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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 5 Recap

Shao Beisheng asked his teammates to help clean the equipment training room for a week. The teammates couldn’t help but joked about his relationship with Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi desperately defended. Shao Beisheng forced her out without waiting for her to finish, and promised to find a way to get her. On the ice training, the condition is that Shen Zhengyi will pretend to be his girlfriend, and Shen Zhengyi will sign the contract.

As soon as Shen Zheng returned to the dormitory, Zhu Lele struggled to ask her about her relationship with Shao Beisheng. When Shen Zheng thought of Shao Beisheng’s contract, he had to admit that she was in love with Shao Beisheng. Zhu Lele couldn’t wait to ask her for tips on chasing boys. Xiao Han complained that Luo Xiaoyi shouldn’t target Shen Zhengyi everywhere, and wanted Shen Zhengyi to assist her, so Luo Xiaoyi reluctantly agreed.

Shao Beisheng called early in the morning to ask Shen Zhengyi to buy him breakfast, and promised to take Shen Zhengyi to the ice tomorrow Saturday. Shen Zhengyi will come to Shao Beisheng on time to deliver breakfast. Shao Beisheng showed off as his teammates on the figure skating team. In the afternoon, Shao Beisheng asked Shen Zhengyi to go to the cafeteria to occupy a seat, deliberately showing affection with Shen Zheng under the public. Later, Shao Beisheng also asked Shen Zhengyi to accompany him to the botanical garden to fertilize, and Shen Zhengyi bite the bullet to do it one by one. . When Liu Fei witnessed this scene, she gritted her teeth with anger.

Shao Beisheng and Shen Zheng had a high-profile love relationship, which immediately caused a sensation on campus. The girls who had always admired Shao Beisheng had a bad word at Shen Zheng. Liu Fei came directly to Shen Zhengyi to negotiate. Shen Zhengyi lied that they had been in love for a hundred days. Liu Fei didn’t believe it at all. Shao Beisheng rushed to help Shen Zhengyi in time, and deliberately hugged Shen in front of Liu Fei. After fighting, Liu Fei turned around and ran away, Xiao Qing could see clearly from the side.

Shao Beisheng wanted to take Shen Zheng to the ice rink. He went to the coach’s office to steal the key to the ice rink and made Qu stare at Zhuang Yue’s every move. When Zhu Lele found Qu Zhi was sneaky, she forced him to fight, Qu Zhi had to explain the truth, and Zhu Lele promised to help hold Zhuang Yue. Shao Beisheng rummaged through the office and found that there were signed photos of the female celebrity in Coach Ma’s drawer. He couldn’t help laughing. Shao Beisheng finally found the key to the ice rink under his desk. He just wanted to leave, but Xiao Qing found out. Shao Beisheng Please Xiao Qing to help conceal it.

Zhuang Yue found Zhu Lele and Quzhi whispering outside the door, so he tortured them severely. Zhu Lele and Quzhi had to explain the truth. Zhuang Yue called all the people involved and gave them a severe lesson and asked each of them to write one. Copies of inspections. Shen Zhengyi apologized to Xiao Qing, Qu Zhi, Shao Beisheng, and Zhu Lele respectively. Afterwards, Zhuang Yue approached Shao Beisheng to settle the accounts and gave him a slap in the face. Instead, Shao Beisheng accused her of not being a mother. Zhuang Yue was speechless.

Xiao Qing went home to continue fighting with Xiao Cold, Xiao Han took the initiative to reconcile with her, admitting that she and Shao Beisheng cooperated very well, but reminded her not to follow Shao Beisheng foolishly. Xiao Qing felt that he was defending Shen Zhengyi everywhere, and Xiao Han was speechless. Word. Shao Beisheng seriously helped Xiao Qing write an inspection, and Shen Zhengyi wrote a review and gave it to Zhuang Yue, asking Zhuang Yue to let her train on ice, but Zhuang Yue resolutely refused, worrying that she would affect other people’s training.

Shen Zhengyi wanted to terminate the contract with Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng promised to arrange Shen Zhengyi on the ice within two days. He asked the horse coach to intercede and wanted to give up training time to Shen Zhengyi. The horse coach resolutely refused to agree, and Shao Beisheng moved him out. To make fun of chasing stars, Coach Ma had to make concessions and promised to give them two hours. As soon as Shao Beisheng got the key to the ice rink, he sent a message to inform Shen Zhengyi, and Shen Zhengyi couldn’t wait to rush over.

Shao Beisheng taught Shen Zheng to slide a curve hand in hand. Shen Zheng gradually found the feeling and mastered the skills and essentials of the curve. She slipped more and more steadily, and slid faster and faster. Shao Beisheng let go and Shen Zhengyi glided the curve perfectly. Road, she was very happy. Zhuang Yue came to stop Shen Zhengyi suddenly. Shao Beisheng took the initiative and accused Zhuang Yue of not being a qualified coach. Zhuang Yue was furious. She repeatedly emphasized that if Shen Zhengyi did not control the speed, there would be danger and ruin the future. It would affect other players, Zhuang Yue warned Shen Zhengyi not to go on the ice without authorization, otherwise he would get out.

Shen Zhengyi was thoroughly scolded by Zhuang Yue and realized the seriousness of the problem. She felt sorry for Shao Beisheng, and Shao Beisheng was scolded along with him. Shao Beisheng felt sorry for her. She had not received professional training. Shen Zhengyi could admit that his mother would not let her. Practicing speed skating, she envied Shao Beisheng’s parents’ support. Shao Beisheng felt bitter in her heart and couldn’t tell. Her mother, Zhuang Yue, didn’t care about him except for supporting his speed skating.

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