upstairs, which Li Zeliang secretly used for rehabilitation training, in order to prevent his uncle. Suspected that Li Zeliang pretended not to be used for a long time, and wanted Yingsong to deal with it.

Huo Jian was very interested in seeing an oil painting in the room. He couldn’t help but touched it. Li Zeliang’s face was tense, but he pretended to be calm and asked Huo Jian to take it away. He could give it to him as a gift. See Huo Jian The situation also dispelled the idea. Just as Li Zeliang was about to send Huo Jian away, Huo Jian seemed to remember something and suddenly looked back.

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