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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 23 Recap

Wang Xiaoan do He Feng, secretary, success is to find the leaker

Wang Xiaoan was about to fall asleep on the table. When He Feng finished his work, Wang Xiaoan asked him whether he was busy with work recently. He Feng said that Xiao Ke has often made mistakes recently, and other people are not worried. Wang Xiaoan wanted to help him. He Feng had also said that she would be an assistant before. He Feng said no. At that time, it was just because she didn’t have a job of her own. Now that she found what she wanted to do, she continued to do his job, and he was able to cope with his work.

Wang Xiaoan said that he had previously suspected that someone in the company would be involved in minor actions. She said that during this period of time, it’s okay to stay in the room every day and write scripts, and change her mood.

Xiao An asked who he thought was suspicious in the company. He Feng is a little suspicious of Xiao Ke, because he has been disconnected recently. Although it is not a big deal, the aftermath is particularly troublesome. Wang Xiaoan said, if it’s really trivial, he should teach him a lesson. He looks harmless to humans and animals and actually does such a thing, but why does he do it? He Feng told her not to worry, he was also suspicious.

After arriving at the company, He Feng told everyone that starting from today, Wang Xiaoan will serve as his secretary and work with Xiao Ke. Everyone welcomes her. Xiao Ke called Xiao An aside and asked his boss if he wanted to fire him recently. Xiao An told him not to think too much, their two positions were different. But Xiao Ke felt that the boss must have been angry with him recently, and he didn’t want to, because his girlfriend was too clingy.

Xiao Ke said that he and his girlfriend are in a long-distance relationship, but his girlfriend is very sensitive recently and always has to come to him. In addition to the leisure time during winter vacation, he has no choice. As long as he doesn’t return his girlfriend’s information, the girlfriend will guess everything. Thinking, made him always distracted.

As soon as Feng Yi saw Wang Xiaoan, did he say that she didn’t have to go to work? Running to other people’s companies every day, Wang Xiaoan said that he was He Feng’s secretary, but Feng Yiyi ridiculed her that she could only serve tea, pour water, and do miscellaneous tasks.

When Xiao An arrived at the work station, everyone treated her very well and gave her snacks.

Xiao An told He Feng that the plan was hers, and that she and Zou Yue completed the idea together. However, Zou Yue took the credit alone. The colleague said she had changed Xiaoan before and still didn’t believe it. She was not like this before. The two of them joined the company back and forth. At that time, the company had only one regular quota. Without them, the two were competitors, Zou Yue also took the initiative to help Wang Xiaoan. He Feng asked her to take the initiative to ask Zou Yue.

Zou Yue said that this is her revised plan. But this is clearly Wang Xiaoan’s idea, and Zou Yue’s doing so is plagiarism. She told Wang Xiaoan not to speak nonsense. She has already been expelled and can no longer be exposed to this project. Either she will show evidence, otherwise, don’t just talk about it. Wang Xiaoan wanted to beat her angrily, but still held back. When Zou Yue walked out, Lin Jinjin splashed water directly on her head.

Sister Qiao asked Zhou Yue and Wang Xiaoan to perform well. Don’t lose the face of the company for a while, so Xiaoan will introduce them first. Zou Yue said she wanted to talk first. She said that this is the best project planning she has done so far, and she can’t wait, maybe let Teacher Wu see her first and be more confident for them.

Zou Yue made a plan. Then it was Wang Xiaoan’s turn to speak. Wang Xiaoan said that his plan was the same as Zou Yue’s. She also said that if they are the same, there is only one possibility, that is, someone has plagiarized. Wang Xiaoan said that the USB flash drive can be copied to the plagiarism path. Then Sister Qiao told Mr. Wu that she would deal with internal issues first, and then bring the screenwriter to his company in person to explain the modification plan.

Sister Qiao asked her whether to resign or wait for the company to be fired. They also found out that the leaker was Zou Yue.

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