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The Psychologist 女心理师 Episode 2 Recap

Tang Lili is He Dun’s best friend. Knowing that He Dun has resigned, she took He Dun to drink with her in order to soothe her girlfriend. On this day, Ye Jiahui also came to the same bar to drink with friends.

Out of professional habit, when He Dun was washing his hands at the sink, he noticed that Ye Jiahui was taking medicine, and then he was persuaded by his companion to drink a lot of alcohol. As expected, Ye Jiahui suddenly had breathing problems and fainted.

After Qian Kaiyi saw He Dun’s video on the Internet, he guessed that He Dun was the psychologist who called him before, so he also came to the bar to look for He Dun, and he was about to say hello to him. Ran by to rescue Ye Jiahui who had suddenly fainted, and Qian Kaiyi also stepped forward to help.

Fortunately, He Dun noticed Ye Jiahui’s abnormality and rescued him in the correct way in time. Ye Jiahui escaped the danger of his life and was sent to an ambulance. But soon after he was sent to the ambulance, Ye Jiahui woke up and sneaked away.

Qian Kaiyi finally had time to introduce himself to He Dun. It happened that the middle school teacher called again and told the two that Yuna had an accident. He Dun immediately called Yuna, but Yuna commented on his suicide intention. Points, she is on the diving platform of the school.

When Horton arrived, Yuna had already jumped down, and Horton did not hesitate, so she jumped down, pulling Yuna to the pool, and the moment Heton came ashore, he remembered his childhood memories. , His body fell backward uncontrollably. Fortunately, Qian Kaiyi arrived in time and rescued He Dun through artificial respiration.

Yuna had a conflict with her classmate Xiaozhe, but Yuna was still unwilling to talk. Soon, Yuna’s parents also came to the school and took Yuna away. He Dun reminded Yuna’s mother that Yuna’s recent reaction proved that her psychology is problematic, and she needs more attention from her parents.

At night, Qian Kaiyi drove He Dun home on a motorcycle, but both He Dun and Qian Kaiyi got into the water and had to change into high school uniforms. Therefore, the two were stopped by the traffic police and suspected of their identities. Arrived at the police station. The two had to call friends to prove their identities, and Qian Kaiyi took advantage of Yuna’s psychological problems to reach He Dun’s contact information.

Yuna returned home and sat quietly by the bed without the light turned on. Yuna’s mother was a little worried about her daughter and kept watching secretly. Until late at night, her daughter suddenly slapped herself in her face. Yuna’s mother was frightened and cried. Hug Yuna and tell her daughter that she is by her side and don’t be afraid.

However, none of this has improved, and Yuna’s problem is still not resolved. Yuna’s mother took the initiative to contact Qian Kaiyi, hoping to get He Dun’s psychological assistance.

The next day, Hutton moved to Lily’s house, Qian Kaiyi came to help move things, and told Hutton Yuna’s mother’s request.

He Dun’s studio has not been established yet, and for a while, there was no way to agree to Yuna’s mother’s request. Lily and Qian Kaiyi learned of this, and they helped He Dun immediately renovate the studio and regroup.

He Dun was puzzled by Qian Kaiyi’s concern about his own affairs. When asked the reason, Qian Kaiyi only said that he had no interest in He Dun. Even after artificial respiration, Qian Kaiyi successfully avoided the topic.

He Dun didn’t want to talk about this topic either, so he asked Qian Kaiyi Yuna and his classmate Xiaozhe what happened. Qian Kaiyi explained that they were both top students in the media class. During a high stage performance, Yuna After she fell, Yuna felt that Xiaozhe had pushed her, but Xiaozhe did not admit it.

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