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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 8 Recap

Qu Zhi carefully looked at Zhu Lele’s seriousness in painting, and couldn’t help but admire her and asked her to draw posters for the drama club. Zhu Lele fully agreed.

Zhuang Yue asked the old players to train on the ice in groups, and Zhou Luhan was in the first group. Xiao Han supervised the new team members to practice stretching. He repeatedly praised Shen Zheng’s progress. Luo Xiaoyi felt sour when he heard Xiao Han’s words. Zhou Luhan broke off the slide and fell to the ground because of lack of physical strength.

Zhuang Yue hurried over to greet him. Zhou Luhan complained that the training intensity was too high and she couldn’t bear it. Zhuang Yue was very angry and was angry that Zhou Luhan would not let Zhou Luhan participate in the inter-school competition. Luo Xiaoyi challenged Zhuang Yue in public. He insisted that Zhuang Yue’s training arrangements were unreasonable, and Zhuang Yue didn’t buy it at all and let the second group of players train on the ice.

At the end of the training, Zhuang Yue was dissatisfied with Luo Xiaoyi’s performance. Luo Xiaoyi put all the responsibility on Zhuang Yue. He felt that Zhuang Yue had restricted her progress, so he stopped following Zhuang Yue’s training and asked Xiao Han to continue to train her. Zhuang Yue was furious. Luo Xiaoyi threw the ice cap on the ground and called on the old players to strike out. Xiao Han tried his best to stop it, but it didn’t help. Zhuang Yue suppressed the anger in his heart and led the other players to continue practicing. Xiao Han caught up with Luo Xiaoyi and asked her to apologize to Zhuang Yue, and Luo Xiaoyi resolutely refused to do it.

Afterwards, Liu Sisi gathered the old team members and encouraged them to fight against Zhuang Yue together. Zhuang Yue talked to Xiao Han, and for a while, he pointed out that Luo Xiaoyi could no longer train alone. Not only would she not improve, but her performance could not stand the test of the competition. Xiao Han felt that it made sense.

Director Zhang heard that the old team members had stopped training, so he came to Zhuang Yue to find out about the situation. Zhuang Yue felt that there was nothing wrong with her training arrangement and did not want to compromise with the old team members. Director Zhang supported her decision. Shen Zheng came to the ice rink early in the morning. Liu Sisi and the veteran team blocked her at the door and forbade her to train. They also threatened to stop training as a group. Not wanting to waste a minute, Liu Sisi and others besieged her together. Thanks to Zhuang Yue’s timely arrival, she took Shen Zheng on the ice training alone.

Qu Zhi told Shao Beisheng vividly and vividly about the process of the veteran team’s strike. Shao Beisheng was very concerned about Zhuang Yue’s feelings, so please keep an eye on the actions of the short track team. Xiao Han asked Luo Xiaoyi to participate in the classic competition. If he won the championship, he would be able to participate in the Asian Cup. Luo Xiaoyi had no idea. Xiao Han was angry to let her withdraw from the team, and Luo Xiaoyi bit the bullet and agreed.

Coach Ma persuaded Zhuang Yue to take a step back. Zhuang Yue insisted on her principle and refused to let her go. She learned that the members of the short track team really liked the sport and believed that they would not give up. Shen Zhengyi was running in the playground, Liu Sisi came to her to negotiate, and she was not allowed to train with Zhuang Yue, Shen Zhengyi flatly refused, and repeatedly claimed that she could directly compete without selection, Liu Sisi was speechless.

Shen Zhengyi persuaded Zhu Lele to go back to participate in training. Zhu Lele worried that the old team members would retaliate against her, and she did not like Zhuang Yue and wanted to continue training with Xiao Han. Shen Zheng worked hard to persuade her and explain her interests. Zhu Lele came to the drama club to participate in rehearsals, but Shen Zhengyi’s words echoed in her mind, and she was caught in a dilemma.

The veteran team members continued to stop training. Zhuang Yue took Shen Zhengyi to train alone, and imposed strict requirements on her. Shen Zhengyi was not afraid of hardships or tiredness. He finally overcame the defects in the corners and successfully completed all training tasks. Shao Beisheng witnessed This scene was also happy for Shen Zhengyi. Seeing Shen Zhengyi’s progress, Zhu Lele couldn’t help applauding her. At the same time, Xiao Han took Luo Xiaoyi’s special training, Luo Xiaoyi’s speed has not been able to rise, she is distraught.

Zhuang Yue went to Liu Sisi to talk about her heart by herself, and listed her outstanding achievements. Liu Sisi felt that Luo Xiaoyi was her ceiling. She would never reach that level. Zhuang Yue advised her not to be a foil for Luo Xiaoyi anymore, and should break through herself. To create brilliance, Liu Sisi did not have the confidence to retire. Zhuang Yue pointed out that she had stayed because she was unwilling. Liu Sisi was said to be the key point. She pulled out the photos of the previous awards, and her heart was mixed.

Zhuang Yue persuaded the new players one by one, and they all went back to continue training. Liu Sisi persuaded Luo Xiaoyi to apologize to Zhuang Yue. Luo Xiaoyi resolutely refused to agree. Luo Xiaoyi also spoke harshly to Liu Sisi. Liu Sisi sacrificed herself to complete Luo Xiaoyi and won gold medals one by one. She didn’t even buy it. , And ridiculed Liu Sisi. Liu Sisi slammed the door in anger and left. She came to the training ground, remembering scenes and scenes where she was bleeding and sweating in the past, with mixed feelings in her heart.

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