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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 33 Recap

The Fengshi’s body is such a charm, not only extremely fast, but also freely changeable. Only when he is close to Dixu, will he change from light to thick, imaginary and real. Fortunately, Fang Jianming’s sword was able to resist him, and he could not succeed. On the other hand, the alchemist’s copperskin and iron bones are hard to damage. Facing Fang Zhuoying’s airtight swords, he still grows up straight like a fire moth, not afraid of death.

Fang Zhuoying knew that all those who came tonight were strong enemies, and at the moment they had to struggle to entangle the alchemy so that he and Zhao Feng could not join forces, so that Master could be more than parable. Since this person has cultivated to the realm of Dacheng, the sword is getting in the way, Fang Zhuoying invited the other party to a bare-chested fight with a gesture exclusively for a prairie man.

Huku wrestling had no set tricks at all. It only relied on the agility and strength of both sides to decide the victory or defeat, alchemy underestimated the enemy, and fell into Fang Zhuoying’s trap. When he reacted, he was already at a disadvantage. Fang Zhuoying pressed the joints of the alchemy, causing her to open her mouth involuntarily, and took the opportunity to lift the golden step and stab it into the upper jaw, penetrating the brain.

At this time, Fang Jianming and Zhao Feng were fighting to the full. Fang Hai City rushed to assist Master in time. The three of them swept in the wind to form a ball, and finally cut the Ku Ku warrior under the sword, and Fang Zhuoying heard the alchemy direction. He whispered intermittently with his last words, painfully and decisively ended his life.

After the assassins are resolved tonight, the Jincheng Palace crisis is completely resolved, and Di Xu intends to reward Fang Zhuoying. Unexpectedly, the golden light between his fingers flips and the sharp edge is aimed at Di Xu’s heart. At the critical moment, Fang Jianming flashed in front of Emperor Xu. As the long thorns deepened, his robes had been stained with blood.

When everyone saw this, dozens of guards arrived with knives and were shocked on the spot. Fang Zhuoying took the opportunity to turn over the window and fled, and took the light exercises taught by Fang Jianming personally back then. He fought and walked all the way. In a flash, he jumped out of the crowd.

The winter is coming this year as scheduled, everything is quiet and dying, white flies flying across, the Li people in the city of Apocalypse are all living and working in peace and contentment, but who knows the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows, how many people’s bones are piled up, and the flesh and blood is the bedding. Because of the so-called rule of prosperity by the emperor.

Fanghai City found out that the death of Zheli was related to Master, so before she was ordered to kill Fang Zhuoying, she couldn’t help asking whether she had killed how many people, and why she refused to let go of even the helpless blind girl.

After experiencing this series of changes one after another, Fang Haishi became more and more disappointed in Master. She had never thought that the person with a lofty status in her heart would actually fall into the struggle for imperial power and become a puppet without emotion.

Fang Zhuoying is a brother and a friend in Haishi, but he can go hand in hand with his booze and sword. Fang Jianming is her teacher, her friend, and her beloved, and she eventually becomes a warrior that the other party regards as cannibalism. Even those who swear to be loyal to him forever are like chess pieces in their hands and can be abandoned at any time.

In the days and nights of the July New Moon, Duohan failed to assassinate Di Xu, wounding dozens of guards inside, and Kuiye fled northward. The soldiers led by Fang Haishi and Fu Yi arrested Fang Zhuoying, but they were raided in the countryside.

It was noon in August when we chased to Mohe Pass. As Fang Zhuoying was riding the Nine-Flower Qiuhuan to the Jiaman Army, the task of shooting the “traitor” was handed over because it belonged to the Jiaman country. Fanghai City.

In fact, Fang Zhuoying and Master have been planning for today for a long time, and they are determined to regard Fanghai City as a human being, and would rather resist than kill him. As long as he wins this bet, he will be free and seven thousand miles away. Hanzhou.

When the body was vacated, the man’s voice was still vivid, Fang Zhuoying did not dodge, and Fang Haishi deliberately shot it wide and didn’t hurt the vitals. As Fang Zhuoying fell into a coma from the horse, the shouts of the Jiaman army gradually surrounded him, and Fang Haishi drove away when he saw it.

Duoluo learned that Zhaofeng and Alchemy had both died in the hands of Fang Jianming’s master and apprentice.

At that time, there will be a hidden line left by Su Ming willing to help, and Ji Chang is also willing to join forces with the left part of Huku to attack Apocalypse City. When the spring blossoms in the coming year, Ji Chang rises in the Apocalypse City and Duohan is responsible for attacking Huangquan Pass. Both inside and outside win the battle.

At the same time, Ji Chang put away his usual laughing expression, annoyed that the two good eagles that he had tried so hard to choose before turned out to be stepping stones in Fang Jianming’s game. Not only the death of Zheliu was blamed on the palace of Chang Wang, but Fang Zhuoying was also involved outside the customs.

Nowadays, the people of Huku have not questioned, they actually regard Fang Zhuoying as a young hero who endures the humiliation and lurking on the march. Ji Chang can only sigh that Fang Jianming’s abacus is so meticulous. Shi Nei Gong conveyed Duohan’s plan to Ji Chang, and under his order, looked for Fang Jianming’s minions in the capital.

Originally, Fanghai City wanted to rush back to Apocalypse City as soon as possible, but fainted halfway because it was close to Chishan City. Fu Yi first settled her down and asked her doctor to come for treatment. Unexpectedly, she knew that the other party was her daughter.

That night, Fu Yi killed the doctor, and went to Fanghai City to discuss with him the next day, leaving a few people in the post house to take care of her and catching up with the brigade after she recovered from her injuries.

At this moment, all the ministers started to play, in response to Fang Zhuoying’s identity, accusing Fang Jianming of negligence, he must be severely punished and Jifeng Museum thoroughly investigated. Ji Chang pretended to speak for Fang Jianming, but Fang Jianming asked himself to be dismissed and went to be on duty outside the North Palace gate.

After the early dynasty was dismissed, Di Xu was very annoyed by this, knowing that the group of ministers who had seen the wind and rudder, always wanted to take down his confidant with all his heart, wishing to let himself become a lonely family. Tilan comforted Di Xu and promised to be by his side forever until the end of time.

Although Emperor Xu didn’t respond to Fang Jianming’s request for dismissal, Fang Jianming still came to be on duty outside the North Palace Gate. Ji Chang pretended to come over to express his concern, and Fang Jianming seemed to deal with it. Emperor Xu instructed Mu Deqing to declare a decree tomorrow and prepare an application of Tilan in accordance with the subsequent ritual system.

On the other hand, Fu Yi came to Ji Chang’s mansion in disguise to inform Fang Hai City’s daughter, confirming Fang Jianming’s crime of deceiving the emperor. Ji Chang was pleasantly surprised, and stopped moving for the time being, until the time was right to take down Di Xu, Fang Jianming and others in one fell swoop.

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