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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 1 Recap

Huo Jian suddenly went to Zeliang to play badminton, which made him feel a little strange. However, his uncle Huo Jian showed no mercy to Zeliang and injured Zeliang’s leg with a badminton. He called Zeliang to look like Vice President Oaman, and it was best to avoid drinking and games in the future. Assistant Ji Yingsong persuaded Zeliang not to play with his uncle, but Zeliang told Ji Yingsong to retreat.

He won’t be able to sweep Huo Jian’s interest and want to continue playing with his uncle, but he was never his uncle’s opponent and was used by his uncle. The body pain that defeated Zeliang was extremely painful. Seeing Li Zeliang’s pain, Huo Jian told him that it was not easy for his father to smash the country, and that the group always belonged to their Li family.

Su Xinyi secretly filmed the conversation between Secretary Lin and his assistant in the office and was almost discovered, so Su Xinyi quickly pretended to be an interviewer and escaped. However, Secretary Lin found that something was wrong and hurried out to chase him. Su Xiayi quickly ran into the elevator and went downstairs. During the period, he changed into other costumes and deceived Secretary Lin. Just when the manager wanted to continue to catch up, Huo Jian went back and interrupted Secretary Lin’s process.

Afterwards, Huo Jian asked Secretary Lin whether there was a problem with the hotel guest room system recently. Secretary Lin quickly explained that he would deal with it as soon as possible. In addition, Li Zeliang would pay attention to it. living. Huo Jian’s secretary didn’t understand why he told Li Zeliang to go back to work. Huo Jian told her that Li Zeliang was the prince after all, and putting it under his nose would make him more relieved.

Secretary Lin went back to the office and saw that Li Zeliang was there. When asked about the room reservation system, Secretary Lin also had a prevarication. This made Li Zeliang think Secretary Lin had a problem. Ji Yingsong drove Li Zeliang off work, thinking that Secretary Lin should be removed on the way, but Li Zeliang thought it was better to keep Secretary Lin first.

After Su Xinyi went home and took out the clues his father had left before, Su Xinyi insisted on investigating to find the poison contract that framed his father. Su freehand remembered what Huo Jian had at the press conference that year. As the newly appointed chairman of the board, he will take Ou Man to create brilliance.

Su Xiayi went to the bar and met Li Zeliang. I didn’t expect a girl to drink too much and hold Li Zeliang to find the bathroom. After Li Zeliang told the woman the location of the toilet, he was grabbed by a man and said that the girl just now was his daughter-in-law. The two were about to hit Su Xiayi. When Li Zeliang saw Su Xinyi, he remembered a girl he met back then, and the man wanted to do something on them, Su Xinyi took out the anti-wolf spray and sprayed it at the man’s eyes.

Li Zeliang took Su Xinyi and ran away. The two ran into the car, and Li Zeliang asked Su Xinyi if it was the girl he met back then, but Su Xinyi denied it. Because Su Freehand was soaked in alcohol and his clothes had to be changed and washed in the car, Li Zeliang promised to help Su Freehand dry clean. Su Yi was very happy to learn that Li Zeliang was the manager of Oman Hotel, and told Li Zeliang that this was her first job-seeking goal, and she was also studying hotel management.

Li Zeliang recalled that when he went to rock climbing alone, he was almost beaten by Su Xinyi who was collecting wind on the top of the mountain when he was about to climb to the top. The two hurriedly fixed their bodies with ropes before climbing up. Even if the two people knew each other after they went up, Su Xieyi mistakenly regarded Li Zeliang as a wild boar. Li Zeliang felt that there was a wild boar, so he wanted to stay with her and spend the night with her.

Just as Li Zeliang recalled, Su Freehand received a call from the man in the bar just now. It turned out that the scene just now was arranged by Su Freehand, and the purpose was to get close to Li Zeliang’s design.

Su Xinyi also recalled what happened in the past. He received a call from his father’s friend asking him to go home quickly. Her father had an accident. When Su Xinyi drove home, he saw his father fall from the upstairs while standing on the top of the building. Li Zeliang’s person is called Su Xinyi’s belief that his father was killed by Li Zeliang, and Su Xinyi really doesn’t know which one is the real Li Zeliang.

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