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The Happy Life of People’s Policeman Lao Lin 民警老林的幸福生活 Episode 7 Recap

Xiao Nian did not dare to fall asleep on the truck. The driver in front of him kept looking at the rearview mirror. Brother Xiang called up. When it came to the cargo on the truck, each mouth was big and small, so he directly sent a few people to Xiao Nian. I was so scared that I was afraid that the driver would sell the three of them. On the other hand, the old man worried about Xiao Nian’s whereabouts while working on anti-pickup operations.

The truck stopped slowly, and the driver walked to the trunk. Now he is slowly approaching Longcheng. Xiaonian is familiar with this section of road. It was the way back to his hometown. There is a gas station in front of him. Taking advantage of this space, Xiaonian asked Ren Yi He Xuanxuan got out of the car and ran away first, and then ran away on another road, so that the driver couldn’t care about both sides and could only watch the three of them run away.

In order to find Xiaonian’s whereabouts, Qi Feng tried his best to find Xiaonian’s trumpet, which announced the Longshan Music Festival, while Yu Jia approached Chen Lin to check the surveillance. According to Yu Jia’s recognition of Xiaonian’s high awareness of prevention. I know, Xiaonian will definitely not take a night train, judging from the time, this meeting should also enter the city. Yu Jia guessed it was right. Now the three of Xiaonian were hiding at the gas station, secretly observing the suspicious driver’s whereabouts. When the driver left, Xiaonian ran into the gas station and asked for a mobile phone to give Xu Yi Whenever you call, ask the police.

Upon receiving Xiaonian’s report, Yu Jia and Chen Lin rushed back to the police station. The clues provided by Xiaonian were very useful to Chen Lin, but this time he ran away from home, he still needs to be forgiven by Lao Lin. After Yu Jia gives Lao Lin a call , Even if he caught the thief and was injured, Lao Lin finally let go of his mind. He rushed back with his wounds and was about to get angry. Xu Yifan and Qi Feng came forward to lighten the artillery fire for Xiaonian.

Yu Jia also came at the right time. The clues provided by Xiaonian helped Chen Lin catch a group of wild animals. Lao Lin can’t say anything to criticize him at all, so he relented and took his daughter’s hand to relax and make up for his negligence over the past few days.

Thinking of what Yu Jia had said, Lao Lin also began to gradually inquire about Xiao Nian’s preferences and interests, and learned everything about rock music rather awkwardly. Although this process is a bit long, it has narrowed the distance between the two at any rate.

Liu Xiaoxiao has been here for several days, and the report of this joint arrest has been driven out, but after Yu Jia’s reading, Liu Xiaoxiao’s writing style is a bit rough. Before I finished speaking, there was another mass incident in the Bodhi community. Xu Yifan and Qi Feng rushed over with Liu Xiaoxiao, only to realize that it was only a family dispute between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

The cause of the abdominal pain first hid in the toilet, but Qi Feng was very embarrassed by the endless noise. Xu Yifan rushed to investigate the case of the wild gang. Only Qi Feng was left. It was really unbearable. People simply handed over the decision to Qi Feng, which made Qi Feng even more annoyed. He simply put five hundred yuan on the table and hurried away with Liu Xiaoxiao. In Liu Xiaoxiao’s eyes, Qi Feng’s solution is very disrespectful to people, Qi Feng feels that it doesn’t matter, his own method is the fastest and most concise solution…

As expected by Liu Xiaoxiao, Aunt Hua, who was arguing with her daughter-in-law at the time, quarreled directly in front of Yu Jia and sued Qi Feng. Yu Jia lost all his smiling face, but turned around to severely criticize Qi Feng and asked Qi Feng to apologize to Aunt Hua. Qi Feng came to the neighborhood committee and bowed as if he had completed a task.

Aunt Hua asked Qi Feng to go shopping together. Qi Feng agreed very easily. An hour later, Aunt Hua thought Qi Feng really regretted it. Heart, who knows that Qi Feng again mentioned the matter of dealing with Yu Jia, Aunt Hua suddenly felt that Qi Feng’s apology was a bit perfunctory, and the smile on her face was put away.

After Qi Feng left from Aunt Hua’s house, he couldn’t help but recall the days when he was scolded every day after he came to the police station. It happened that a call for help came from a bus stop not far away. When Qi Feng showed off his police card, he knew he was wrong. He ran away quickly, fell into a fruit stall, and knocked down a little girl. In order to prevent the child from being in danger, Qi Feng stopped quickly. Next, I accidentally let this hooligan run away…

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