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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 38 Recap

At the beginning of the southwestern year, there was a severe drought and crops were not harvested. The victims fled eastward, starving everywhere along the way. The new governor of Xiping Port, Liu Changping, asked for help. Originally, the state capitals opened warehouses to release grain, thinking that if they survived this green and yellow, and ushered in the autumn rice, the disaster was naturally solvable. Unexpectedly, the harvest of Erdao was not good, and the seedlings were overwhelmingly inaccurate. By the end of winter, the people were displaced. Seeing the serious disaster in the southwest, they all took advantage of the situation.

It is precisely because the southwest has been reclaiming the sea for years to build dikes, the people in the shop believe that this has angered the Dragon Tail God, so a severe drought fell. All the ministers offered good strategies, believing that Fanghai City was already the emissary of the Dragon Tail God and should represent the court to Xiping Port for disaster relief and sacrifice to soothe people’s hearts. As soon as this remark came out, Fang Jianming was immediately opposed, and the two parties were arguing, and eventually Di Xu interrupted, claiming that he would handle it cautiously.

After the early dynasty, Master Treasurer Wu asked for a meeting and said that there was nowhere to stack gold in the treasury and requested that the warehouse be expanded. Di Xu immediately decreed that in the next ten years, the taxation will only be 30%, and the rest will be replaced by corvee. In addition, half of the treasury will be used to build dams and silos in various places.

At the same time, Fang Hai city received a letter from Xiaoliu, because she had no intention of eating, she sent Yuran to find some cypress or utensils made of cypress for herself. Just as Fang Jianming asked Emperor Xu for his order to go to Xiping Port, he suddenly found that Yuran rushed to report that Concubine Chunrong had an accident.

Regardless of the difference between the emperor and the minister, Fang Jianming ran directly to Fengwu Palace, only to see Fanghai City hurting himself under the cypress tree, his hands full of blood. Regarding the situation today, Fang Jianming knew Haishi’s intentions and persuaded her not to spend more energy, because Baixi was an ancient secret technique, and once the contract was concluded, it would be extremely difficult to terminate it. Moreover, Fanghai City only knows the appearance, but does not know the inside story. The most important step of Baixi is blood-related, which can be solved by talented people with Fang’s blood.

Fang Jianming’s body was already weak, but now such a tossing has caused him to wear out a lot. Not long after returning to Zhaoming Palace, he vomited blood and became unconscious again, and the condition was far more serious than before. Li Yuyi asserted that his life was at stake. When Di Xu heard that Fang Jianming was critically ill, he hurried over in a hurry and sent people to the mansion to fetch Ying Longjiao to continue his life.

Although he didn’t drink all of the medicine in a bowl, Fang Jianming’s pulse gradually stabilized, and it didn’t matter for a short time. Since the poison of the unborn flower has not been eliminated, he should find a rarer elixir than Yinglongjiao to protect his life. Li Yuyi closed the key for Fang Jianming, and it is preliminarily speculated that he will be awakened within three days.

After seeing Master the last time, Fanghai City asked Yuran to go to the library to find some books about Liu Zong Fang’s family. He consulted the ancient records behind closed doors all day to study the method of deciphering Baixi. At this time, a court lady cried and begged to see Fanghai City. She claimed to live in Xiping Port. She was worried about the safety of her parents and brothers.

In just one day, there were so many memorials asking Fanghai City to go to Xiping Port for disaster relief, and Emperor Xu was furious. Fanghai City thought carefully and knew that the victims were everywhere. If they were not calmed down, they might rise up. Once the civil disturbances were caused, they asked themselves to go to Xiping Port to coordinate the relief of the various state capitals.

At first, Dixu was unwilling to let the sea market take risks, but at her insistence, Mu Deqing was the only one who ordered Mu Deqing to get the seal of the sky survey. After completing the assignment, Di Xu hesitated to ask if Fanghai City had been to Zhaoming Palace in recent days. Fanghai City truthfully stated that he had not noticed the abnormality, but found the whistle before setting off and asked him to send more manpower to assist.

The whistle readily agreed. In order to conceal the fact that Fang Jianming was in a coma, he lied that he was not in Zhaoming Palace right now. Fang Haishi pretended to be indifferent and said that he did not need to tell him about his visit to Zhaoming Palace.

On the other side, Ji Chang found that Fang Jianming hadn’t appeared in the early days of the past few days, and he was supposed to hide himself to recuperate. In that case, Fang Hai City was alone and helpless, indicating that the scene was exceptionally exciting.

After five consecutive days, Fang Jianming did not show any improvement, and he was still in a coma. When Emperor Xu angrily reprimanded Li Yuyi for uselessness, the palace clerk suddenly came to report, because Tilan had discovered something in the Ming Dian, it turned out that someone had been poisoned in the past, and if he was favored by the Dragon Tail God, he could be cured.

Leizhou has spread word of mouth for thousands of years, it is said that the hair, blood and even scales of the Dragon Tail God can be used as medicine to save people. Di Xu remembered that Fanghai City’s dowry shark pearls belonged to Dragon Tail God’s tears, which should have the same effect, so he immediately summoned the doctor Li to smash them into medicine, and he personally helped them. Sure enough, Fang Jianming vomited blood in less than a moment, indicating that Shark Pearl had gradually forced out the toxins from his body.

Early the next morning, Fanghai City, accompanied by Yuran, led a team out of the city and quickly arrived at the southwest border. Many victims were seen along the road, and they were miserable. Yuran told Fanghai City about his doubts. From the current point of view, most of these victims are in the surrounding prefectures and counties, but there are not many reductions in Xiping Port City. Instead, there are people gathering. They think the matter is very strange.

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