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The Psychologist 女心理师 Episode 6 Recap

Lily said that she was just ashamed of keeping a man crazily in front of so many people. Houghton said that this man must be bright. Lily smiled and said that the bright spot of this man is money. She has been afraid of being poor since she was a child. So she wanted to find someone who was rich, but she might not be able to change it. Hutton said there was still a way. One was to make herself a counselor for Lily, and the other was to become a good friend. Lily chose the second one. item.

Later, Lily returned to the unit to handover work, and inadvertently discovered that her colleague Liu Meng had been jealous of herself for a long time, and Liu Meng deliberately framed Lily, who was assigned to the vice president level. Lily looked at Liu Meng’s arrogant appearance, and she was a little bit pitiful. .

He Dun went home to visit his mother. Once he got home, he threw all the overnight vegetables into the trash can to make his mother pay attention to healthy eating. However, his mother discovered in a few words that He Dun had resigned. He’s mother knew that her daughter had been very sensible since she was a child. , But it’s really tiring to open a studio by yourself. I feel bad for my daughter. I tell my daughter that if there is any need, she can go home and find herself.

He Ma still explored how to send red envelopes on WeChat last night, just to surprise his daughter the next day. He Dun looked at the big red envelopes sent by his mother on the phone. He didn’t want to accept it. He Ma pretended to be Disappointed, Horton accepted the red envelope in front of her in order to make her mother happy.

At night, Lily’s mother came to the residence, but unlike Houghton’s mother, Lily’s mother turned a deaf ear to Tang Lili’s stigmatization at the company. Instead, she secretly reminded her daughter that she should give herself some money. Lily also knew her mother’s intentions and expressed her mother. If you don’t use it here, she will pass it to her mother on the Internet. Only then did Lily’s mother leave with satisfaction.

Although Lily is accustomed to such daily communication, it is inevitable that she will still feel disappointed. Of course, Houghton knows what her friends are thinking, and she intimates Lily. Although Lily admits that her childhood was not very lucky, she is now accompanied by Houghton. , She felt that she was lucky.

Qian Kaiyi once again invited He Dun to come to a place. It was originally dark, but suddenly the lights came on and everything became brighter. This is the live broadcast room that Qian Kaiyi re-planned and arranged, and it was filled with flowers everywhere. , He hoped that this environment would make He Dun no longer have any worries.

He once again sincerely invited He Dun to join his radio station, and knelt down to invite him. He Dun was moved by the sincerity of the other party, but he was really down by the other party. The kneeling behavior was frightened, and she immediately let Qian get away and told the other party that she was willing to join his radio station.

The next day, Ye Jiahui took her grandma to visit the place where she lives now, saying that this is the house chosen for her grandma and hoped that her grandma would move in, but grandma felt that she was used to living in a nursing home, and there were many partners who insisted on living in a nursing home. Although I am grateful for my grandson’s filial piety, I don’t want to delay his affairs.

It coincided that He Dun came to deliver the fruit. Grandma Yun knew that He Dun was the neighbor of her grandson. She couldn’t help but smile. She asked her grandson to invite He Dun into the house. Only then did He Dun realize that many of the big boxes that Ye Jiahui brought before moving were all filled with big boxes. Some medical equipment he prepared for grandma.

In order to improve the literary literacy of their program group and better complete the program, Qian Kaiyi found a large number of psychology books and let his colleagues read them within a week. He explained that this was to know himself and the enemy and fight against courtesy.

He Dun was not idle either. He came to the library to read books related to broadcasting and media, and finally received a call from Qian Kaiyi and learned that the theme of the first radio station had been discussed in the station, so he decided to popularize what psychological counseling is to the public. Which part of the people need psychological counseling?

But what Horton didn’t know was that behind her, a girl named Xiaowen was stalking her secretly. Xiaowen is a fan of Qian Kaiyi. She followed He Dun to find the radio recording place, and she hung up a banner to insult He Dun when there was no one.

As night fell, the program was being piloted. Xiaowen sneaked into the radio recording site. Seeing He Dun and Qian Kaiyi talking and laughing, she was particularly angry. She pulled out the knife she brought over and placed it on a staff member’s neck. Questioning the relationship between He Dun and Qian Kaiyi, Qian Kaiyi persuaded Xiaowen to put down the knife and calm down.

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