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The Psychologist 女心理师 Episode 1 Recap

Over the city, the slogan of the Haishi Yunkai Psychological Rescue Center was broadcast on the radio. The World Health Organization published on the official website of the world more than 700,000 people died by suicide in 2019. Every forty seconds, one person died by suicide. . At present, suicide is still one of the main causes of human death.

According to research data, the main reasons for suicide are family relationships, marital disputes, interpersonal discord and mental disorders. Most suicides will have ambivalence before committing suicide, which provides unlimited possibilities for psychological intervention.

At the crossroads, a barefoot girl with scars on her body was slowly moving on the sidewalk, her eyes empty, like a discarded doll.

On the side of the intersection, radio anchor Qian Kaiyi was sitting on his black locomotive waiting for a red light. He noticed the girl in a strange state and rescued the girl when a truck was about to hit the girl.

At the Haishi Yunkai Psychological Rescue Center, Mr. Yang brought city officials to inspect. First, they went to the hotline office. Many psychologists were talking with the counselors to provide psychological counseling for them.

Suddenly, the alarm sounded because one of the counselors Yuna mentioned that she wanted to jump off the building. The psychologist raised her hand for help. He Dun came to support her. With professional ability, she stepped down the opponent’s defense line and judged that the opponent was a person. Student, she is probably on the rooftop of a certain school. At the same time, the information was quickly passed to the police. The police quickly searched for the source of the consultant’s signal and the phone number of the teacher, Qian Kaiyi.

After checking the information on Yuna’s online platform, He Dun called the teacher, and Qian Kaiyi, who rushed to the school, answered the phone. After He Dun told him his identity, he asked him to release Yuna’s favorites as quickly as possible. Song, because it is still uncertain whether Yuna has the urge to commit suicide.

Sure enough, Yuna came to the equipment room under He Dun’s persuasion, but she still had a knife in her hand. When she talked about the cause of suicide, she became excited again, raised the knife, and wanted to commit suicide to shut up those who wronged her. Hutton was aware of the other party’s intentions, so he asked Yuna to try to score her suicidal willingness on the rooftop. Yuna gave 95 points. Hutton asked her to think about where the five points she wanted to survive came from. At this moment, Yuna’s Her heart was shaken, she thought of her parents, she didn’t want to make them sad.

At this moment, the warm music that she once liked rang, Yuna put down the knife, opened the door, and accepted the police’s help. Everyone also applauded for He Dun’s professional guidance.

After Yuna was in the police station, Qian Kaiyi asked her how she was, but Yuna asked Teacher Qian if she believed her. Qian Kaiyi actually only took classes on behalf of her friends for three days at school, but still fulfilled her duties as a teacher. , Dedicated to enlighten Yuna, rappelling from the rooftop into the broadcasting room to play music.

After get off work, He Dun bought all kinds of fruits and vegetables on the way home. When he got home, he saw his mother covered with blood. He was panicked for a moment. He found his mother’s mobile phone and was about to call the emergency call. When she heard the voice from Aunt Wang at the vegetable market not long ago, she recalled hearing someone in the vegetable market that seemed to be talking to her mother. The water in the fish tank was still bubbling, indicating that it should be changed within half an hour.

He Dun deliberately said that he wanted to break up with her boyfriend to stimulate his mother. Sure enough, He Dun’s mother woke up by herself. He Dun analyzed various clues and said that this was the third time his mother pretended to be dead, which was not fun at all. He Dun’s mother said that her daughter also lied to herself, and she should find a rich, handsome boyfriend earlier.

He Dun lighted the candles on the birthday cake, pulled his mother to blow the candles, and made a wish that if the mother could drink less, she could bring a rich and handsome son-in-law back. The mother was very pleased to stroke her daughter’s head and said As their Junjun finally grew up, He Dun hugged his mother, the corners of his eyes were already moistened unconsciously.

The next day, Hutton received a call from a young boy. The boy’s mother was in the terminal stage of cancer. She had come to Hutton for counseling on psychological issues. She wanted to conceal her condition through divorce, but Hutton could not refuse. I had to agree, but the little boy and his sister’s accusations were in return for kindness.

Because Horton ran to contact the help-seekers privately and exposed the relationship with the interviewer, she offered to resign.

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