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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 18 Recap

Qiao Qingqian turned off Pan Yanming’s cell phone, went to his house to find Pan Yanming and hid upstairs, and asked the nanny to convey that he had gone out to discuss business, and that Qingqian was not allowed to come home again in the future.

The store manager told Qing Qian: If the property notice fails to pay the rent, the house will be collected, and if the employee does not get the salary, he will not come to work tomorrow. Qing Qian had to take out his bank card to advance the employee’s salary.

The doctor told Father Feng after the review: Chunsheng’s mother did not get cancer, but uterine fibroids, which was not a major problem. When Chunsheng’s mother had a dinner with her relatives, she explained to her son that her illness had delayed her work. Chunsheng also toasted to her father-in-law to show her determination. Zhuo Nanzhi dismissed it. His mother agreed with her and praised her son’s cleverness and learning. Nanzhi told his daughter that Chunsheng and her parents-in-law had worked hard for this meal.

When parting, Chunsheng’s parents once again emphasized that the son’s work made her parents bother, and they insisted on letting Zhuo Nanzhi accept the souvenirs brought from hometown and the bacon he made by herself. Seeing his parents please in front of his father-in-law in every way, Chunsheng was full of flavors. Miscellaneous.

Xiaoting drove her father home. On the way, Zhuo Nanzhi pointed out that Chunsheng was in order to become a positive person. Today, his parents moved out to play the emotional card, but a person’s temperament cannot be changed. He felt that he had protected his daughter so well. Now, she is the only one who treats Feng Chunsheng as a treasure. After returning home, Chunsheng complained that Xiaoting shouldn’t have this round, making his father look down on himself even more.

Qiao Qingqian borrowed wine to relieve her sorrows in the restaurant at night. She called Xing Ran with tears in her eyes and said that she wanted too much. It turned out to be a joke. Now she doesn’t know how to live to make sense?

Early the next morning, Chunsheng’s parents left and returned to their hometown. His mother told her son to work hard in the company, and don’t worry about them, but to have more contact with his father-in-law.

Marlene was entrusted by Li Zhenbao to bring Simplicity to the teahouse and act as a matchmaker for the two of them. Simplicity is more enthusiastic about Li Zhenbao this time than ever. On the way home, Malevin said that Simple had a good talk with Zhenbao, and that Simple is not young and looks average, Zhenbao is more than enough to match her. She simply replied that she also felt that Zhenbao was pretty good, and she was sure, and Mariev calmly said that she was happy for her.

Feng Chunsheng made an appointment for a simple evening meal, confided that his life is not like what outsiders would see, and simply said that a person is responsible for his choice. Even if Chunsheng is unhappy, it is the price he should pay. If he is allowed to choose again , He will definitely choose his current life. Feng Chunsheng told herself to tell herself something simple, don’t stand up, simply reject his kindness, claim that she was good, and resist to the end. She left after eating, and didn’t want to stay with Feng Chunsheng for one more minute.

In the evening, Li Zhenbao called Malevin and said that he was good at being simple. Jian Xingran asks Marlene to eat after get off work. Speaking of Lin’s opinion on him, Marlene encourages Xingran to show off the effort to chase the girl regardless, so that other people’s opinions are not important. Xingran knows that with his own qualifications It was not enough for the company’s recruitment standards. Marlene kindly took in and gave him a good salary, all for the sake of his sister, and Lin always had opinions about him because of his sister, but her sister was a particularly traditional and honest woman. Mariev interrupted him, saying that he had just introduced his sister to his sister, and Xing Ran felt relieved.

Qiao Qingqian finally got in touch with Pan Yanming, and the two met at the restaurant. Pan Yanming said that he had encountered a lot of trouble in business and that he might not be able to survive this time. He was going to sell the restaurant, and The house and the car are also going to let Qing Qian think about another way out.

Qing Qian pointed out that the past three years of owning the restaurant have been very helpful to Pan Yanming’s company’s income and contacts. She wanted to take two million away. Pan Yanming was furious and accused Qing Qian of not having the capital to bargain with herself. He only Give two hundred thousand, no more points. Qing Qian wants to move out of the house as soon as possible, and she won’t need to take care of the store anymore.

Xiaoting couldn’t find Feng Chunsheng in the company, and heard from employees that he had gone to a school. In Jingcai School, Jian Jian was watering the green belt. I heard Mr. Gu and colleagues discuss that the school had approved a quota for this high-quality class review. It was clearly a privilege for her. The simple background was not small, not only with the horse who donated books. There is always a relationship, and also has something to do with the son-in-law of the Zhuoyuan Group, but simple and angry, and they are arguing with them that he has nothing to rely on anyone.

But when she was alone, she wondered if this place was suddenly lost and regained. Is it because Feng Chunsheng played a role in this matter? If this is the case, how should she face these rumors, and should she still enjoy the results calmly? In the evening, Xiaoting deliberately asked Chunsheng where he went to work during the day, and Chunsheng lied that she was out of office.

Early the next morning, Xiaoting called Principal Su and learned that the school had granted Teacher Jian a place for high-quality course selection.

Qiao Qingqian’s restaurant was closed. In the evening, she called Xingran and looked at the lights that went out in the store, and Qingqian lay in tears in Xingran’s arms.

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