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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 12 Recap

Shao Beisheng wanted to sell the 7,200 yuan limited edition skates to Shen Zhengyi for 1,000 yuan. Qu Zhi worried that as soon as Shen Zheng saw the flaw, he bargained with Zhu Lele on the Internet. Shen Zhengyi couldn’t bear to make the seller sad and asked Zhu Lele to offer a higher price. Finally it was sold.

Xiao Han gave Shen Zheng a new pair of skates. Shen Zheng couldn’t put it down. Zhu Lele advised Shen Zheng not to give up the online pair, but Shen Zhengyi liked the pair of shoes Xiao Han gave her more. She couldn’t wait to show off to Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng was furious and jokes that these shoes are ugly.

Zhu Lele wanted to talk about Shao Beisheng’s use of a second-hand website to send Shen Zhengyi skates. Qu Zhi persuaded her not to mix up the matter and concentrate on rehearsing the play “Seagull”, so Zhu Lele had to give up. Today is the day of the drama performance. Zhu Lele was so nervous that she couldn’t speak. Qu Zhi sent her a bottle of drink to be shocked, but she was still shaking all over with nervousness. Qu Zhi encouraged her and cheered her on.

Zhu Lele took the stage to perform. She and her companions cooperated tacitly to perform a group of seagulls flying in the wind. At the beginning of the second act, Zhu Lele chased the sun against the storm. Although she did not catch up, she saw the bigger world and gained something. free. Some students were moved to tears, and most of them left one after another ten minutes after the start of the performance. At the end of the performance, Qu Zhi went to the stage to call the curtain with the actors. Although the audience was small, they felt very successful.

Qu Zhi took the classmates of the drama club to the cafeteria to celebrate, and the classmates of the band also came to have dinner. Zhu Lele couldn’t listen to them with cynicism and bad words, so he picked up a billboard and buckled it on the head of the bandmate. The classmates of the band were angered. They wanted to fight with the drama club. Zhu Lele pulled up and ran away. The classmates of the band chased to the playground. Zhu Lele and Qu went into hiding before escaped.

Zhu Lele was the protagonist for the first time since she was a child. She felt very satisfied and couldn’t help but think of the embarrassment of being rejected. The other party felt that she was too ordinary, and Zhu Lele was very enthusiastic. The Lingyun Cup is about to begin. Zhuang Yue and Xiao Han mobilized five inter-school contestants, including Shen Zhengyi and Liu Sisi, before the competition. They will then be trained for two weeks.

Xiao Han gave special training to Luo Xiaoyi and encouraged her to win the championship, otherwise she would have nothing. Luo Xiaoyi trained hard. Wang Jun took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Zhu Lele, and took the opportunity to ask for her WeChat account. Xiao Han gave Shen Zheng a set of competition clothes. His mother came to pick up Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi hurriedly packed the clothes into his schoolbag, falsely claiming that Xiao Han was a sketching teacher, and his mother asked Xiao Han about Shen Zhengyi’s situation. Han praised Shen Zhengyi’s best effort, and Shen Zhengyi hurriedly called his mother home.

Shen Zhengyi hid in the room and called Zhu Lele for help, and asked Zhu Lele to come to her house tomorrow morning. They went to the training camp together. His mother opened the door and shut up quickly. His mother suspected that Shen Zhengyi was in love. The father is even more like a big enemy, guarding Shen Zhengyi strictly.

Zhu Lele was unable to pick up Shen Zhengyi because she had a bad stomach during the supper last night, so she had to call her to explain the reason. Shen Zheng thought about sneaking out while his parents hadn’t gotten up. Unexpectedly, his mother would have gotten up early to prepare breakfast. When Shen Zhengyi was unable to do anything, Shao Beisheng came to pick up Shen Zhengyi.

His mother saw that Shao Beisheng was handsome and generous, and her heart was happy. flower. His father called Shao Beisheng out to negotiate alone and learned about Shao Beisheng’s situation in detail. Shao Beisheng repeatedly explained that he and Shen Zhengyi were classmates, and his father didn’t believe it at all and forced him hard. Shen Zhengyi came to the rescue in time, repeatedly stressing that Shao Beisheng is not her boyfriend.

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