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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 21 Recap

Before the meeting, Zhuo Nanzhi introduced the new project manager Han Chao to everyone, and Feng Chunsheng’s expression changed immediately. At lunch, Zhuo Xiaoting was angry that her father was silent and airborne the newcomer. He clearly did not want to reuse Chunsheng. Chunsheng also understood that he would be deprived of all the room for improvement in this department, but he knew that he could not find his father-in-law anymore. Dislike yourself.

Qiao Qingqian’s mother came to Beijing. In the evening, Qingqian and her mother met outside, and Xing Ran quietly followed. In the restaurant, Qiao’s mother cried out that she was defrauded of 200,000 yuan by an Uncle Tian. The man ran away and the creditor came to collect the debt every day. She really had no choice but to come to Beijing to seek refuge in Qingqian, but the original restaurant was closed.

Qing Qian lied that she opened a new restaurant and she was going to open a room for her mother to a hotel. Mom wanted to live with her daughter. Xing Ran walked over and took Qing Qian’s hand to introduce herself as her boyfriend. He helped Mama Joe get it. When the box went home, my mother mumbled, why did a smart person like my daughter find this person?

Lin Wanrou acted like a baby to prevent Marlene from getting angry. Marlene said indifferently that she had saved the company from a crisis, and he had no reason to be angry. He emphasized that the two were partners. Principal Wang called and hoped that Marlene would take Yiru home for his wedding anniversary. Marlene was worried about Yiru’s condition and was somewhat embarrassed. President Wang said that he had communicated well with the doctor. If Yiru recovered from his illness, Levin would be completely She can make her own choice, but now she cannot do without Levin, and Malevin has no choice but to agree.

When he got off work, when he saw Li Zhenbao waiting at the door of his house, he came specifically to look for him. The two went home to drink and chat. Li Zhenbao opened the door and said that she was simply interested in Marlene. She had to go to see Yiru and gave Mu Jia a supplementary lesson. Marlene didn’t believe it. Li Zhenbao added that Simple had kept the tokens of the two of them. The matchbox also had the date written on it.

He checked it and it happened that they were treating the child abroad at that time. Li Zhenbao said frankly that Marlene is a very attractive man. He doesn’t mind the simplicity and what happened to him before, but Marlene has a wife and children and a big family. The gap between them is too big and impossible. Simple and himself are suitable. , So I hope Malevin will not delay her. Malevin said that nothing happened between them, and he never expressed anything to Simplicity emotionally. Li Zhenbao emphasized that Simplicity has him in his heart. Ask Malevin to have a brief talk and let her give up. This is right. She is good.

On the way, Marlene’s mind kept coming up with scenes and scenes of living in a foreign country and simply getting along with each other, and it was not a taste in his heart. He went to school to tell Jian that the wedding anniversary was approaching, and planned to take Yiru home, and simply agreed to accompany him to pick it up.

In the company, Wan Liming was instigating Feng Chunsheng to say that President Han had rejected all his previous ideas when he first came. The two happened to see that the Northwest project manager was scolded by Zhuo Nanzhi when he applied for resignation. Feng Chunsheng had an idea. .

When Xing Ran came back from buying food, she heard Qing Qian’s mother persuading her daughter to borrow money from her former friends. She scolded Qing Qian for being so busy making wedding clothes for others for so many years. Came to Beijing? Qing Qian said she was willing, Xing Ran felt warm when she heard it.

After get off work, Feng Chunsheng kindly accompanies Xiaoting to go shopping for dinner. He wants to go to the Northwest Project Department and hopes that Xiaoting will support him. In the evening, Zhuo Xiaoting asked her father Xingshi to inquire about the crime. She was angry because he airborne President Han and made Chunsheng desperate before applying to go to the Northwest. She was breaking them up. She asked her father to either let Chunsheng replace President Han or arrange a new position for him. Xiaoting was so angry that she smashed her father’s antique demonstration, but Zhuo Nanzhi flatly refused.

In order to help Qingqian’s mother pay off the debt, Xingran went to school to find her sister to borrow money. He didn’t want to make Qingqian go back to the old path because of the money. He simply reminded his brother Qingqian that he couldn’t let go of the past life. If Qingqian stayed with him, he would He wouldn’t stop him, but Xing Ran wanted to figure out what the relationship was with Qing Qian, Qing Qian felt that her sister didn’t understand him, and left with anger. Malevin went out to see this scene.

At work, Lin Wanrou criticized Xing Ran for being absent-minded, and arranged for him to immediately meet the printing of exhibition brochures.

Malevin and Jianyi went to pick up the memory. On the road, the two talked about star burning, and Malevin was a little envious of his unscrupulous love. He and Yiru made an appointment in the afternoon to have a meal with Jian Jian in advance.

Marlene told the simplicity that the feelings generated by moving will be more reliable, because there are not so many expectations, there are not so many disappointments and hurts. He is a man who is divorced, but will bring his ex-wife back to his wedding anniversary, so it is impossible to have love again. This is irresponsible to each other. And Mu Jia is going back to school for classes, so I won’t simply use it to make up lessons for Mu Jia in the future. Marlene’s refusal to be thousands of miles away caught Simple off guard. She had mixed feelings in her heart, but she could only pretend to return the key to the villa calmly. The simple inner loss and suffering quickly swallowed herself, which made her almost unable to deal with herself when faced with Memories.

On the way home, Yiru enthusiastically asked Simple to help her staff the hotel, and simply reluctantly dealt with it. Yiru turned to ask Malevin who was driving. Malevin was not listening at all. Seeing Yiru was angry, he simply urged her to go back. Discuss slowly with Mr. Ma.

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