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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 37 Recap

Pretending to be a man to participate in the martial arts test was originally the crime of deceiving the emperor, and the master of this person is Ji Chang’s thorn in the eye. This is too bizarre to go to the immortal, and naturally it has become a lot of people. Di Xu was accustomed to seeing this group of officials relying on the old and selling the old, and knew the truth that blocking is worse than sparse, so he asked Mu Deqing to invite Fanghai City to show it on the court.

I saw the Fanghai City Ming Palace holding a bowl of clear water, and the palm of his hand met the water-born light, which was the word “lang 缳”, and the shark pearl was like life-giving, letting her manipulate it at will, and everyone present was amazed. The prosecutors knew their reason was poor, and they were like drowning grasshoppers, biting on the “unnecessary” branches of the tree with great unwillingness, in an vain attempt to defeat Fang Jianming.

At the end of the day, Fanghai City counted the numerous merits of Jifeng Pavilion and frontier officers in court, and attributed everything to the master’s command. Not only the speakers were dumb, but even other ministers who were analogous to the mayfly also turned their backs and spoke to defend themselves. Fang Jianming.

With the end of the early dynasty, the voice about the dismissal of Qinghai also disappeared, and Di Xu ordered no further discussion from now on. When Fang Jianming recalled what happened just now, he still had lingering fears, lest the sea market would involve too much.

However, Di Xu reminded Fang Jianming not to underestimate Fang Haishi’s affection for him. But because of this, Fang Jianming was even more reluctant to inflict trouble on the sea market. Even if Di Xu viewed himself from the perspective of a bystander, he was still trapped in the mist and reluctant to walk out, and he never considered letting Tilan go.

Ji Chang didn’t expect Fang Jianming to act decisively, and would actually give his confidant archer to Di Xu, preemptively killing him and then resurrecting. In order to find out why the news came to the palace, the housekeeper was ordered to thoroughly investigate the residence. Except for the domestic servants, there are 20 of the remaining 70 or 80 people who can enter and leave the inner courtyard at will.

Considering that it was too troublesome to cross-examine one by one, I simply asked the housekeeper to inform the kitchen, deliberately forging the false impression of miscooking toadstool. That night, more than 20 people in the palace died of poisoning and went crazy. The bodies were transported from the back door of the palace and sent to the office of Gyeonggi Prefecture.

Fanghai City heard that the previous Patriarch had lived a few years longer than Emperor Xiu, so he begged Emperor Xu to release Bai Xi, believing that he would treat Fang Jianming as his best friend and would be willing to return his freedom. But the problem is that Baixi can solve it, it depends on Baixi’s own wishes. There was still a chance at the beginning, but Fang Jianming firmly opposed it, but now it is too late.

After understanding the general reason, Fanghai City hurried to Zhaoming Palace to let Fang Jianming tell him about the matter and whether he had any thoughts of resuming his freedom to start a family.

However, Fang Jianming’s always forbearing temperament is hard to change. Even if he has this idea, at every important moment, he still has a dilemma. He will eventually give up his life for the sake of his family, country and the world. This is also Fang Haishi who feels angry and for him. The wrong place.

To this day, Fang Hai City still remembers the first time he met Master, when he let himself choose to be a boy or a girl, so now he does not understand why Fang Jianming no longer let him make the second choice. Because of Master’s great feelings, the happiness of others has since been ruined. For a moment, Fang Hai City suddenly felt unfamiliar and gradually lost trust. Before she left in grief and indignation, she left a sentence that the two of them will have nothing to do with each other in the future.

Now that Fanghai City is about to move into the Fengwu Palace canonization, it means that she will completely become Concubine Chunrong and will walk into a more restrictive place than Jifeng Pavilion. Di Xu reminded Fang Jianming again and again that if he regrets now, he still has time.

However, Fang Jianming’s heart was ashamed. He knew that he had no future, and he was not qualified to regret it. On the day of the wedding, Fang Jianming pretended to be calm and personally gave Haishi to marry. He watched her be canonized, but on the way back to Zhaoming Palace, he suddenly vomited blood and fell into a coma.

Emperor Xuxuan’s imperial physician inspected Fang Jianming’s injuries and found out that his poisonous attack was due to sorrow and thought. If he can’t calm down in the future, the poisonous attack will only become more frequent in the future. Because he witnessed Fang Jianming’s feelings for Haishi, Di Xu was also reflecting on himself, and before sending someone to investigate and investigate, it was confirmed that the son of Solan was not under control and the mother and concubine of Tilan were also living well.

In order to ensure their safety, Dixuga sent secret guards to stay in Zhuren, and at the same time let people secretly search for an antidote. Tilan was moved and blamed herself, and under Di Xu’s comfort, she gradually let go. Until the early morning of the second day, Mu Deqing came to report that Fanghai City was waiting outside and was about to greet Di Xu.

Seeing that Emperor Xu asked Mu Deqing to exempt the province from Twilight and Twilight in Fanghai City, Tilan persuaded him not to neglect Concubine Chunrong for this. Di Xu learned that Tilan and Fanghai had a very good relationship and regarded each other as confidants, so he took the initiative to reveal that the true purpose of the concubine was to keep Fang Jianming’s master and apprentice. Therefore, they were only monarchs and ministers, not husband and wife, and they would return their freedom in the future.

After obtaining Dixu’s permission, Fang Hai City took the initiative to chat with Tilan to relieve her boredom, but unexpectedly learned that she had already discovered her daughter’s identity. Tilan saw that Fanghai City was worried, so she asked her to talk to Yu’an Palace at any time.

On the other hand, the whistle reported to Fang Jianming about the poisoning of the slaves of the Wang’s Mansion. It is speculated that Ji Chang was cleaning up the mansion. Since Fanghai City received the canonization, he was worried and unhappy all day, and his appetite was greatly reduced. Fang Jianming heard of Yuran’s intention, so he asked the whistle to write a copy of Haicheng’s eating habits, including daily preferences, to Fengwu Palace.

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