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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 11 Recap

Shen Zhengyi was worried that Shao Beisheng couldn’t think about it, but he didn’t know how to comfort him, so Zhu Lele agreed to find a way. Shao Beisheng sent a message to inform Xiao Qing that they would not be partners in the future. Xiao Qing called, but Shao Beisheng never picked up. Xiao Qing had to come to Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi went to find Shao Beisheng with her, but found nothing, Shao Beisheng gave After Shen Zheng gave a message, he just went out to relax.

Coach Ma came to Shao Beisheng’s dormitory. Shao Beisheng came back very late. Coach Ma didn’t know how to comfort him. Instead, Shao Beisheng persuaded him not to be sad, and explained that he already knew that he could no longer do double figure skating. Shao Beisheng went out early and returned late every day. Shen Zhengyi never saw him, so he had to wait downstairs in the dormitory. Shao Beisheng came back very late.

As soon as Shen Zheng didn’t know how to persuade him, he hurriedly left with him. As soon as Shen Zheng heard the discussion about Shao Beisheng’s retirement from teammates, she felt very uncomfortable. Shao Beisheng sent a message about Shen Zhengyi to go to the ice rink. He had an important decision to announce.

Coach Ma invited Director Zhang to the ice rink, Quzhi, Zhu Lele and Shen Zheng arrived early in the morning, Xiao Qing, Wang Jun and the players saw the information that Shao Beisheng was in the group, and they came back and forth. Shao Beisheng stood in the middle wearing skates, with the spotlight shining on him. Shao Beisheng danced on the ice. He flew up and jumped for three and a half weeks. Everyone present was dumbfounded, and Director Zhang was also dumbfounded.

At the end of the performance, everyone present applauded Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng publicly announced that his double figure skating career is over and that he will switch to solo skating from now on. There has never been a precedent for this, and it will not work at all, but Shao Beisheng wanted to prove himself On the value of ice, Director Zhang is worried that he will not be competent. Zhuang Yue stepped up to guarantee Shao Beisheng and promised that he would complete the change within half a year. Director Zhang just wanted to refuse. Zhuang Yue publicly admitted that Shao Beisheng is her son, and Director Zhang promised to consider it carefully.

Everyone disappeared. Only Zhuang Yue and Shao Beisheng were left on the ice rink. Shao Beisheng thanked her. Zhuang Yue was very pleased and praised that Shao Beisheng did not flinch in the face of difficulties. He firmly believed that Shao Beisheng could change into a single player through hard work, as long as he worked hard. Even if he failed, he was not afraid of failure. Shao Beisheng was enthusiastic. He didn’t want to cry in front of Zhuang Yue, so he quickly found an excuse to leave.

Coach Ma congratulated Zhuang Yue. The knot between her and Shao Beisheng for many years was finally opened, but Zhuang Yue was not optimistic. Shao Beisheng has not yet called her mother. Shen Zhengyi, Zhu Lele, Qu Zhi and Xiao Qing have been waiting for Shao Beisheng at the gate of the gymnasium, unanimously asking him to treat him, Xiao Qing was reluctant to separate from Shao Beisheng, but didn’t want him to disappoint. .

Shao Beisheng gave Shen Zheng a pickle. Xiao Qing took the initiative to help Shao Beisheng pick the food and ordered his favorite drink. Zhu Lele couldn’t stand it and reminded Shen Zhengyi in a low voice, but Shen Zhengyi didn’t take it seriously. Shao Beisheng distributed the drink to everyone. Xiao Qing had left beforehand on the excuse. Shen Zhengyi persuaded Shao Beisheng to chase Xiao Qing back. Shao Beisheng wanted Xiao Qing to calm down alone. Zhu Lele complained that Shen Zhengyi shouldn’t push his girlfriend to someone else, and Shen Zhengyi didn’t allow her to talk nonsense.

Xiao Qing went home frustrated, and Xiao Han saw that she was worried and persuaded her to leave Shao Beisheng. Xiao Qing was furious when he learned that he had been to Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng suspected that Shen Zheng told Xiao Qing about the two of them pretending to be lovers. He couldn’t help complaining about Shen Zheng. Shen Zheng repeatedly explained that Xiao Qing had guessed it. He wanted to take the opportunity to tell Zhu Lele about the two of them pretending to be lovers. Shao Beisheng resolutely refused to agree. Once Zhu Lele knew about it, it would spread throughout the school.

Shao Beisheng returned to the dormitory very late. Qu Zhi couldn’t wait to know if he really liked Shen Zhengyi. Shao Beisheng denied it, but Qu Zhi didn’t believe it at all. Shao Beisheng went to the ice to practice solo skating as soon as he had time, but the technical requirements for single skating and pair skating were very different. Shao Beisheng had a hard time adapting to it. He fell and got up again and again. Xiao Qing saw this scene and tore the application to leave the team to pieces on the spot. She decided to stay and help Shao Beisheng complete the transformation.

Xiao Qing found that Shao Beisheng had a wrong take-off method, so he took the initiative to teach him, and Xiao Qing also applied to the team to change to solo skating. Xiao Han learned of this and gave Xiao Qing a severe lesson. Xiao Qing admitted that she stayed for Shao Beisheng, because Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi were not real lovers. Xiao Qing warned Xiao Han not to trouble Shao Beisheng again. Otherwise, turn your face with him.

Qu Zhi brought the classmates from the drama club around to canvass for votes, but none of them were sent out. Qu Zhi was anxious. Zhu Lele sat under the sun umbrella and watched the fun. Qu Zhi begged her to find a way. Zhu Lele repeatedly claimed that they had already promoted vigorously in the wind chasing team. The students came to ask for tickets when they heard the news. The tickets were quickly robbed, and Qu Zhi couldn’t help but admire Zhu Lele.

Shao Beisheng persuaded Xiao Qing to think about it carefully and not to rush into singles. Xiao Qing has made up her mind and she also taught Shao Beisheng the skills of jumping without reservation. Shao Beisheng saw that Shen Zhengyi’s skates were about to break out, and advised her to replace them with new ones. These shoes were Shen Zhengyi’s mascot for joining the wind team. She was reluctant to replace them and sharpened the skates quickly.

When Shen Zhengyi was training on the ice rink, his shoes suddenly cracked and slipped out of the track, causing all the team members to be suspended from training. Zhuang Yue asked Shen Zhengyi to change his skates, otherwise he would stop training again. Xiao Han also advised Shen Zhengyi as soon as possible. Buy a pair of new shoes. Shen Zhengyi had no money to buy skates, Zhu Lele gave her 500 yuan, and Shen Zhengyi refused to accept it.

Shao Beisheng carefully selected a pair of 7200 yuan limited edition speed skating shoes on the Internet. He wanted to give it to Shen Zhengyi, but he was afraid that Shen Zhengyi would not accept it. He put those shoes on a second-hand website and asked Qu Zhi to ask Zhu Lele for help. , Let Shen Zhengyi go to that website to buy. Zhu Lele calmly recommended those shoes to Shen Zhengyi, and he and Shao Beisheng bargained the price online. In order to convince Shen Zhengyi, they pretended to bargain.

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