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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 24 End Recap

At first, Zou Yue thought it was just a backup data for game planning, but out of curiosity, he kept a backup. He Feng asked her, did she make the anti-version game? Zou Yue said no, she didn’t have that kind of skills, and she knew the truth when they terminated the contract with Wang Xiaoan. Sister Qiao said that she didn’t tell the truth at this time, so she wanted them to send her to the police station? At this time, as soon as Feng Yi received a call, he went out to call.

Zou Yue said that it was a netizen who met through playing games. Later, because of their good cooperation, they added WeChat to each other. It was he who was controlling her computer remotely and torturing the files. She also found out afterwards.

Wang Xiaoan said, if Zou Yue didn’t know, why did she go when the copyright was acquired? Zou Yue said that for

Framed her, so when publishing the copyright, she deliberately left her information, and then the platform contacted her, only to find out that she wanted to showdown to that person, but that person threatened her instead. Sister Qiao asked if she had thought of calling the police, but Yue had no evidence, and he did not leave any textual references. She didn’t want to enter that game project, he forced Zou Yue to act.

He Feng asked her who this netizen was. Feng Yiyi threatened her with his eyes outside. Zou Yue didn’t dare to say it. Sister Qiao asked her to say it, otherwise it would be worse than it is now. Then Zou Yue pointed to Feng Yiyi.

Feng Yiyi said that he was just giving her a chance to make money. Then He Feng said it wasn’t Feng Yiyi, who was it? Zou Yue said that the day she took over, she asked He Feng. But that person knew about their project, and received the message that he left the project. At that time, I knew that he had seen Zou Yue and Xiao Ke, tofu, and balls. He Feng told Zou Yue that he had already recorded what he said just now.

They began to investigate. When they went to the company the next day, the employees didn’t know what the boss was going to do.

Zou Yue sent another message to that person, but did not reply. Wang Xiaoan is worried that they will not be exposed, He Feng said, it is also possible that the person wants to separate Zou Yue from the relationship, in fact, the unknown number has planned to let Zou Yue come back, and it is normal not to contact. Wang Xiaoan said, it was not that they guessed wrong, what if it was not trivial? They just focused on the company based on Sun Lie’s words. What if Sun Lie deliberately interfered with the line of sight by saying that? He Feng made him calm down, and now the one who should be most anxious is the other party, let him not worry.

Feng Yi went to find Zhao Ke.

Unexpectedly, the last leaker was really trivial. Because he just accidentally saw Zhou Yue’s game account, he just wanted to add a friend to play, but he didn’t expect that he would get the USB flash drive issued by Wang Xiaoan after the game. The release of imitation games means that the company not only encounters a crisis, but also eliminates Sun Lie’s waste. Feng Yi said that Sun Lie didn’t even dream of thinking that the person who framed him turned out to be Xiao Ke.

Wang Xiaoan said that he had done so many wrong things, and he was able to feel at ease. Isn’t he afraid of the Dongchuang incident? Xiao Ke said that from the beginning of his plan, he was ready to face all the results. But he thought it was weird, how did they lock him? Feng Yiyi showed him the photos. He Feng said that because he deliberately concealed it, it became suspicious.

Xiaoan asked if he and Gao He had any grudges? So revenge against the company. Xiao Ke said, since Gao He is no longer there, why do they partner here to enjoy his creative achievements, especially Feng Yiyi, if it weren’t for her, Gao He would not die.

Wang Xiaoanhe finally successfully obtained the certificate.

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