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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 10 Recap

Xiao Qing couldn’t concentrate all the time. She made mistakes frequently. Shao Beisheng tried her best to cooperate and it didn’t help. Coach Ma couldn’t help it. When Shao Beisheng lifted Xiao Qing, Xiao Qing hurriedly called to stop. Xiao Qing fell heavily from above. Shao Beisheng fell to the ground, and Shao Beisheng’s hand was stabbed. Qu Zhi, Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele sang in KTV until late. They waited for Shao Beisheng not to come, so they had to leave first. Qu Zhi got a call from Coach Ma when he went out and learned that Shao Beisheng was injured and hospitalized during training. They rushed over. .

Xiao Qing stayed in front of Shao Beisheng’s hospital bed, and repeatedly apologized to Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng felt that this was a minor injury and not worth mentioning. Coach Ma asked the doctor about Shao Beisheng’s injury and learned that he could no longer do double figure skating. Coach Ma worried that Shao Beisheng would not be able to accept it for a while and concealed the true condition from him.

Zhuang Yue rushed to the hospital after hearing the news, and specially brought bone soup. Coach Ma hurriedly called out Xiao Qing. Zhuang Yue asked the doctor about Shao Beisheng’s situation in detail, and wanted to call Shao Beisheng’s father. Shao Beisheng refused to allow her to mobilize people to influence his father’s work.

Shen Zhengyi, Qu Zhi and Zhu Lele came to the hospital to visit Shao Beisheng. They learned from Xiao Qing that Shao Beisheng’s hands were no longer available and he could no longer perform double figure skating. Shao Beisheng did not know it, and Qu Zhi suggested that Shao Beisheng should be kept secret. As soon as Shen Zheng saw Shao Beisheng, he greeted him with warmth and personally peeled the oranges. Xiao Qing wanted to stay and take care of Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng politely declined and asked Shen Zhengyi to accompany him. Shen Zhengyi asked Xiao Qing to stay with him, Xiao Qing Fully agreed.

Shen Zhengyi sat on the sofa and played games to create opportunities for Xiao Qing and Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng felt unhappy and was deliberately indifferent to Xiao Qing. Xiao Han came to see Shao Beisheng overnight and apologized to him for Xiao Qing. Finally, Xiao Han took Xiao Qing home and persuaded her to leave Shao Beisheng. Xiao Qing hoped a miracle would happen. She didn’t want to give up. Xiao Han tried to persuade her. Don’t listen at all.

Shen Zhengyi took good care of Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng was warm in his heart. He regretted that he missed the inter-school competition and the Lingyun Cup. He hoped that his hand injury would heal as soon as possible and return to the game. Standing by his side to support him, Shao Beisheng took the opportunity to act like a baby to her and asked her to tickle her, and Shen Zheng followed suit one by one.

Director Zhang asked Coach Horse to persuade Shao Beisheng to retire. Coach Horse was reluctant to bear the good seed of Shao Beisheng, and he did not open his mouth. Director Zhang did not want to delay Shao Beisheng’s chance to re-select, and advised coach Horse to think twice. A week passed in a blink of an eye. Player Wang Jun asked Coach Ma about Shao Beisheng’s injury. Coach Ma didn’t allow him to ask questions so he could train with peace of mind.

Shao Beisheng didn’t know his heart, and took the initiative to find the attending doctor to understand his injury. Zhu Lele went to the drama club to rehearse, and Quzhi corrected her mistakes over and over again. Zhu Lele stood on the chair and performed to the heart. Because of emotion, she fell off the chair. Thanks to Quzhi, Zhu Lele hugged her in time. Zhu Lele flushed with shame.

Shao Beisheng learned from the doctor that he could not lift his hands, and that he would not be able to participate in figure skating in the future. He could not wait to complete the discharge procedures. He went directly to the ice rink. The teammates warmly welcomed him back to the team, and the horse coach asked him to go back to the dormitory for a good rest. . When Shao Beisheng passed by the training room, he couldn’t help but remember the scenes of the past sweating here in the past. He had mixed feelings in his heart. Shao Beisheng wanted to pick up dumbbells with his injured hand. Shen Zhengyi and hurried to stop him, Shao Beisheng admitted that he already knew. Own injury.

Shao Beisheng recounted his experience in detail. He was influenced by his mother and liked figure skating since he was a child. The coach also thinks he has talent in this area. Shao Beisheng lived up to expectations and won the first gold medal at the age of fifteen, but now he has to give up the sport. Shao Beisheng was not reconciled.

He also remembered that he was ill when he was a child. His mother ignored him and went to take care of the members of the short track team. His father and mother had a quarrel about this matter. Shao Beisheng was also very dissatisfied with his mother. Shen Zheng persuaded him kindly, believing that he would realize his dream in another way.

Shen Zheng came to see Shao Beisheng in the dormitory early in the morning, woke him up forcibly, and brought him a lot of inspirational books. Shao Beisheng was not interested. He just wanted to go back to the double speed skating rink and Shen Zheng took him out for a run. Shao Beisheng lied that he had a sore waist and back pain while sitting on the spot. Shen Zheng gave him a massage. Only when Shao Beisheng reluctantly ran with her, you chased me and talked and laughed happily. Shao Beisheng was in a good mood.

Qu Zhi sent three classmates from the Drama Club to the school to apply for a venue, and the band also went to the principal to apply. The three of them guaranteed 100% attendance. The principal granted the performance venue to the Drama Club. Qu Zhi learned of this, he gritted his teeth and complained about them. Shouldn’t brag, their performances simply do not reach that level.

Zhuang Yue encouraged Shao Beisheng to face it firmly and promised to be by his side forever, but Shao Beisheng refused to buy it and sneered at Zhuang Yue. Xiao Han wanted to take Xiao Qing to see the famous coach Jiang. Xiao Qing resolutely refused to do it. She didn’t want to leave Shao Beisheng, so she jumped out of the car and left.

Xiao Han overheard the conversation between Coach Ma and Zhuang Yue, and learned that Director Zhang wanted Shao Beisheng to retire. He invited Shao Beisheng to dinner and told Shao Beisheng about Xiao Qing’s thoughts. Shao Beisheng asked Shao Beisheng to persuade Xiao Qing to leave. Shao Beisheng fully agreed. .

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