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The Happy Life of People’s Policeman Lao Lin 民警老林的幸福生活 Episode 8 Recap

The unfamiliar girl who was helped by Qi Feng caught Qi Feng with a glance. In order to continue the relationship between the two, the girl decided to continue to investigate the matter, and the two came to the police station to record the transcript. In the police station, Liu Xiaoxiao began to photograph the medals that Lao Lin had won, and wanted to include them in the report. Lao Lin took a look at the gastrointestinal medicine on Liu Xiaoxiao’s table and began to care.

Liu Xiaoxiao was very moved. This Lao Lin deserved to be. Own idol. Qi Feng was making transcripts for the strange girl. The girl Qi Feng was very attentive. Xu Yifan and Liu Xiaoxiao both began to notice and couldn’t help but laugh. Yu Jia, who walked out of the office, saw this scene and was frustrated. At this time, Qi Feng looked like he had fallen into a mess in order to show off in front of the beauty. Qi Feng was very wronged, but there was no way he could do it. , Can only silently turn around and go back to clean up the mess.

Lao Lin took a lot of effort to make a table of dishes, but after Xiao Nian came back from school, he didn’t want to eat. He closed the door tightly. Hearing Xiao Nian babbling and talking sweet words, Lao Lin had doubts in his heart, for fear of being a young love. Then, I hurriedly found Yu Jia, only to realize that Xiaonian hummed only the lyrics of Jay Chou, and learned that his daughter did not want to fall in love at all, so Lao Lin relaxed. The next day I came to Xiaonian’s school to pick up and drop off. The two came to the restaurant to have dinner and discussed their volunteers.

Lao Lin just wanted to encourage Xiaonian to take the exam, but Xiaonian said that he wanted to apply for the dance academy. At those universities that follow the rules, Lao Lin’s face quickly darkened, and he tried to dispel Xiao Nian’s thoughts, so Xiao Nian began to refute Lao Lin. It turned out that the tolerance and understanding of the previous days are nothing but the old Lin is still annoying. The appearance of the dictatorship of the dictatorship, after a few words, Lao Lin had nothing to say, and he could only watch Xiaonian leave.

Chen Lin came to the police station to find Yu Jia, and wanted to invite Yu Jia to have a meal with thanks for providing clues. Yu Jia just prevaricated and went back to the office to see Lao Lin’s smiling face. Yu Jia knew that Lao Lin had quarreled with Xiao Nian again. Knowing about the dance academy, Yu Jia was not too surprised. It turned out that Xiao Nian had discussed with Yu Jia a long time ago. Yu Jia was very supportive, but Lao Lin had doubts about Xiao Nian’s strength. Yu Jia found that Lao Lin’s attitude was very different. Question, he asked Lao Lin to apologize to Xiaonian when he went home, and he first prepared some food that Xiaonian liked with Lao Lin to formally persuade Xiaonian.

What Qi Feng has done in the past few days has been publicized by Liu Xiaoxiao, but Qi Feng still believes that there is no problem with what he has done. Lao Lin basically gave his apprentice a clear analysis of whether he should do it or not.

Qi Feng listened to his heart and walked back to his work station silently. In order to ease the relationship between Qi Feng and Liu Xiaoxiao, Xu Yifan simply proposed that Liu Xiaoxiao follow Qi Feng to observe and record a young man. The growth of the police coincided with a call from Aunt Hua, Qi Feng opened the toilet and changed the light bulb for Aunt Hua. After all the trivial matters were completed, Aunt Hua was also successfully moved by Qi Feng’s serious attitude to work and handed over to Qi Feng. Own trust.

The colleagues at the police station decided to have a dinner together after get off work. Liu Xiaoxiao readily accepted the invitation, but Qi Feng declined Xu Yifan’s request. Yu Jia and Lao Lin also prepared the materials and prepared to go back to make a big meal. On the way home, they ran into Chen Lin and heard Chen Lin’s gratitude for solving the case. Lao Lin was very enthusiastic. Yu Jiagang wanted to reject Chen Lin. The easy-going Lao Lin nodded and agreed, and a group of people went upstairs with big and small bags.

As soon as Qi Feng went out, he was blocked by Wang Xiaoli, who was last time. In order to avoid Wang Xiaoli, Qi Feng pretended to have a task and then turned to hide in the office. It happened that his colleagues on duty temporarily took over when something happened. Qi Feng also stayed at the police station and started on duty. Aunt Hua called and said that the aunt who was dancing in the square was attacked.

The matter was so serious that Qi Feng was so scared that he quickly grabbed his helmet and ran away. He rushed to the square. It turned out that the young guy interrupted with a megaphone. Seeing that the event was not serious, Qi Feng and the others brought the young guy back to calm the anger at the activities of the auntie square dance.

Chen Lin followed Yu Jia to Lao Lin’s house and couldn’t help but put some information about Yu Jia in Lao Lin’s mouth. He learned that Yu Jia’s parents and Lao Lin’s deceased wife were in the same unit. Yu Jia entrusted it to Lao Lin. As soon as he heard the word entrust, Chen Lin felt jealous, but he still had to endure it and continued to attack Yu Jia at Lao Lin’s house.

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