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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 23 Recap

Although Zhuo Xiaoting was very reluctant, she finally agreed to Chunsheng to work in the Northwest. Chunsheng thanked Xiaoting for her understanding and promised to double the compensation in the future. Xiaoting smiled and said that what she wanted was Chunsheng’s attitude, and she only cared about her position in Chunsheng’s heart.

Qingqian told Xingran that this time, thanks to Marlene’s own pockets, she had contacted the kindergarten that Xingran said before, and she would go for an interview tomorrow. Xingran was happy that Qingqian was back!

A year later, watching Mu Jia dance freely on the ski resort, Malevin thanked Simple for his dedication to his daughter. After I went home, I received a phone call from my mother, complaining that she hadn’t called her hometown for so long. After they left, her daughter didn’t have to move out of Mariev’s big house. She simply explained that the house is too big and it is not accustomed to live alone.

At the Zhuoyuan Group’s weekly meeting, Feng Chunsheng suggested that he should approach Qingsong Capital. After Zhuo Nanzhi listened to the opinions of other personnel, he finally arranged the intention to cooperate with the Ministry of Commerce.

Lin Wanrou congratulated the opening of Marlene’s new bookstore and went to dozens of media outlets. She said she didn’t go to the scene because she wanted to keep her distance from Marlene. Marlene said frankly that Wanrou is his indispensable partner. Wanrou said indifferently that he had increased his annual salary, and it was good for the two to get what they needed.

Xiaoting called Feng Chunsheng to talk about the pain of missing her. She advised Chunsheng not to put too much pressure on herself. He was the father of the company day and night but didn’t appreciate him. Others would only think him stupid. Feng Chunsheng promised to ask after the project is completed. Accompany her on a one-month vacation. The infatuated Xiaoting said that she is not all in Chunsheng’s world, but Chunsheng is all in her own world.

Xingran had passed the internship period, but still took the salary for the internship. When he raised doubts, he was fired by the company. Reluctantly, Xing Ran called her sister and asked her to help herself put up the money owed to Mr. Ma, and simply let Xing Ran remind Qing Qian to live within her means.

Principal Wang called Mariev and Mu Jia over and happily informed them that he had recovered and was coming back! Marlene told his father-in-law that they had divorced before Mu Jia entered junior high school. At that time, he felt that Mu Jiaxiao had not made it public. Later, he remembered that he was ill and kept the secret until now. Principal Wang’s heart sank after hearing this. Wen waited until Mu Jia graduated from University or passed away before making an announcement.

At dinner, Xiaoting complained to her father that Chunsheng is under too much work pressure. They have been separated for more than a year. When is the head? Zhuo Nanzhi believes that Feng Chunsheng is eager for quick success and instant benefits. He is not a person who lives on life. It is not that he did not let him come back, but he seized the opportunity to bite.

With tears in Xiao Ting’s eyes, she begged her father to wait for the end of the project and Tiao Chunsheng to come back and give it to him. For a good position, Zhuo Nanzhi couldn’t stand her daughter’s pleading, and promised to go to the northwest for the end of the project next week. If possible, she would be transferred back to Chunsheng. Xiaoting broke into a smile and asked to go with her father.

Xing Ran returned home and saw that Qing Qian had bought a lot of clothes and shoes. He peeked at the price tag, distressed, but pretended to be relaxed in front of Qing Qian.

Malevin took over and simply got off work, told her that Yiru was coming back from recovery, and simply expressed her understanding, and she was willing to wait.

Wan Liming went to the airport to meet Zhuo Nanzhi and Xiaoting. He introduced Mr. Feng on the road and did not take the time. At the reception banquet, Zhuo Nanzhi said that the project closing time was shortened by one month than expected. The Beijing headquarters was very satisfied, but in the end The results should be tested by project compliance.

In the evening, Xiaoting couldn’t wait to tell him that her father was going to be transferred to Beijing for a promotion. Chunsheng was very happy. He received a call and learned that her father-in-law was going to the construction site for acceptance the next morning, and rushed to the supervisor overnight.

The next day, Zhuo Nanzhi was almost hit by a frame while inspecting the construction site. Fortunately, Wan Liming’s eyesight quickly blocked him.

Qing Qian met his former friend, Mr. Jin, at work in kindergarten. He came to pick up the child. After recognizing Qing Qian, he pointed out that she was a drunk girl before. Xing Ran arrived in time to pick up Qing Qian, who had no self-confidence. On the way, Qing Qian kept crying, fearing that Mr. Jin would tell the principal of her past to expel herself, and Xing Ran comforted her that everything could start all over again.

Yiru changed the ticket and went home early. She insisted on going to Malevin’s room at night and planned to give a simple gift the next day. Malevin couldn’t refuse and couldn’t sleep all night.

Zhuo Nanzhi heard that Wan Liming had a fracture, and pointed out that the safety protection of the project was not well done, and the project is nearing completion, so you must not be careless. Feng Chunsheng just reported that Liming’s medical expenses were personally borne by him, and he would not take the company’s account. Everyone saw that Wan Liming came to the construction site with a cane. He limped towards Zhuo Nanzhi and expressed his determination to continue. Zhuo Nanzhi suggested that the group propagate Xiaowan’s deeds within the group and learn from his selfless working spirit. .

In the car, Zhuo Nanzhi praised Feng Chunsheng for his good work. He can go back with Xiaoting tomorrow. Chunsheng has an unsightly face, and he will leave after the application is over. It doesn’t matter if Zhuo Nan claims that Xiao Wan is watching. Feng Chunsheng emphasized that the project has always been his own leader.

Xiao Wan cooperates. Now that he is afraid of affecting the end of the project, Zhuo Nanzhi is a little angry, and asks him if he doesn’t want to go back and don’t think about it for Xiaoting. , Xiaoting blushed, but still defended Chunsheng and said that her opinion was also waiting for the project to come back after the project ended. Zhuo Nanzhi interrupted her daughter irritably and said that she would not care about it in the future.

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