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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 32 Recap

Cao Yaoniang was sold into the hospital, and Cao Wenbin pretended to be a kitchen handyman, so she could only look at her from a distance. He overheard Yao Niang’s words, and Cao Wenbin, who was adhering to the old concept, thought Yao Niang had left her fame in order to survive. He tried every means to put poison in the food eaten by the girl in the hospital, and accidentally poisoned a cat.

The mother in the hospital wanted to find the person who had poisoned it. Cao Yaoniang saw her father among the subordinates, so she took the initiative to help solve the case, and, on the basis of the trial, met with three subordinates alone, including her father. Cao Wenbin’s daughter Yaoniang was implicated by him, but Yaoniang did not blame him. She wants to live, as long as she doesn’t leave this yard, she doesn’t care no matter how badly she is said outside.

But Cao Wenbin cares, he cares about his daughter’s reputation, reputation is more important than anything else. He raised a knife at his daughter, and wanted her to slash her face twice. He felt that only disfigurement could preserve her name and innocence. Yaoniang found it absurd and outrageous, so she asked for a night to consider. Yaoniang thought about it all night, and when she woke up the next day, Yaoniang finally made up her mind to refuse her father’s request for disfigurement.

She wants to sever ties with Cao Wenbin and will not be disfigured. She wants to live beautifully in the courtyard. After that, Cao Wenbin was thrown out of the hospital, and Cao Yaoniang casually found an excuse to prevaricate her mother, and the matter was exposed. Cao Wenbin returned to the house and told his father that Cao Yaoniang could not come back.

This mother went to Ren’s silk factory to buy fabrics and talked to Zeng Baoqin about it. Zeng Baoqin guessed that the official woman mentioned by this mother was Cao Wenbin’s daughter. Cao Wenbin secretly went out while his wife was asleep, and bribed the man to put a box of rouge on Yaoniang’s dressing table.

Mrs. Cao followed him secretly and saw this scene clearly. As soon as Cao Wenbin’s front foot left, Mrs. Cao replaced the rouge box with a silver bracelet on her back foot. Madam Cao walked down the street desperately, and walked to the door of Jinxifang, Xiao Lan led her in. Mrs. Cao asked Shen Cuixi to help her to see Yaoniang. The kind-hearted Shen Cuixi agreed to her request despite the previous complaints.

Madam Cao remembered the past, and the scenes seemed to be ironic, mocking the rules and etiquette she had always followed. The idea of ​​her husband Cao Wenbin’s wanting to kill Yaoniang was undoubtedly revealed. Mrs. Cao was disappointed, but she said that she bought a coffin and cemetery to bury Yaoniang. Cao Wenbin thought she still remembered etiquette, her attitude immediately changed, and smiled and hugged his wife.

Weng Jin stepped on the climbing wall, and he really saw Ruyi outside the wall of the Ren Palace. He stopped Ruyi and said that this was the second time they met. He also brought the sweet-scented osmanthus cake that Ruyi liked to eat. Ruyi was a little touched, and returned to the room to feel sorry for herself. The mother of the hospital made custom-made clothes for the women in the hospital, and someone specially went to the hospital to tailor these women.

Shen Cuixi was also among them. She took the initiative to measure Cao Yaoniang, and Cao Yaoniang recognized her. But she misunderstood Shen Cuixi’s kindness and always thought that Shen Cuixi was here to harm herself. There is nothing wrong for her to think so. After all, the dignified lady Shen in Jinxifang came to the courtyard to measure the body of women in the courtyard disguised as an ordinary person. Who would do such a low price. Shen Cuixi told her that Mrs. Cao had asked her to come.

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