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The Psychologist 女心理师 Episode 8 Recap

Under He Dun’s professional guidance, President Xun finally started his heart. He Dun used the family grid to understand the reasons for Xun’s psychological problems. First, He asked President Xun to replace the characters with small wooden people, and select some people he believed to be important. , Placed in different positions on the chessboard.

Mr. Xun’s first wife was his wife, followed by his eldest son. Mr. Xun’s wife and children were killed in a car accident, and the third one was Mr. Xun’s youngest son, Xun Hao. He Suddenly noticed that the other party had placed the position of the youngest son far away from him.

Sure enough, the communication between Xun Hao and President Xun had always been problematic, and the youngest son was not around when the old man had three episodes of illness, but the old man had the attack because of Xun Hao.

In fact, Xun Hao is also very concerned about his father’s health. He often asks the secretary next to Mr. Xun about the health of his father.

After Mr. Xun told the things in his heart, he felt more comfortable. He thanked He Dun. At this time, Xun Hao was brought over by Lily and appeared in front of Mr. Xun. He took the initiative to admit his mistake and said that he did not dare to go home. I don’t know how to face his father. In fact, he has never gone abroad. He just doesn’t know how to communicate with his father because his father put all his hopes on himself. But when he grows up, he tells his father that he hopes to replace him in the future. Protecting his father, Xun always looked at his son, and said that he would never force his son again in the future.

The father and son finally shook hands and made peace, and the knot has been resolved. Hutton is happy because of the friendship between the father and son. She is more convinced of the value of the profession of psychological counselor, but she also knows that she needs to continue to provide more professional psychology for the visitor. consult.

In the evening, the Qian Kaiyi team invited He Dun to celebrate the premiere victory of the show, and Director Fei also came to join in and enjoyed themselves. Afterwards, Qian Kaiyi also invited He Dun to accompany him to the wedding of his good friend Xiao Yuan, and his reputation increased the tacit understanding between the two.

At night, Ye Jiahui secretly came to He Dun’s counseling room and searched for the information. It happened that Lily went home on the phone. He quickly hid and was not found.

On the other side of the city, a couple was taking wedding photos on the water. Suddenly, the bride fell off the floating board. She and her husband were crying. They were looking for a wedding team.

Later, the bride who came out was really dissatisfied, but the bridegroom Kang Ziyuan didn’t think he had done anything wrong, and he felt that he should obey the orders of the elders. The bride angrily announced that she had broken up with the bridegroom, and cried out that she did not intend to end the marriage. .

After the bride left, she found her best friend Xuan Xuan Tucao. Soon, Kang Ziyuan called. Xuan Xuan gave the bride an idea, pretending to be the bride dancing, making the groom Kang Ziyuan anxious.

In the evening, Qian Kaiyi’s show went on as usual. He introduced Adam Levine’s love story on the show and praised Adam Levine, saying he was the winner of life. However, Horton took the opposite attitude and she added Adam. The deeds of once abandoning his girlfriend who accompanied him in adversity after he became famous is not a beautiful love story, and Qian Kaiyi was speechless.

The next day, Qian Kaiyi found He Dun to participate in the event. Before He Dun had time to change his clothes, Qian Kaiyi played with the other party’s surveillance camera and took pictures with him. In the end, He Dun and Qian Kaiyi came to the wedding of his friend Xiao Yuan. Memories flooded in front of him. He Dun thought of his youthful years, but felt a little bit emotional.

But the wedding did not go smoothly. The bride Sasha was reluctant to go out. The bridegroom asked his friend Qian Kaiyi for help. Qian Kaiyi used to help. While Horton was waiting for Qian Kaiyi outside the venue, Qian Kaiyi’s ex-girlfriend came to toast. He also deliberately spilled red wine on He Dun. Knowing this, Lily decided to check her ex-girlfriend Fang Yuxuan.

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