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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 19 Recap

Mo Lingze hugged Xu Qingyou onto the bed, just hoping that she would use these sixty minutes to get a good night’s sleep, knowing that she was tired and hard.

Xu Qingyou lay on the bed and looked at Mo Lingze in front of him, worried that if he liked Mo Lingze so much that he couldn’t help it, how would he deal with it? However, Mo Lingze said it was best not to change and clean up forever. When Xu Qingyou had to speak, Mo Lingze forced her to shut up and sleep.

Xu Qingyou wanted to cook a decent meal for Mo Lingze, but he didn’t expect it to be a mess. Even the shrimp in the pot was brought to the case by her, which made Xu Qingyou helpless.

Mo Lingze discovered that there was a problem with Taikang Biology, so Wang Ji quickly intercepted it from the legal affairs department. In fact, Taikang’s data was perfect when it was submitted, and all of this was set up by Fan Yunxi. He tried his best to drive Mo Lingze out of the business. Some of Mo Lingze’s colleagues colluded with Fan Yunxi to facilitate this. The traitor just wants to drive Mo Lingze away from Shangge, but Fan Yunxi hopes that Mo Lingze has no place in this industry. Fan Yunxi hated Mo Lingze for stealing Xu Qingyou, and had to take revenge.

Xu Wei took Fang Qi to the playground to relax. Before leaving, he told Fang Qi that if she was unwilling to accept herself, then he would never show up. If Fang Qi wanted to fall in love with him, he could call him back at any time, Fang Qi watched The back of Xu Wei’s departure was very moved.

Xu Qingyou didn’t know how to cook, he could only order a lot of takeaways. Mo Lingze could see it because he thought the plate was exquisitely presented, but Mo Lingze could still see it at a glance. Xu Qingyou had to apologize with a kiss, Mo Ling. Ze didn’t let Xu Qingyou go and hugged a long kiss, but Xu Wei suddenly came to the world to disturb the two.

Mo Lingze, Xu Qingyou, and Xu Wei ate dinner. Xu Wei felt that Mo Lingze and Xu Qingyou were too mysterious now. People who didn’t know thought that they were engaged in an underground relationship. Xu Qingyou felt a little uncomfortable. Xu Wei asked if Mo Lingze had a girlfriend. Mo Lingze seriously replied that Xu Wei has a girlfriend, but his girlfriend is more difficult to deal with, and he has more thoughts. With a single sentence, Xu Qingyou kicked Mo Lingze with one leg and was Mo Lingze. Quickly grabbed the leg.

While Xu Wei went to the bathroom, Xu Qingyou apologized for failing to complete the remedy plan. Mo Lingze kissed Xu Qingyou to make up for it. Xu Qingyou promised a date plan for two people the next day, and Mo Lingze readily agreed.

Xu Qingyou and Fang Qi had coffee together, and Fang Qi nagged that Mo Lingze was a fire pit, causing her and Wang Ji to keep working overtime. When Fang Qi was grumbling, he saw Xu Qingyou sending messages with a smile on his face. After snatching it over, he saw the content of the message, and asked Xu Qingyou to truthfully explain the situation with his stern face. Xu Qingyou told Fang Qi that she had jumped into the fire pit, and all of the coffee that Fang Qi drank was spit out at once. Fang Qi asked what stage Xu Qingyou had reached? Asking to confess everything, Xu Qingyou made a gesture with Qi and understood.

Mo Lingze found out that Taikang’s data was fraudulent, so he told Mr. Luo. Mr. Luo recommended Mo Lingze to Mr. Tang and agreed to give up 25% of Taikang’s shares. However, Mr. Tang suggested that only Mo Lingze was required. , Mo Lingze got up and left, saying that he had given up the false data evidence of Taikang.

When Xu Qingyou caught a cold, Mo Lingze hurried back, blaming Xu Qingyou for being too busy at work and not taking good care of her body, and warning Xu Qingyou to take care of her at home. The paper Xu Qingyou wiped his nose was picked up by Mo Lingze himself and thrown into the trash can, which made Xu Qingyou feel happy.

Mo Lingze boiled Chinese medicine for Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou didn’t want to drink such a bitter medicine, but I heard that Mo Lingze took half an hour to make it, so he drank it all in one breath, and Mo Lingze was ready. After giving sugar to Xu Qingyou, Xu Qingyou praised Mo Lingze for taking care of others, and asked whether Mo Lingze had taken care of many people before. Mo Lingze smiled and said that he had taken care of a lot.

At this time, Wang Ji sent a voice, Lin Siyu was gone, Mo Lingze and Xu Qingyou hurriedly rushed over to join Wang Ji, and then went to Lin Siyu’s house to look for them, but there was no one. When Mo Lingze heard that today was the 21st, he remembered that Lin Siyu had said that he would attend the pineapple party on the 21st and hope to be with Mo Lingze.

Lin Siyu came to the beach and saw a few children making sandcastles. She wanted to hide herself. The children thought that Lin Siyu was too big to hide, and Lin Siyu thought that she was no longer a child. Lin Siyu and Mo Lingze met at the beach for the first time. Mo Lingze ordered the last pineapple steak. Lin Siyu wanted to eat and went to Mo Lingze to say a good word. Although Mo Lingze indifferently refused, he still let people accept him in the end. The steak was given to Lin Siyu, that is, from then on, Lin Siyu had a love for Mo Lingze.

Mo Lingze took Wang Ji and Xu Qingyou to the beach and saw Lin Siyu. Lin Siyu was angry and blamed Mo Lingze. She knew that Mo Lingze didn’t like her, but she didn’t expect that she would not eat a meal with her. Xu Qing You pulled Mo Lingze to let him and Lin Siyu eat. Mo Lingze had no choice but to agree. Lin Siyu said that she liked Mo Lingze before, but now that Mo Lingze was cold and poisonous, she also let go of her obsession, planning to find a new target after today, and Mo Lingze was finally relieved and raised a glass. Bless Lin Siyu.

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