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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 35 Recap

Fang Jianming pulled Haishi into the bedroom, closed the door, and was already set up as a wedding room. The two happy candles on the case were gifts that Fang Haishi once gave him, but now they are witnessing the marriage of the two and making a couple.

The charcoal fire in the house warmed the people, reflecting the red robin and complaining to the heart. After each other’s drinking wine, there was a spring night in the blink of an eye. Fang Jianming settled the sea city on the bed and put her hands in her arms, only to see that her face was shy, and she was gradually dyed with two blushes.

But when Fang Hai City no longer hesitated and was ready to cater to the other’s warmth, Fang Jian’s expression suddenly changed, as if he was enduring a great deal of pain. He clicked her sleeping acupuncture point with his backhand, and immediately rushed out with a mouthful of blood. underground.

At this time, Emperor Xu was tasting the ginseng soup in the Yu’an Palace, but he had not noticed the strange look of the maid beside him. It wasn’t until Fang Jianming staggered over and threw a hidden weapon over the soup bowl that he knew that the soup was poisonous, and in the next second he fainted.

The doctor Li concluded through inspection that the poison in Fang Jianming was from the unborn flowers of Zhunian. Because of the strong toxicity and the scarcity of flowers, there has been no solution. Although Fang Jianming tried various poisons and took detoxification pills for many years, if he restrained him with his power, he would endure more than a month more than ordinary people. As the toxins spread through the meridians, he might not be able to return to the sky by then.

Because of this, Fang Jianming had no regard for life and death, and believed that there must be a hidden secret in this matter. Bihong voluntarily confessed the reason for the poisoning, hitting a pillar and apologized to her death on the spot. Tiran cried with grief and so much discomfort. The medical officer found that she was pregnant when she checked her pulse.

With heavy snow that night, Fang Jianming endured the poisonous injury and walked back to Zhaoming Palace step by step. Under the candlelight, Fang Zhu’s face became paler and paler. Whenever he thought of Haishi’s deep and righteous affection for him, his heart was like a drop of blood. Originally, Fang Jianming wanted to do his best to protect the sea city for the rest of his life.

In the Chang Palace, Ji Chang learned that Fanghai City rushed back to Apocalypse City overnight, and regardless of her reasons, he ordered the housekeeper to send an invitation card to Zhaoming Palace, preparing to send her to the Palace on the grounds of tomorrow’s birthday.

On the other hand, the Jincheng Palace, which was bright all night, was lit up until dawn, and Mu Deqing was ordered to arrange a guard and count all the entourages of the Central Guard to ensure that the news would not be exposed. Dixu looked desperate, knowing he had completely lost Fang Jianming, hoping that he could keep Tilan on his own.

The whistle and Fang Zhuoying came in from outside, presented a map of Butterfly Spring Valley, and made detailed arrangements with Fang Jianming. Right now, the dark guards are already on duty near the Butterfly Spring Valley, and even outside the valley, they are also placing manpower. If there is any abnormality, they can encircle the valley as soon as possible. They are divided into two teams, namely rescue and mountain search.

The team went out of the city to the east, travelling for dozens of miles, and finally arrived at the Palace of Butterfly Spring Valley. The maids waited for Ti Lan to change clothes and soak in the pool. Di Xu found that Fang Hai City was constantly looking at Ti Lan’s location. He was very dissatisfied and mocked her for her superb archery skills.

Fang Jianming hurried over to rescue the scene just after these words, first eased the atmosphere, and then punished Haishi kneeling on the futon, criticizing her for treating her as if she should not be rude. Taking advantage of the absence of outsiders, Fang Haishi deliberately approached the Master, all kinds of molesting and acting coquettishly, making Fang Jianming a little cramped, but the relationship between each other was advancing by leaps and bounds.

Di Xu was not far away, always paying attention to Tang Chi’s movement, and suddenly heard the movement, he immediately guarded Ti Lan’s side. A figure rushed out of the water, attacked Di Xu with a move, with a fierce killing intent, and just a single palm hurt him seriously. Fang Jianming vomited blood, realizing that the situation was not good, Fang Zhuoying appeared to protect the driver, unexpectedly, the hawk dealer called him “Han’ersa”, and immediately disappeared without a trace.

The crowd escorted Emperor Xu back to the city for treatment, and the whistle and Fang Haishi led an army to guard, ordering to strengthen the guard of the Jincheng Palace. Fang Zhuoying drew the assassin’s identity based on his memory, and confirmed that the other party’s identity was the Wind Master, who was a rare stranger in the world. Earlier, Fang Jianming had sent a dark guard to monitor King Chang. It was not until he got an informative report that he compared the eagle dealer with the portrait of the assassin, and confirmed that the matter was related to him. I am afraid there is a bigger conspiracy.

Today Fang Zhuoying had a face-to-face meeting with Zhaofengshi, seeing the chaos coming, and his identity as a Huku person will be exposed. When Fang Zhuoying was adopted, he was still young, and his memory has faded. Fang Jianming tells about the origins of the ancestors of the Ku Ku. The fierce horse like Fang Zhuoying shouldn’t be kept in captivity in a herd. Sooner or later, he will return to Han. In the prefecture, he can only take refuge in his uncle, King Ubodun, and unite with him to stop the brutality of Duoluo, quell this bloody storm, and prevent people from killing each other.

There was a chaos in the Jincheng Palace, and Tiran was guarding the door, both reproaching and anxious, holding the dragon’s tail and praying sincerely to bless Emperor Xu safe and sound. On the other hand, Fang Haishi’s return to Jincheng Palace to his master has been arranged, and Fang Zhuoying’s situation is not known yet, so it only matters to his life and death future, so only the master and the apprentice know.

Taking into account that the wind master did not succeed, it is bound to make a comeback. In the past, the strangers of the rivers and lakes will use the air of the world on the new days of each month to glow with the greatest strength. This time, they will definitely not miss the opportunity. Fang Jianming decided to guard the Golden City Palace with Fang Zhuoying on the next new moon.

Fang Zhuoying knows that Haishi has expectations of her master, and it is not surprising how sad she would be if she knew about it in the future. Unexpectedly, Fang Jianming couldn’t let him continue, saying that he would put the overall situation first. Fang Zhuoying was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly saluted, went outside the door to find Fanghai City, and had a good drink with her on the roof, all words were exhortations.

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