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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 24 Recap

Returning to the room in the evening, Feng Chunsheng apologized to Xiaoting, explaining that the two of them were supposed to return to Beijing after the completion of the project, but now he is probably ready to take root here for a long time, because Wan Liming has become father’s savior. , Things became uncontrollable. The reason why he spent so much energy on the Northwest project was to make his father-in-law look up to him, so that he could prove his worth. Xiaoting was angry that Chunsheng did not have herself in his ambitions. Chunsheng wanted to rush over after receiving a call from the construction site. Xiaoting was annoyed to return to Beijing.

Simply as a guest at Marlene’s house, recalling that she talked to her about Lin Wanrou, she hated him deeply, and felt that Wanrou was like a bald eagle, ready to eat her prey at any time. After Marlene arrived, she remembered that she insisted on giving a simple gift to express her gratitude. She also personally planed shrimp to feed Marlene, it was as simple as sitting on pins and needles.

After leaving briefly, Yiru gently leaned on Malevin and asked for a child. Malevin reminded them that they had been divorced, but recalled that he disapproved. He felt that the divorce was just impulse at the time. With the ability, I didn’t expect Yiru to give up and comfort him.

On the way home, Zhuo Xiaoting found out that she was pregnant. Zhuo Nanzhi was very happy to know about it. During dinner, he asked Chunsheng to express his opinion. Chunsheng decided to accompany Xiaoting back for a few days. Zhuo Nanzhi told him that there are many talents in the company, but there is only one lover of Xiaoting, and he wants Chunsheng to return. Beijing takes care of Xiaoting. Chunsheng had no choice but to agree, and Zhuo Nanzhi immediately called Wan Liming and asked him to take over Feng Chunsheng’s project. After her father left, Xiaoting didn’t want to force Chunsheng, but Feng Chunsheng said he was willing.

The principal of the kindergarten informed Qing Qian that some parents complained about her disgraceful things and could only use her until the end of the month. Qing Qian declared that she had never done what they called disgraceful things. She would not pay for this month’s salary. Leave. In the evening, Xing Ran heard that Qing Qian had to seek justice for Qing Qian, but Qing Qian refused. She asked about Xing Ran’s work. Xing Ran lied that the gallery owner had something to go back to her hometown.

Recalling that the company pulled Malevin from the conference table and insisted on taking him to the hospital to check his fertility. The two encountered the simplicity of coming to the hospital to get a bottle in the corridor. Recalling told her that they wanted a baby and had a baby. Examination, simply uncomfortable in my heart.

Feng Chunsheng made rice and soup for Xiaoting at home and took care of her in every possible way. Xiaoting was very moved. In the morning, Chunsheng saw Wan Liming’s speech at the opening ceremony of Zhuoyuan Plaza on her mobile phone. It was not good in her heart. Xiaoting knew that Wan Liming had taken credit for the project. She deliberately mentioned that the company’s Tongzhou project was about to be launched. Chunsheng was faint. It doesn’t matter who goes there. The most important thing for him now is to accompany Xiaoting to keep up. Xiaoting asked her to invite her father home for a meal.

Xing Ran went to work at the courier company, Qing Qian received a call from her girlfriend, asking her to help herself to the yoga studio with five hundred classes per lesson, Qing Qian agreed.

At the dinner table, Xiaoting reminded her father not to treat Chunsheng badly. The Northwest project was originally his credit, but because he came back early and was robbed of credit by others, it was better to hand the Tongzhou project to Chunsheng. Zhuo Nanzhi told her daughter that Chunsheng was really responsible for this.

There will be no days and nights and no time to accompany her on the project. Xiaoting said that as long as the two do not live apart, they don’t mind if he is busy with work. Zhuo Nanzhi wanted to wait for Xiao Wan to come back to the personnel department to make arrangements. Xiaoting was angry that Wan Liming was just an assistant of Chunsheng, and his work ability was incomparable to Chunsheng. Zhuo Nanzhi emphasized that the family is the first for Chunsheng at present. Xiaoting’s mother has been gone for more than 20 years and he has not been looking for Xiaoting. He and Zhuoyuan Group are all around Xiaoting. Xiao Everyone will be well after Ting is good. Chunsheng should take good care of Xiaoting during this period of time, so he won’t run away in the future.

Chunsheng’s parents heard that Xiaoting was pregnant, and they came to Beijing happily. Tonight, the family ate together. Zhuo Nanzhi specially gave gifts to her in-laws. He also said that the child was born to set up a trust fund, but his family has been single transmission, so Xiaoting A daughter, so I want the child to be named Zhuo.

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