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The Psychologist 女心理师 Episode 4 Recap

Yuna’s parents and Hutton talked about Yuna’s first abnormal behavior. That time Yuna stole a few packets of potato chips in a supermarket and was arrested by the store owner into the police station. But in fact, according to Yuna’s family economy The condition is not to steal the potato chips, which to some extent shows that Yuna is to get the attention of her parents.

He Dun guided Yuna’s parents to think carefully about whether they had any conversation that was heard by the child that day. He Dun’s mother remembered that she had quarreled with the child’s father that morning, and again when she talked about the divorce, they thought the child had gone to school. So I didn’t hide it. Yuna’s mother also said that before the child’s college entrance examination, the two of them cannot be separated.

According to Horton’s analysis, although Yuna and her parents said that she had come back from school, it can be seen from her words and deeds that Yuna slept late and heard the conversations of her parents at home, and saw her father push Walking out with the suitcase, Yuna’s father also said that he was only going to Beijing for a few days on business.

Hutton asked if they had talked about separation afterwards. Yuna’s father said that he also wanted to make an excuse to live out for a while, but he did not succeed. Thinking about it carefully, it was all because Yuna was injured or ill. Yuna’s father thought that as long as they concealed the fact of the divorce, the child would not be harmed.

Houghton explained that when the close relationship between the two of them changes in nature, even if they don’t say anything, the children can perceive that Yuna will make a series of actions in order to maintain the family relationship.

For the rest of the time, Horton led the two to do a psychological test. What was the cause of the most intense quarrel in recent years. As a result, Yuna’s parents remembered all things related to Yuna. At this time, Horton asked them again. Choosing that matter separately made them the most sad, and He Dun’s parents chose each other.

Horton analyzed that the close relationship between the two has always been problematic, and the two cannot solve the problem very well. However, the problems caused by the two have more or less caused the children to actively or passively transfer into their conflicts. Children’s uncertainty about their self-worth may also make Yuna think that she is the cause of her parents’ problems. Only when she has problems, the relationship between parents will get better.

When Yuna’s mother heard this, she couldn’t help crying anymore, feeling extremely guilty. He Dun continued the last step and asked Yuna’s parents to light a match, and the consultation ended here.

Afterwards, Horton came to a garden. The professor who had taught her was watering the fruits and vegetables. Horton made tea for the professor. Speaking of this consultation, the couple was a typical chasing model, and his wife was struggling. Forced, aggressive, and her husband kept escaping, but now they are aware of the problem, and the child’s defense mechanism will naturally collapse. He was praised by the professor, and Horton left with the fruits and vegetables in satisfaction.

On the other side, Lily brought Qian Kaiyi to He Dun’s studio and asked him to help with work.

Hutton returned to the studio and saw the newly renewed studio. He hugged Lily busy and expressed his gratitude. Hutton even said that he could be accepted by her body. Lily looked at Qian Kaiyi who suddenly appeared next to her and joked. You can consider Qian Kaiyi. He Dun suddenly let go, and Lily left at the opportunity.

Qian Kaiyi once again said that he sincerely invited He Dun to participate in their program. He Dun didn’t care if it was a sunrise industry. She only worried about how much help her profession could provide in unfamiliar fields.

Later, He Dun talked with Yuna. Although Yuna’s parents were not sure whether they could reconcile, He Dun explained to Yuna that Yuna’s father once helped Xiaozhe because Xiaozhe’s father once helped their family. .

Yuna looked at the busy Xiaozhe’s mother, ran down to help deliver food at the barbecue stall, and asked her classmates to help give gifts to Xiaozhe. The relationship between the two classmates finally improved.

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