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The Psychologist 女心理师 Episode 3 Recap

Qian Kaiyi is not sure who Xiaozhe and Yuna lied, but what Horton can be sure of is that the conflict between the two girls has not been resolved and may intensify, but this is also likely to be a solution. An important clue to Na’s psychological problems.

In fact, before the jumping incident, Yuna’s relationship with Xiaozhe did deteriorate again. In one class, Xiaozhe who was late for a class wore a high-profile dress. Yuna remembered that this was the clothes his father gave Yuna’s mother before. The anger and incomprehension.

After He Dun, best friend Lily and Qian Kaiyi selected the office supplies for the studio, they soon began to decorate. The sofa, curtains, lighting, temperature, and scent in the studio were all placed under He Dun’s command. At the right position, Qian Kaiyi looked at He Dun’s methodical appearance and gained a new understanding of He Dun’s professional ability.

Ye Jiahui was also looking at the house. He finally chose a north-south, two-story house with balconies, and this house happened to be next door to He Dun’s studio.

In Haifeng International Radio, everyone was busy working. Qian Kaiyi swaggered to the work station, but his seat was not stable. The colleague told Qian Kaiyi that Director Fei was looking for him today.

Qian Kaiyi came to Director Fei’s office and told Director Fei that his program Heart Night Talk was very likely to restart because the audience’s expectations were high, and the number of Weibo reposts had already reached tens of thousands.

Xin Fei Night Talk is the first nightly emotional talk show in the country. The host, Wei Lan, is an absolute goddess and is well-known.

Qian Kaiyi feels that since they hold the star program in their hands, they must let it be rejuvenated in the new era. He has already figured out the theme of this first issue, which can be called a return to 1996. Their turnaround this time can be. Just rely on this.

Director Fei thinks that Qian Kaiyi’s enthusiasm for work is a good thing, but if he has to go step by step, the salted fish will become canned fish if he can’t turn himself over. First of all, he needs to find a psychological counseling expert as a work partner, specializing in emotional conversation and psychological counseling. Combining sex, the director discussed whether to add another person to Qian Kaiyi’s show. Qian Kaiyi guessed that this was Pan Tai’s proposal and left directly.

Qian Kaiyi asked Pan Tai to ask about the reason for adding people to the show. Pan Tai replied that he could find a psychologist as soon as possible. Qian Kaiyi promised that he could find a psychologist within a week, and if the listening rate reaches the top three, Pan Tai It is no longer possible to mention substitutions, the listening rate is the first, and the time talk show needs to be returned to him. Upon hearing this condition, Pan Tai decisively agreed.

On this day, Yuna came to Hutton’s studio. Through the conversation between the two, Hutton learned that the conflict between Yuna and Xiaozhe was still related to Yuna’s parents, so he had an appointment with Yuna’s parents.

At night, He Dun received the takeaway that Qian Kaiyi bought. He didn’t know what the other party had, so he called to ask the situation, but Qian Kaiyi still didn’t explain the reason, and he persuaded He Dun to hurry up before Yuna’s parents came. Have dinner.

Before long, Yuna’s parents also came to the studio. Heton patiently explained Yuna’s situation with the two and hoped that they could also treat each other frankly. Yuna’s mother didn’t want to tell the truth, but in the end it was for you. Regarding Na’s health, she still said that they had been divorced last year. Considering Yuna was about to take the college entrance examination, they were afraid of affecting her daughter’s mood, so she concealed this matter from her daughter.

In the early morning of the next day, Yuna’s mother again asked Hutton to consult her daughter’s psychological problems. Hutton asked if Yuna knew that their husband and wife were divorced. Judging from Yuna’s initial abnormal behavior, she wanted to get her parents’ advice. Attention, which led to a series of extreme behaviors.

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