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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 22 Recap

After the simple remembrance came back, he saw Li Zhenbao holding a bunch of red roses waiting at her door. He took out the diamond ring to propose to Jian, and simply frankly said that she knew rationally that she should agree to Li Zhenbao, but emotionally she could not lie to herself , This is not fair to him! Li Zhenbao believes that all the vigorous love will eventually become family affection, but a simple marriage without passion at the beginning is too sad. She rejected Li Zhenbao.

Li Zhenbao said bluntly that he has Marlene in his heart, but he has wives and children. They are impossible. Although he has seen them, he doesn’t care about the things before them. He just wants to know that they are the most suitable. Simple and angry. Li Zhenbao stalks himself and offends Having found her bottom line, she opened the door and issued a eviction order.

Qingqian’s mother was leaving, saying that the money problem had been solved. Before leaving, she told her daughter the truth: Xingran asked his classmates to borrow the money, and she had transferred it to the creditor through online banking. Qingqian was so angry that Xingran was so easy. She found a decent job and was dragged down by herself. She wrote an IOU to Xingran and asked where the money came from. Xingran lied that he had borrowed it from a rich buddy. He didn’t want to go the old way and go out to drink every day. Borrow money, Qing Qian threw down the IOU and left, not let Xingran manage his own affairs, Xingran tore the IOU to pieces.

Feng Chunsheng handed over the implementation plan of the Northwest project to Zhuo Nanzhi for approval. Zhuo Nanzhi accused him of asking to go to the northwest in person, and secretly let Xiaoting make a fuss with herself. Now his daughter doesn’t even want to recognize his father. Feng Chunsheng was surprised that Ming Xiaoting agreed to go. Zhuo Nanzhi realized that he did not know this. Considering that the Northwest was short of manpower and it was too late to recruit people, he agreed to let Feng Chunsheng go, hoping that he would calm Xiaoting’s emotions. Seize the opportunity.

Wan Liming reported to Feng Chunsheng that he had inquired about it. The board of directors was very satisfied with their plan and was going to let it pass next week. It would not be the same for them to do some work this time and come back.

Feng Chunsheng returned home and saw Xiaoting unhappily packing up his clothes. He hoped that the two would be honest with each other. He pointed out that Xiaoting shouldn’t make a fuss with her father behind her back. Xiaoting understood that Chunsheng left because she was in Beijing. Without a position where he can display his talents, she was angry that her father had chosen company interests between the company’s interests and her own. Chunsheng said affectionately that he would choose Xiaoting, he would stay with her instead of going to the northwest.

Xing Ran misappropriated the public funds of the printing factory for paying off the debts of Qingqian’s mother. Lin Wanrou warned him that he did not have the qualifications of a designer. It was Mr. Ma that let him join the company because of his sister’s face. He must find a way to get the money as soon as possible. return.

Xingran invited Qingqian to eat at a high-end restaurant. He paid Qingqian a year’s rent in advance and said that he was going to the United States for a business trip for more than a year. Qingqian didn’t believe it at all and asked what happened to Xingran.

Jian Jian was about to go to Marlene’s house for his wedding anniversary, but Qiao Qingqian called him over. Qing Qian cried and told the simple story and begged her to beg Mr. Ma. She had already consulted a lawyer. If the company sued, even if Xingran filled the hole, she would still sit still.

On the wedding anniversary, Yiru asked Mu Jia to sit there and reserve a place for her sister. When everyone clinked glasses, she complained that Marlene hadn’t picked up Yiyun. Everyone was stunned. Mu Jia was terrified, so she hurriedly said Yiyun. I couldn’t test it at school, so I just stop thinking about it.

In the evening, Malevin wanted to take Yiru back to the nursing home. Principal Wang strongly objected, accusing Malevin of not caring enough about Yiru to force her into this way. Marlene mentioned that a medical institution in Japan had a successful case of treating mental illness. He wanted to take Yiru over. President Wang disagreed. He believed that what Yiru lacks now is care. Simply heard the two quarrel and walked in, telling President Wang that Yiru had fallen asleep, and President Wang asked to accompany Yiru briefly at night.

After Principal Wang left, Marlene smiled bitterly that his life was wonderful. He saw that he had something simple in his heart during the day, and he had already called the company to solve the problem of Xing Ran, but he could not continue to work in the company, so he was simply silent. Marlene also talked about Jane breaking up with Li Zhenbao. He was both happy and regretful for her. He asked Jane if he had asked himself to help him, and simply replied that he was helping Yiru.

At night, she simply tossed and couldn’t sleep. After she came out in the middle of the night, she saw the smoke full of the room. She rushed to pour Marlene with water to wake up. The two went to call Mu Jia together. They went to the living room and saw: Yiru is in the dark. Holding the lighter, he muttered to himself idiotically: It’s all burned!

Simply took Malevin to the hospital for an examination. Malevin decided that no matter how Principal Wang objected, he must send Yiru to Japan for treatment. He told Simple: Before she woke him up with water, he dreamed of standing at a crossroads. , I don’t know where to go.

Feng Chunsheng received a call from Wan Liming when he accompanied Zhuo Xiaoting to buy clothes. He persuaded Wan Liming that he would definitely be able to go even if he did not go to the northwest, and wait for the chairman’s decision. At night, Zhuo Xiaoting saw Feng Chunsheng standing on the balcony unhappy, knowing he was unwilling.

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