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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 14 Recap

Zhu Lele saw that the campus was filled with notices of missing objects, and believed that Shao Beisheng fell in love with Shen Zhengyi, otherwise he would not have spent so much time in finding an album for Shen Zhengyi. Xiao Qing deliberately put Shen Zhengyi’s picture album in the training room, falsely claiming that he left the wristband there and let Xiao Han pick it up. Xiao Han came to the training room and saw Shen Zhengyi’s comic book from beginning to end. Again. Xiao Qing saw the notice in the advertisement column, recognized that it was Shao Beisheng’s phone number, and ripped off all the notice.

Soon after the advertisement was posted, a female classmate sent a similar notebook to Shao Beisheng, which also contained a love letter to Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng forwarded all the notebooks to Shen Zhengyi so that she could paint as much as she wanted. Shen Zheng couldn’t laugh or cry, and gave him again and again.

Express thankfulness. Shao Beisheng found that the notice was torn. He gritted his teeth and chased after him. He found that Xiao Qing was tearing the notice. Shao Beisheng hurried forward to stop him. Xiao Qing persuaded him to give up on Shen Zhengyi as soon as possible and concentrate on training. , Shao Beisheng was speechless with anger because the stories in Shen Zhengyi’s album were all about Xiao Han.

Xiao Han returned the manga to Shen Zhengyi, thanking Shen Zheng for his good work. Shao Beisheng became more angry the more he thought about it, and couldn’t help but vomit bitterness to Quzhi, Quzhi encouraged him to show his heart to Shen Zhengyi and give him the skates. Wang Jun watched Zhu Lele’s performance and took a very beautiful photo for her. Zhu Lele happily closed his mouth from ear to ear.

Today is Shen Zhengyi’s father’s birthday. Her mother called Shen Zhengyi to go home for dinner. Shen Zhengyi prepared a gift for her father. She took the time to go back for dinner. Her mother suggested that the whole family take the weekend to travel. Shen Zhengyi lied. To refuse to work part-time, the mother resolutely refused to do it, and the father promised to accompany his mother to live the two-person world before the mother was willing to give in.

A total of four teams participated in this interscholastic competition. The biggest competitor of the Zhanfeng team is the Flying Team, especially Yu Bingling, the favorite to win the championship. The day after tomorrow is the official game. Zhuang Yue and Xiao Han mobilized the five participating players before the game. Shen Zhengyi, Zhu Lele and others were full of confidence. Xiao Han took Shen Zhengyi for the last training session, and Shen Zhengyi racked his brains. Should be the way to Bingling.

Xiao Han wants to lead the team to participate in the competition. Before leaving, he called Luo Xiaoyi out to encourage her to train well and be sure to win the classic championship. Shao Beisheng wanted to go to the game to observe and study. Xiao Qing sent him to the bus. Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele packed up and were ready to set off. Their mother suddenly came to the dormitory to look for Shen Zhengyi, and saw that she was wearing the team uniform of the Zhuangfeng team and wanted to take her forcibly. When he got home, Zhu Lele was so scared that he ran away.

Zhu Lele got on the car and explained the whole story to Shao Beisheng. Without saying anything, Shao Beisheng went to help Shen Zheng. Shen Zhengyi begged her mother to allow her to go to the game, so as not to affect other players, and her mother refused. Shao Beisheng arrived in time and made it clear that Shen Zhengyi was selected through the competition. If she did not participate, she would be irresponsible to the losing classmates and coaches. Going home again and again, Shen Zhengyi burst into tears in sorrow.

Shao Beisheng hurried to the gate of the gymnasium with Shen Zhengyi on his bike. Zhuang Yue severely taught Shen Zheng one by one. Shen Zhengyi didn’t want to explain too much, and apologized to her again and again. Shen Zheng sent a message as soon as he got on the train. The mother admitted her mistake. Shao Beisheng came to the meeting place and asked Li Mi, the single champion of the flying team, to declare war against him. It turned out that Li Mi and Shao Beisheng practiced speed skating together since they were young. Shao Beisheng wanted to practice double skating. Li Mi was reluctant to separate from him and cried out sadly.

The game was about to start, Zhuang Yue cheered the players, she told Liu Sisi to deal with Yu Bingling with all her strength, she only had one request for Shen Zhengyi to finish the game, and Xiao Han cheered for Shen Zheng. Yu Bingling found that Luo Xiaoyi hadn’t come to the competition, believing that she had escaped, and ridiculed Liu Sisi and others. Shen Zheng was unconvinced and argued with Yu Bingling.

The first round was the 500-meter preliminaries. Shen Zhengyi and Yu Bingling were all divided into this group. The two were gearing up. Shao Beisheng and Li Mi came to watch the match, and Luo Xiaoyi also quietly came to the audience.

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