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The Happy Life of People’s Policeman Lao Lin 民警老林的幸福生活 Episode 6 Recap

Walking on the viaduct, the three of them were unable to recruit good-hearted drivers. Seeing that they could not keep up with the music festival, the three seemed a little impetuous. On the other hand, Qi Feng and Lao Lin have caught the suspect back. Although the story has been turned around, Yu Jia Qifeng still retains his opinion.

Qi Feng naturally knows to prove himself well, but Qi Feng’s experience within a few days has caused Qi Feng I was upset and found Lao Lin. Qi Feng wanted to know what kind of character Yu Jia was. As a colleague and friend for many years, Lao Lin directly gave Qi Feng a psychological analysis. Yu Jia must be of uncertain type. , But work is always the essence, Lao Lin still instructs Qi Feng to work hard and not worry too much.

When Xiaonian took a shortcut to the music festival, everything was over. Xuan Xuan squatted on the ground, while Xiaonian looked at the music festival carnival ruins scattered all over the floor, and her heart was empty. In the evening, Yu Jia also came to Lao Lin’s office. Today Chen Lin’s deliberate loss to Yu Jia made Yu Jia completely disgusting. Lao Lin just smiled slightly and gave Yu Jia an analysis, and even talked about how to pursue Yu correctly. Jia, machismo always doesn’t work. It’s correct to operate like Lao Lin. Yu Jiashen took a deep look at Lao Lin and walked out of the office slowly.

Although the young people did not catch up with the music festival, they still got the video, audio and video of the music festival with the help of the staff. After a hard day, the stars in the sky were like a rare reward, scattered in the dark sky, and no hotel was found. Fortunately, a friend brought a tent, and Xiaonian also got a wonderful experience of setting up a tent on the stage of the music festival.

Qi Feng received a report from the masses and caught two people who said they were playing hooligans in the car. The lady named Chen Nan in front of him emotionally resisted Qi Feng and caught the wrong person. She kept saying that the two were husband and wife. This was really the wrong person, and Lao Lin came out to make a round, and taught the two couples with a very kind attitude. This time the incident was completely due to Qi Feng’s lack of experience.

Although it seemed that he followed the normal process, it was easy to attract complaints. Fortunately, Lao Lin had a good attitude and avoided this link. Qi Feng, who spent a year working in the Interpol Team, didn’t understand Lao Lin’s feelings in these trivial matters. The personality of Lao Lin cultivated in such trivial matters was very smooth. Qi Feng was a little helpless in admiration, but he had to listen. For Lao Lin, learn from the incident.

Because he went home too late, Lao Lin did not dare to wake up Xiaonian, and found out early the next morning that Xiaonian had disappeared. When he learned that Xiaonian’s two friends were not seen at the same time, Lin Dalu was completely panicked. Yu Jia’s reminder found out that Xiaonian’s toiletries and coat were gone, and he must have run away from home. Judging from the time of the three people’s leave, Yu Jia must have planned to leave. This is often the case, highlighting Lin Dalu’s usual negligence towards his children. Lin Dalu didn’t even know what Xiaonian was thinking about. After Yu Jia’s answer, Lin Dalu lowered his head unknowingly.

It took a lot of effort. A few young people walked on the road and finally found a large truck. The three found that the truck driver was a little sneaky and some wild animals appeared on the truck. Xiao Nian communicated from the driver’s phone. In order to find out, the three of them pretended to be ignorant, begged the driver to take a ride, and successfully boarded the car under the pretext of paying the fare. On the other hand, Yu Jia joined the colleagues at the police station to plan to get back Xiaonian, and he went to school first to find out other news.

The truck was speeding on the highway, and the three people were sitting in the back seat not daring to make a sound. As a big brother, Xiaonian naturally dare not relax. Ren Yi, who was around him, couldn’t help being sleepy. The driver began to ask questions again. He learned that the three were senior high school students.

The driver felt a bit empathetic to the suffering of their parents. Fortunately, Xiao Nian is clever and lied about being a truck driver, which can be regarded as pulling the distance between the two and eliminating suspicion. On the other side, Yu Jia and the others are also busy searching for Xiaonian’s whereabouts. If Xiaonian cannot be found, these people will not be able to explain to Lao Lin.

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