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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 20 Recap

Wang Ji and Xu Qingyou sat far away, and Xu Qingyou didn’t worry about Mo Lingze at all, because she could see that Mo Lingze didn’t like Lin Siyu. After sending away Wang Ji and Lin Siyu, Mo Lingze and Xu Qingyou were playing along the waves at the beach, which was regarded as an early date for the two of them.

The two were very happy. Xu Qingyou thought that the scenery here was unique and they could complete the unfinished date. Facing the sea, the two kissed passionately, just like a man and woman in love, Mo Lingze hugged Xu Qingyou, hoping that she would be the only one from now on.

After Mo Lingze went back, he knew that Taikang’s fake data was directed at him, and that it was obviously impossible to check the data one by one now, so Fang Qi let Fang Qi go out, saying that he found the data falsified and let the other party show their feet in chaos.

Xu Wei accidentally heard Fang Qi want to talk about a project with Boss Wang in the park, so he took the initiative to find Boss Wang to talk about painting murals for him for free. Xu Wei graduated from the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, and is naturally not a painter like others. Similarly, Boss Wang agreed and changed his attitude, giving the project to Fang Qi. Fang Qi accidentally saw Xu Wei painting a mural from his circle of friends, and ran to find Xu Wei angrily.

He happened to knock Xu Wei and be run on by two other painters. It was too real. Fang Qi spoke for Xu Wei and threw away the paintbrush in Xu Wei’s hand. He took Xu Wei to find Boss Wang and asked Boss Wang to pay Xu Wei, otherwise he would tear down the wall. Boss Wang had no choice but to promise. Fang Qi blamed Xu Wei for not interfering in her affairs, and sacrificed her dignity to ask her for projects. An angry Fang Qi drove away, and Xu Wei rode a bicycle to chase her desperately.

When Fang Qi saw Xu Wei behind him, he felt sad every time he rescued himself. Xu Wei said that love is not possession, and he is willing to let go and not entangle him. Xu Wei couldn’t catch up with his bike, and fell on the ground. Unexpectedly, Fang Qi came back and blamed Xu Wei for being a fool. Xu Wei knew that Fang Qi didn’t like his type, knew that he was not mature enough, and just hoped that Fang Qi was not mature enough. Qi can live better. Fang Qi pulled Xu Wei by the collar and kissed it, which made Xu Wei stunned. Fang Qi turned and left. Xu Wei rushed over and grabbed Fang Qi and kissed him.

President Tang came to Mo Lingze and pointed out that Mo Lingze just doesn’t eat, drink or sleep, and it’s impossible to investigate the data of all the stores for a week. However, Mo Lingze told President Tang not to waste his efforts. President Tang’s purpose is also It would not be reached. President Tang took out a tie and wanted to give it to Mo Lingze. When Mo Lingze got up and wanted to refuse, Fang Qi rushed in and Fang Qi unceremoniously drove away President Tang.

Fang Qi talked with Mo Lingze from the perspective of a girlfriend. As for this President Tang, she also investigated. The name is Tang Xi, Mo Lingze’s ex-girlfriend. Tang Xi and Fengtang’s accountant were less than three years after their marriage. Just divorced and took away the entire Fengtang, so this person is definitely not easy.

Fang Qi thinks that the purpose of her return this time is aimed at Mo Lingze, but Xu Qingyou is softhearted, and she is definitely not the opponent of Mo Lingze’s predecessor. Fang Qi warns Mo Lingze if he dares to do things that I’m sorry for Xu Qingyou. She will definitely not let Mo Lingze go, even if Mo Lingze is her boss. Mo Lingze definitely told Fang Qi that he would not give Fang Qi this opportunity.

At Mo Lingze’s performance, he used ten performances in exchange for the boss’s wife to reserve a VIP for Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou just sat down to imitate, Tang Xi also walked in and took the initiative to teach Xu Qingyou how to play Rubik’s Cube . Seeing that the predecessor and the incumbent were together, Mo Lingze introduced each other generously. Tang Xi thanked Xu Qingyou for taking care of Mo Lingze when she was away. Xu Qingyou’s generous response should be thankful to Tang Xi, President Tang Mo Lingze for protecting him so well before he appeared.

During the performance, Mo Lingze sang a song specifically for his girlfriend and expressed his love for his girlfriend. Xu Qingyou was very happy. Someone at the scene recognized Tang Xi. Tang Xi was originally the lead singer of the band. Everyone repeatedly asked to restore the previous singing. Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm, the proprietress had to offer everyone to realize their dreams.

Tang Xi gave his song to Mo Lingze, and the whole band still cooperated with Tang Xi’s demons, and Xu Qingyou left the scene in jealousy. Mo Lingze, who bowed his head and played the guitar, did not notice Xu Qingyou leaving. Xu Qingyou walked to the door and saw the band poster. He remembered the first time Mo Lingze sang here. It seemed that it was this song. Xu Qingyou walked forward without looking back and left the bar

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