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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 34 Recap

Now Fang Zhuoying is highly regarded by his uncle Erji, and he changed back to the attire of the Ku Ku people and promised to follow King Youpudun to revitalize the clan. There was a bonfire in the tribe that night, and there was a lot of joy and laughter. Only Fang Zhuoying sat in the corner and recalled that after visiting the division gate, he went to Hanzhou for a mission after a few years, and found that the land of Hanzhou was still a disaster. Knot, devastated.

Fang Jianming patiently enlightened Fang Zhuoying, saying that Dazheng had also been in turmoil, but he would always find a way if he wanted to change, so he chose to fight side by side with Di Xu and live a life of licking blood with the tip of a knife. If someone is willing to work for the peace of Hanzhou, one day they will stop fighting, and Fang Zhuoying is the best candidate.

In fact, not only was the master’s counterpart Zhuo Ying entrusted with heavy burdens, but even King Ubudun was very optimistic about this nephew. Since Duoluo succeeded the new Zuopudun king, he has begun to massacre and annex tribes.

Anyone who disobeys will be killed, regardless of men, women and children, causing Huku to fall into slaughter and turmoil. Compared with Duoluo’s cruel temperament, Fang Zhuoying has the courage and strategy, and worked hard in the early years to practice his skills. He believes that with Fang Zhuoying’s assistance, he will surely calm the grassland and restore Huku’s peace.

Fang Jianming studied the method of contacting Baixi alone, but his heart and mind were all in Fanghai City. The whistle came to report on Fang Zhuoying’s situation, because he was a prince, and was supported by many Huku people because of the assassination of Emperor Xu. Many tribes surrendered one after another.

On the other side, Ji Chang’s birthday was approaching, so he begged Di Xu to agree to hold it at the East Royal Horse Farm and display the results of the hawks raised. Di Xu readily agreed, and then summoned Fang Jianming to praise Fang Zhuoying for his extraordinary performance in Hanzhou, so he was very satisfied with the progress of this plan.

It’s just that Di Xu felt that Fang Jianming had done too much with Haishi. After all, in this plan, she became the only outsider and was always kept in the dark. Fang Jianming seemed to think of something, kneeling down and begging each other, hoping that when the ruling and the opposition are settled, Di Xu can dismiss Baixi with him and resign and return to Liuzang’s homeland.

Because Fang Jianming suddenly woke up, Di Xu was very happy about it. It would be a good thing if the good brothers could let go of the past and start life again. After all, in Di Xu’s view, his relationship with Fang Jianming does not need to be maintained by Bai Xi.

Fang Jianming said frankly that he has a good match to spend the rest of his life together. However, there is some misunderstanding between the two. If the misunderstanding is resolved, the other party agrees to stay with him and will definitely bring him to meet Di Xu. Di Xu wondered which strange woman made Fang Jianming’s heart fascinated. He thought that the eighteenth of this month would be Ji Chang’s birthday, so he asked him to bring his sweetheart to the East Royal Horse Farm to appreciate the eagles that Ji Chang raised.

Because Fanghai City missed his hands and let go of his brother, he turned to face the gentleman, so he begged himself for the bones. Di Xu could see from the letter that Fang Hai was discouraged, and there was a sense of retreat in his words, fearing that he did not intend to come back, and persuaded Fang Jianming to write a letter to keep him.

After returning to Jifeng Hall, Fang Jianming personally wrote the marriage Geng post, and sent the whistle to Chishan City quickly. At this moment, Fanghai City saw Zheliu and Aunt Su at the station, only to realize that they were actually suspended for death, and under Fang Jianming’s arrangement, they lived incognito in the secret place of Huangquanguan, collecting intelligence and passing news for Fang Zhuoying every day. .

Zheliu didn’t want Fang Zhuoying to know that she was alive. Only in this way could she have no worries and would not be held back by others, and she rushed forward to relay the matter on behalf of Fang Jianming.

Fanghai City received the marriage letter from the whistle, saw the birthdates of the two, and rushed back to Apocalypse City. At the same time, Fang Jianming also temporarily sent away the people from Zhaoming Palace and carefully arranged them.

That night, Yu’an Palace found that someone had thrown a purse with King Sulan’s dragon tail pendant, including a bottle of poison and a note, and ordered Tilan to find a way to kill Di Xu, otherwise Sulan would lose his life. .

The maid Bihong was rescued by Solan, and she was deeply attached to her, which was of course an extra concern for his safety. However, Tilan didn’t want to hurt Di Xu at all, so she sternly reprimanded Bihong and told her to throw the poison. It happened that Di Xu came to Yu’an Palace, and Bihong quickly brought ginseng soup, making the whole person extremely nervous.

I entered the city overnight and came to Zhaoming Palace. The corridor was covered with petals, extending all the way to under the Jifeng tree. Fang Hai City saw that Master was not pleased, but kept the marriage certificate on the ground, reprimanding him for keeping his word from beginning to end.

Because in Fanghai City’s view, he had some thoughts about Master Kong and did not dare to ask for anything in return. Knowing that it was impossible for the two of them, and would not embarrass Master, there was no complaint. But now that Master behaves like this, if you want to use marriage as compensation for her grievances, you don’t have to.

Just as Fanghai was about to leave, Fang Jianming immediately hugged him tightly from behind, expressing his sincerity sincerely and passionately. He said before that he would not marry someone he doesn’t love, and he loves Fanghai, so he will get married tonight. .

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